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Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your customers, but it can be difficult to get started on the right foot. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 8 best email marketing software options to help you get started!

Email marketing has become an essential part of any business. It allows companies to connect with their customers and prospects via email, which is a more personal way than simply posting on social media or sending out a press release. This makes it easier for customers to trust companies with their data, especially if they’re already familiar with them from other channels.

Email marketing software helps businesses organize their email campaigns and manage them better than ever before. It also enables them to send more targeted emails based on customer data and behavior patterns. 

Some of these tools even allow you to create custom landing pages so that you can have more control over how your content appears in your customers’ inboxes.

10 Best Best Email Marketing Software for 2023

Before we go into the details, here is a quick overview of the Best Email Marketing Software (2023)

Sr NoBest Email Marketing SoftwareBest For Rating
1MailchimpBest for Marketing With E-Commerce.4.8/5
2SendinblueBest for Small Business Marketing Automation.4.7/5
3MoosendBest for SMB Automation and E-Commerce.4.5/5
4MailerliteNest for customizable campaigns and user-friendly platforms.4.6/5
AWeber Best for its power. Marketing tools.4.8/5
GetresponseBest for real marketing automation.4.5/5
7  ConvertkitBest for accessibility and data tracking.4.4/5
8  ActiveCampaignBest for advanced email automation tools.4.2/5
9DripBest for personalized email messages.4.6/5
10HubSpotBest for Scalable Marketing Plans.4.7/5

11 Best Email Marketing Services Providing Software In 2023

Here is some best email marketing software detailed post here.

1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is undoubtedly the most widely used email marketing tool on our list. It is one of the top email marketing platforms, especially for startups and small businesses.

The software has a robust email builder that lets you produce customized, branded emails from a collection of pre-designed templates.

Best Email Marketing Software - Mailchimp

Furthermore, the tool lets you quickly design and send personalized transactional emails through SMTP and API. Mailchimp’s segmentation, behavioral targeting, and a/b testing features can also help you enhance the deliverability of your emails.

Highlighted Features of Mailchimp

  • Mailchimp provides three options for adding contacts: manual, via forms, or import from.csv or.txt files. Additionally, you can import them from platforms like Constant Contact, Zoho, and Google Drive.
  • Mailchimp’s platform features segmentation options for creating client segments based on data saved in the software.
  • With this email marketing software, you can create automated workflows depending on customer behavior, such as subscribing to your email list or abandoning a shopping cart.
  • You can accurately calculate the ROI of each campaign using the insight that Mailchimp offers. For instance, the average order revenue, number of orders, and total revenue are some of the most helpful data.

Pricing of Mailchimp

Mailchimp offers three premium plans and one free plan. Its pricing starts at $11 per month. 

2. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a one-stop solution for email marketing. Its goal is to meet your email marketing demands in a single bundle. Sendinblue’s features set it apart from the basic email marketing solutions crowd.

It is ideal for businesses of any size and contains features like segmentation, remarketing real-time insights, and website chat. 


We recommend Sendinblue if you wish to apply the latest techniques and maximize your email marketing efforts.

Highlighted Features of Sendinblue

  • You may segment and classify your contact information into several lists with Sendinblue, enabling you to send targeted emails and increase conversion rates.
  • You can use its Facebook Ads feature for retargeting your connections and expanding your audience depending on your contact lists. This will enable you to boost revenue and convert more leads.
  • You can predict how campaigns will look on mobile devices to ensure correct email formatting. You can also view the email on web-based services such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Chrome, and others. 
  • You can test several emails using its A/B testing functionality to see which is most effective in motivating people to take action.

Pricing of Sendinblue

Sendinblue provides flexible pricing options to accommodate various user needs that begin from $25 per month. It also offers a forever-free plan with 300 emails per day.

3. Moosend

Moosend is one of the top email marketing platforms for small and medium-sized organizations looking for a plethora of features and affordable pricing.

It has a very user-friendly interface, which is excellent for newbies who have never used a service like this.


Apart from this, the platform claims to deliver your desired conversions and sales through personalized email marketing campaigns, comprehensive list segmentation, and lead-generation tools like subscription forms and landing pages.

Highlighted Features of Moosend 

  • Moosend has a library of pre-made templates, which you can choose to create your email campaign or create a whole new campaign with its drag-and-drop email editor.
  • Its A/B testing feature can assist you in optimizing your email newsletters, from the subject line to the email body.
  • You can create several reports using Moosend that illustrate important metrics and provide insights you can use to grow your brand.
  • You can create drip campaigns with Moosend, which lets you send clients a series of automated messages. For 18 different types of drip campaigns, the platform includes pre-built workflows with specified triggers and timeframes.

Pricing of Moosend 

Moosend offers a free 30-day trial period during which you can use the service without providing credit card details. However, its free plan does not come with an SMTP server or a dedicated IP.

It has 2 premium plans that start at $10 per month.

4. Mailerlite

MailerLite is one of the top email marketing service providers because of its customizable campaigns and user-friendly platform.

