Grammarly Student Discount 2023 | Get 20% OFF

Searching for a Grammarly student discount to save the maximum on your subscription? 

What if we tell you that you can get access to the best writing assistant with a whopping 20% discount?

Yes, you heard that right!

Grammarly Student Discount 2023 — 20% OFF (December)

Get a 20% DISCOUNT on all Grammarly premium plans.

This discount is valid for all new users of Grammarly!

In this article, we are going to provide our EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT LINK, where you can grab the annual plan at just $115.20/year. 

So, let’s dive in and help you grab your biggest discount! 

Available Grammarly Student Discount 2023

There is no exclusive discount available on Grammarly for students, but with our exclusive discount link, anyone can save up to 20% extra on the pricing plans. 

Grammarly is officially providing a 20% discount on its annual plans, and with our exclusive discount link, you can get up to 80% off! 

It’s hard to believe that you would get the best grammar-checking tools in the market at an 80% discount, right? 

To clarify your doubts, here is a quick table to help you understand the pricing before and after the discount. 

PlansOriginal PriceDiscounted PriceSavings

As you can see from the table above, the higher the plan is, the more you save! 

Therefore, we highly recommend going with the annual plan, as you can save up to 80% and get access to Grammarly for one year at a flat $115.20 ($360 previously). 

Note: It is essential to note here that Grammarly does not provide any 80% discount on its plans. The discount available through Grammarly is 40% on the annual plans, but using our exclusive discount link, you can club the discounts together and save a massive 80%!

How To Redeem Grammarly Discount For Students (Step-By-Step)

Here is a quick step-by-step guide to claiming your Grammarly discount. 

Step 1: Click on our exclusive discount link here, which will redirect you to the official Grammarly website. 

Click On The Get Started Button

Step 2: Once you move to the official website, a signup pop-up will appear. Over here, you can log in with your existing account or sign up with Google, Facebook, or Apple to create a new account. 

Grammarly Sign in

Step 3: If you are signing up with a new account, you will be asked to set up the basic goals for Grammarly to understand your writing and provide suggestions accordingly. However, you can click on the ‘later’ option and set it up later. 

Also, if you are signing into an existing account, you will be redirected to your Grammarly dashboard. 

Step 4: On the left side of your screen, you will see the ‘premium’ option. Tap on the Premium. 

Step 5: You will now be redirected to the pricing plans. Tap on the ‘Get Started’ option below the premium plan. 

Get 20% Off on Grammarly

Step 6: Now, you will be able to see your total savings with each plan through our discounted code. The pop-up window will show you pricing and savings with all the plans. 

Claim Special Offer On Grammarly

You can decide which plan suits your needs best. However, if we have to pick, we would go with the annual plans as they give you the maximum and most affordable solution. 

Step 7: You will now be taken to the checkout page, where you need to enter the payment details. Grammarly lets you pay through PayPal or a credit card. 

Enter your payment details as asked on your screen. Once done, tap on ‘check out.’ 

Grammarly Payment

Step 8: Confirm the payment, and that’s it! You are all set to write error-free and grammatically perfect content without paying a hefty amount!

Note: Grammarly charges a one-time fee for the plan you are picking. You cannot pay monthly for the annual subscription. 

What About Grammarly Student Discount?

We do not want to provide any misleading information to our readers. Therefore, we would like to clarify that there is no such thing as a Grammarly student discount. 

If you are a student, you cannot redeem any special discount as many websites online claim to provide student discounts, which eventually does not work. 

If you are curious about the Grammarly discount for students, we recommend contacting the Grammarly support team and enquiring about it yourself. 

As per our research, Grammarly offers Grammarly for Education and does not exclusively provide discounts for students. 

However, there are various universities and educational institutes that offer free access to Grammarly premium to their students. 

In such a case, you need to contact your educational institution and check if they give you access to Grammarly Premium. 

Either way, you are always free to use our Grammarly discount as it works for everyone, including working professionals and students. 

Grammarly Veteran/Military Discount: Is it Available?

Similar to the student discount, Grammarly does not have any military discount. 

You might come across various websites on the internet that lure you into saying Grammarly is offering a military or veteran discount. 

However, we do not recommend falling for these lies since Grammarly has not officially claimed to provide such a discount. 

But the good part is our discount link will work for military and veterans, too. 

You can claim your 80% discount with our discount or switch to other available plans, depending on your needs. 

Grammarly Pricing Plans For Students: Explained! 

You are aware of the discounted price, but if you are curious to explore other pricing options, we have got you covered! 

Here is a quick pricing comparison of Grammarly’s pricing plans. 

PlanPriceDiscounted Price 

Note: The discounted price mentioned above is through our discounted link. The basic savings (without our discount link) is different. 

Which Plan Should You Pick?

Now, here’s the real deal! 

If you are a student or working professional, we recommend going with the annual plan as it has the maximum savings. 

Compared to the monthly and quarterly plans, you can save a lot more on the yearly subscription. 

Furthermore, once you go with the annual plan, you can enjoy all the perks of Grammarly premium, along with free support and updates for up to one year. 

Grammarly Premium vs Free: Is Grammarly Premium Worth it?

The free version provides checking basic Grammar corrections. However, upgrading to the premium version will give you access to plenty of features. 

If you are wondering if the premium version is worth it, let us go through a quick comparison of Grammarly free vs. premium. 

ParameterGrammarly FreeGrammarly Premium
Grammar CheckerBasicAdvanced
Spelling Correction YesYes
Tone AdjustmentNoYes
Word ChoiceNoYes
Fluency NoYes
Advanced SuggestionsNoYes
Plagiarism CheckerNoYes
Readability ScoreNoYes
Formality LevelNoYes

Premium also provides more additional features that you won’t get in the free one. 

If you ask our recommendation, we would suggest opting for the premium! We have also done a detailed review on Grammarly, which you can check out here.

What is GrammarlyGo?

GrammarlyGO is a generative AI writing assistant that is available to Grammarly users with a Premium subscription.

This tool helps users generate text for various purposes, such as writing drafts, rewriting for tone and length, and ideating to unlock creativity

To use this tool, you can enter prompts to generate text on-demand, and GrammarlyGO will provide contextually aware and task-appropriate suggestions for improved communication.

You can access its generative writing capabilities in Gmail, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, LinkedIn, and Medium.

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Final Thoughts: Grammarly Discount (2023)

You no longer have to worry about paying extra to have the best writing assistant by your side. 

You can use our Grammarly discount link and follow our detailed step-by-step guide to grab the maximum discount. 

Ensure to use our discount link to make your purchase easier and more economical. 

Lastly, we keep our article updated with the latest Grammarly discounts. So, you can always come back and check the latest Grammarly discount!

FAQs – Grammarly Discount

How much can I save with a Grammarly discount?

Grammarly provides a basic discount on its annual plans. However, with our discount link, you can get an additional 20% off the annual plans and get the annual plans up to an 80% discount.

Can I use your Grammarly discount on my existing account?

Our discount link works for new and existing users. So, even if you are already using Grammarly, you can upgrade to your new plan through our discount link. 

How can I get Grammarly premium at the lowest price?

You can grab Grammarly Premium with the most affordable option through our discount link. We recommend going with the annual plan, as you can get access to Grammarly premium for one year at just $115.20!

When does your Grammarly discount link expire?

As of now, there is no specific expiration date for our discount link. However, the discount is available only for a limited period. We recommend grabbing your discount before it expires. 

Why should I use your Grammarly discount link?

One of the major reasons why you would love to use our discount link is that you can save the highest along with the existing Grammarly discount. 

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