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  • What is AI for customer support?
    AI for customer support takes many forms. At AnswerIQ, it’s a set of tools ranging from deflection technology to agent assist templates and knowledge base articles that make answering customer queries easier. Reduce ticket volume, streamline first contact response and even make zero touch resolution a reality with deflection and automation!
  • How does AI transform customer service?
    AI makes it possible for agents to get up to 30% of their time back each day by automating or deflecting the simple queries that come in and don’t require a human touch. The AI “machine” also serves to augment the agent’s expertise and enables swifter ticket resolution with high-performing, customizable macros and Knowledge content, which increases CSAT!
  • How does AI-based customer support improve agent performance?
    With deflection technology and automated triage and response, agents are freed up to tackle the more meaningful exchanges that require creativity and compassion. Agents develop stronger relationships with customers, can address VIP tickets more holistically, and can enjoy the added bandwidth in their day to become brand ambassadors, content contributors, even roadmap drivers with the insights they have from customer feedback.
  • How does AnswerIQ boost agent productivity?
    As new support tickets arise, AnswerIQ uses artificial intelligence to recommend an appropriate response template so that agents can give customers the right answers with as little wait as possible. Agents are presented with the top three macros for any given situation and agents pick the “best one,” personalize it, and send it along. Using a combination of Recommended Response and Knowledge Base articles, even the newest agents can deliver consistent solutions quickly and efficiently. Learn more about the knowledge-based system in artificial intelligence.
  • Why is automating triage important?
    AnswerIQ’s technology identifies patterns in ticket classifications from the past and predicts which group or individual agent should receive each new ticket. Tickets are routed within minutes to the most highly-suited available agent. This way your best agents don’t have to spend their precious time on this process. Learn more about automated ticket triage.
  • How does AnswerIQ drive engagement before a ticket is ever submitted?
    With Chatbot and Self Assist in place, organizations can automatically respond to customer queries, guide customers toward one or more knowledge base articles to help themselves—even intelligently route requests to a member of the support team!Chatbot continually improves the quality, presentation, and effectiveness of content because it learns from customer queries and identifies knowledge gaps or redundancies, augmenting the experience for the next customer. Learn more about the customer service AI chatbot.
  • How can customers get answers to their questions without an agent?
    By leveraging Self Assist and/or Chatbot, intelligent "deflection" tools, the context and content of incoming tickets can be easily identified. This unique technology uses AI to provide relevant content suggestions right from an existing knowledge base. When a customer is about to submit a question or issue, Self Assist will suggest an answer from your content sources. This enables customers to self-discover the right answer quickly, utilizing the wealth of information that exists in your content portals. With this self-service AI tool, you’ll notice an immediate reduction in ticket volume and you'll free up your agents’ bandwidth to focus on the issues that require creativity and customer connection. Learn more about the self-service AI tool.
  • Why AnswerIQ?
    AnswerIQ is the only end-to-end AI solution for customer support that tackles everything from front end deflection to automated response and triage. Agent Assist tools augment agent interactions with high-performing, customizable templates and knowledge content, and a comprehensive analytics dashboard is built right into the platform to provide a bird’s eye view of what’s working (and what isn’t). The power of AnswerIQ stems from the full product suite working collectively to deliver a holistic view of your support organization efficiency, including a content gap analysis. 

Getting Started


  • How does AnswerIQ reduce costs by automating responses?
    AnswerIQ enables your organization to automatically respond to tickets once deemed appropriate based on chosen confidence criteria and comfort level. Password resets, standard refunds, tracking packages, and other regular resolutions are subject to automation. Automatic response enables agents to spend less time on recurring issues or repetitive tickets, and more time on problem-solving for customers. We also enable agents to bulk respond to repetitive tickets with a human touch. You can save as much as $9.25 a ticket and over thousands of tickets that’s an incredible savings. Learn more about the advantages of automatically responding to tickets.
  • How does the Proof of Concept work?
    At the onset of our relationship with you, we set clear goals and expectations, mutually agree to terms, and once the terms and goals are met after 30 days, the concept is proven and converts to contract.
  • What kind of cost savings can I expect with AnswerIQ?
    With AnswerIQ you can save money with every ticket that is deflected, triaged and answered automatically. Our cost to resolve a ticket is .75 compared with more traditional resolution costs of $8-12 for a phone call, $6-8 for an email exchange, and $3-5 for a text exchange.