It provide outstanding features for any company in any market. Whether you run an eCommerce website or a personal blog, you may benefit from personalized campaigns, automated workflows, simple monetization options, and detailed reporting. 


MailerLite also offers an email verification tool that assures you establish a valid email list in order to decrease bounce-back rates and boost deliverability.

Highlighted Features of Mailerlite

  • MailerLite allows you to create emails, landing pages, opt-in forms, and small websites.
  • Users can resize or crop images using its built-in photo editing tool. You may also add text and filters to your picture. The brightness and contrast can also be adjusted.
  • MailerLite integrates with other companies to allow you to leverage their services within the system. Some can assist you in improving your email list, while others may add e-commerce capabilities.
  • MailerLite lets you design forms and customized pop-ups as email list builders on your website to increase the number of subscribers.

Pricing of MailerLite

MailerLite has four pricing options, including a free plan that lets you send 12000 emails per month. Its paid plans start from $10 per month for unlimited emails.

5. AWeber 

AWeber entered our list because of its powerful marketing tools for high-volume email campaigns and award-winning support.

It is a renowned email marketing solution that provides excellent tools for complex campaigns. AWeber can completely change the way you promote your company and assist you in engaging with your clients on a single system with its pre-developed reports and automated solutions.


In addition, Aweber offers all the necessary features like list-building, pre-designed templates, landing pages, and email deliverability.

Highlighted Features of AWeber 

  • AWeber is fully integrated with Canva, meaning you can create visually appealing visuals without ever leaving the platform.
  • Its drag-and-drop builder allows you to create personalized emails in minutes without requiring designers.
  • You may segment your customers using opens, clicks, custom tags, payments, location,  visits, and sign-up forms.
  • Its dashboard provides a high-level overview of your marketing efforts. For example, the dashboard displays your previous and upcoming broadcasts, subscriber count, and email lists.

Pricing of AWeber 

AWeber provides a free plan for up to 500 email subscribers. Its paid plans start at $12.50 per month and increase depending on the number of subscribers.

6. Getresponse

GetResponse is another full-featured email marketing and automation platform with all the bells and whistles you’d expect. It was among the first email service providers to adopt real marketing automation.


Furthermore, GetResponse enables users to take advantage of a wide range of inbound marketing options that may help you build your subscriber list, capture and nurture prospects, and ultimately convert them into committed, repeat customers.

Highlighted Features of Getresponse

  • GetResponse has more than 120 email templates. You can design in HTML, save templates for later use, or start from scratch.
  • Using its Funnel builder, you can create custom sign-up and sales funnels. As a result, you can increase sales and grow your email list using these funnels.
  • GetResponse has a tonne of tools for email automation. Create autoresponders, triggered emails, and drip campaigns.
  • Getresponse offers a lead-scoring feature that allows you to identify your hot leads.

Pricing of Getresponse

GetResponse pricing begins at $19 per month, determined by the size of your email list. Along with this, it also offers a free version with up to 500 subscribers.

7. Convertkit

If you want to maximize your email marketing efforts, ConvertKit is your ideal solution. With simple automation and efficient data tracking, ConvertKit provides accessibility and helps you gain more email subscribers.


The platform is designed for professional bloggers, course creators, podcasters, and YouTubers. They wish to assist creators in connecting with their audience and earning a living with email marketing.

Highlighted Features of Convertkit

  • Convertkit provides a wide range of customizable and responsive landing page templates and forms to help you increase email signups.
  • The platform offers 6 different types of automation templates for events, including product launches, webinars, and content personalization based on subscriber responses to a query.
  • The broadcast feature in ConvertKit lets you plan and send emails to your whole list at once. You can use this function to raise hype for your upcoming launch or to invite your followers to a special occasion.

Pricing of Convertkit

In its free plan, you can send emails to 300 subscribers if you want to upgrade to its premium plan. In that case, you need to pay a minimum of $19 per month.

8. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a comprehensive set of advanced email and marketing automation tools created to make it easier for you to interact with customers, expand your business, and manage client data in one place.


The primary features include marketing automation, email marketing, and CRM solutions. Together, these tools may assist you in expanding your business and building relationships with your clients.

Anyone can get started with ActiveCampaign, so don’t be concerned if you have no prior experience with this type of software.

Highlighted Features of ActiveCampaign

  • ActiveCampaign lets you quickly import all your data from other email marketing platforms for free of cost.
  • Its advanced Reporting feature gives you information on what’s working and what isn’t to understand better how to improve your sales and marketing strategy.
  • With this email marketing software, you can easily send personalized emails and newsletters to your subscribers. 
  • The marketing automation function allows you to automate monotonous tasks, streamline workflows, and segment connections.

Pricing of ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign has four pricing tiers determined by the number of subscribers you have, ranging from 500 to 25,000. Its basic plan starts at $29/month.

9. Drip

Drip email marketing is a highly effective and automated way of sending targeted and personalized email messages to your subscribers. 

It’s email marketing software makes it easy for marketers to create, send, and manage email campaigns that are triggered based on specific subscriber actions, behaviors, or time-based events.


