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AnswerIQ: Journey of an e-Ticket

High-quality customer support is essential to growing your business. No matter how amazing your product is if your customer support doesn’t measure up, your bottom line suffers.

All the stats you’ve heard before drive this fact home: according to a report by RightNow, 82% of people have taken their business elsewhere after a bad experience with customer support, and 79% of those people told others about it to warn them away from the company.

In this paper, we look at the journey of an e-ticket through a typical customer support experience. Through this journey, you’ll learn:

  • How customers benefit from interacting with AI and automation tools
  • How support teams increase first contact resolution (FCR), reduce average handle time (AHT), and improve customer satisfaction through AI and automation
  • How AnswerIQ helps customer support teams deliver a thoughtful end-to-end customer experience

By utilizing AI and automation at every step in your support flow, your organization can reduce wait times, improve consistency, and free up your agents to focus on more difficult tasks. 

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