Drip email marketing is an effective way to nurture leads, increase customer engagement, and drive sales. 

With the right software, it can be an affordable and powerful marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.

Highlighted Features of Drip

  • A lead capture form is a simple web form that allows you to collect email addresses and other contact information from your website visitors. 
  • A good drip email marketing software allows you to import and manage large email lists and segment them into smaller groups based on various criteria such as location, behavior, or interests.
  • Drip email marketing software makes it easy to create and automate emails sent to your subscribers over a specified period of time. 
  • Drip email marketing software provides detailed email reporting and analytics, allowing you to track the performance of your email campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

Pricing of Drip

Drip pricing plan starts from $39/month, in which you can add around 2500 people to your email list. The pricing increases as you add the people to your list.

10. HubSpot

HubSpot is a comprehensive inbound marketing platform that includes email marketing software. 

HubSpot’s email marketing software is designed to help businesses of all sizes create and execute effective email campaigns that drive results.


HubSpot’s email marketing software is a powerful and user-friendly solution for businesses looking to improve their email marketing efforts. 

With its integration with the rest of the HubSpot platform, it offers a complete inbound marketing solution that can help businesses attract, engage, and delight customers.

Highlighted Features of HubSpot

  • HubSpot’s email marketing software integrates with the rest of the HubSpot platform, allowing you to capture leads through various means, such as web forms, landing pages, and chatbots. 
  • You can create multi-step workflows that send a series of emails over time, helping you to nurture leads and build relationships with your subscribers.
  • The email editor is user-friendly and doesn’t require any coding skills, making it easy to create professional-looking emails in minutes.
  • HubSpot’s email marketing software includes features for testing and optimizing your emails, such as A/B testing and dynamic content.

Pricing of HubSpot

HubSpot email marketing software is free in which you can send 2000 emails per month.

11. Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns is a comprehensive email marketing software designed to help businesses of all sizes create and execute effective email campaigns. 

It’s part of the Zoho suite of productivity and business applications and integrates with other Zoho apps, such as Zoho CRM and Zoho Books.

Zoho Campaigns

 It is a robust and user-friendly email marketing software that offers a complete solution for businesses looking to improve their email marketing efforts. 

With its integration with other Zoho apps, it provides a seamless experience for businesses looking to streamline their marketing and sales processes.

Highlighted Features of Zoho Campaigns

  • Zoho Campaigns make it easy to import and manage large email lists and segment them into smaller groups based on various criteria, such as location, behavior, or interests. 
  • You can create and automate a series of emails that are sent to your subscribers over a specified period of time.
  • It includes a variety of pre-designed email templates that you can use as a starting point for your own email campaigns. 
  • You can also use the drag-and-drop email editor to create custom emails from scratch or to customize the templates to match your brand.

Pricing of Zoho Campaigns

Along with the free plan, it provides 2 plans. The standard plan will cost you $3/month, which allows 10 users. And the Professional plan comes for $4.5/month with access to 20 users.

The price will increase as the number of people on your list increases.

Why Is Email Marketing Crucial To Your Success?

Email marketing is crucial to your success because it’s a low-cost, high-impact way to promote your business and get more customers.

Email marketing is a great way to reach people who are already interested in your products or services, and it’s also a great way to reach out to new customers if you’ve got an existing customer base. You can use email marketing as a way to engage with those customers and keep them coming back for more. It can also be used as a way to notify subscribers when new products are available or when there are changes in their account status.

Email marketing can also generate leads when you’re trying to sell something that may not be as easy for someone else to find on their own, like an ebook about starting an online business. This type of targeted outreach has always been popular because it’s so decisive and results-oriented; businesses have known for years that people will buy from people they know rather than search for something random they don’t know anything about.

Overall, email marketing helps you scale up your business quickly and effectively. You can send out personalized campaigns that target specific audiences with relevant content, which helps them understand why they should choose your brand over another, which means more sales!

Tips To Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

Here are some tips to improve your email marketing strategy:

1. Keep it simple:

You can spend a lot of time and money on fancy templates and design, but if your message isn’t clear or compelling enough, it doesn’t matter how great your design is.

2. Make sure your emails are relevant: 

Don’t just send out newsletters every time there’s an announcement about a new product; make sure those newsletters are relevant to your audience.

3. Use engagement tactics:

Use engagement tactics like surveys and contests to make customers feel like they’re part of something bigger than just getting a product or service, and make sure they know how easy it is to unsubscribe if they don’t want anything more from you.

4. Features: 

Use advanced features like auto-responders and segmentation tools to ensure that each email goes where it needs to go.

5. Testing:

Test different types of emails, and don’t just test one thing at a time! Try using different types of content or subject lines, or different call-to-action buttons, etc., to see what works best for your audience and business goals.

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Wrapping Up: Best Email Marketing Software You Must Try In (2023)

It’s time to wrap up our list of best email marketing software!

We hope you’ve found something useful in this guide, whether it’s a new tool you’ll use once and never again or a tool that will make your life a little easier.

If there’s any software we missed or one we feel should be included in this list, let us know in the comments section below.

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