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After creating a blast on the internet by crossing over 100 million users in February 2023, ChatGPT is again in the headlines. Users of ChatGPT have reported outages from across the globe. Besides, 56.46% of all the reports were for loading errors received while loading the ChatGPT webpage.

Furthermore, other errors like “ChatGPT is at its capacity right now.”

 And errors while logging in to the account have been reported. 

Are there any ways to fix these issues? Are the developers working to solve the errors?  Read further to find the answers. 

After researching all the sources and digging deep into the problem, we have compiled all the latest information about the outages of ChatGPT into the following article. We have also provided various solutions to fix the working of ChatGPT that may help you to solve the errors occurring. 

Why is ChatGPT Not Working?

ChatGPT has been showing various errors for the last few weeks. Many users reported that they were not able to log in, while some users reported that the chatbot was not working due to an internal error. 

On the other hand, many users reported that they also faced the 524 error code and a timeout after the spinning wheel rotated for some time. 

31.08% of the users reported that they faced an ‘At Capacity’ error, while 56.46%(the majority of users) received an error while loading ChatGPT. Further, only 11.47% of the users reported login errors. 

The following table displays different errors ChatGPT users face while using the chatbot. 

Error typePercentage of users that faced the error. 
Error received56.46%
At Capacity32.08%

ChatGPT users reported that they were greeted with the message ‘ChatGPT is at capacity right now’ along with some interesting easter eggs. In our case, we got a screenplay about the status of ChatGPT. 

Chat GTP

Moreover, an undefined error before logging in was also one of the most common errors faced by the users. 

Chat GPT undefined

Past Incidents of ChatGPT Being Down

The past most recent incidents of the Outages of ChatGPT are as follows. 

These are based on the reports from the ChatGPT users. However, some outages may have affected only a small portion of ChatGPT users. 

Feb 2, 2023.3:33 AMAround 1 hour
Feb 2, 2023.2:03 AMAround 58 minutes
Feb 2, 2023.2:02 AMAround 59 minutes
Feb 2, 2023.12:09 AMAround 2 hours
Feb 1, 2023.11:45 PMAround 37 minutes.

You can check out ‘down for everyone or just me’ for the latest updates about the outages of ChatGPT. 

Is ChatGPT Really Down?

ChatGPT sometimes faces outages due to the high traffic on its servers. These servers are only suited for a specific amount of traffic. Hence users may face glitches once the number of users exceeds the limits of the server. 

On the contrary, there may be some temporary issues that can be resolved by refreshing the page. You can also check your network connection to ensure there is no issue from your end. 

Chat GTP notified

Apart from that, on Dec 2, 2022, Sam Altman (founder of ChatGPT) tweeted that the demand for ChatGPT is more than expected. Hence they are working on adding more capacity to the AI tool to resolve the errors. 

Chat GPT Tweet

How to Fix the Working of the ChatGPT?

You can fix the working of ChatGPT by following these steps:

1. Wait for some time and refresh the page of ChatGPTwebsite.c

Refresh the browser to reload the page from the server. This will generate a fresh request to load the ChatGPT page. 

Hence, there is a possibility that you will be able to use ChatGPT once you refresh the page normally. 

2. Slow down the rate of your requests

Sending continuous requests one after the other may create a load on the server and lead to errors due to the already existing load on the server by the other users. 

3. Log out of ChatGPT and Log in back

There may be an issue with your OpenAI account during the login. You can try logging out and back into your account to resolve the error.

4. Clear the Cache of Your Browser and Try Again 

Clear the cache of the browser if you are repeatedly getting errors while using ChatGPT. 

You Can Follow the Steps Below to Clear the Cache of your Browser: 

  • Launch the browser and then click on three dots situated in the upper right corner of the chrome window. 
  • From the drop-down menu, click on ‘History.’ 
  • Click on clear browsing data from the menu on the left side of the window. 
Chrome History
  • A new window will pop up, select all the options, change the time range according to your needs, and click on ‘clear cache.’ 
Clear Browsing Data

You have successfully cleared your browser’s cache, and now you can try using ChatGPT. 

5. Use a VPN to use ChatGPT

Your current location may be the source of the error. Try using VPN and change the location of the request. This may help to resolve the error. 

You can also try accessing ChatGPT from an android or an iOS device. These devices make it easy to use VPN, and you may be able to access ChatGPT easily. 

6. Use ChatGPT in Incognito Mode

If you keep getting the ‘ChatGPT is at capacity right now’ error, try using incognito mode. You will be able to access the ChatGPT without any further errors occurring.  

7. Avoid Using ChatGPT During Peak Hours 

Using ChatGPT during peak hours will surely lead to an overload of the servers, and you will get a constant error while using the AI tool. Many people around the world use ChatGPT to create scripts, cafes, content, etc., during working hours. 

Hence, it is a great practice to use ChatGPT during non-working hours to get the most out of the tool without facing any error issues. 

Welcome to ChatGPT

We tried refreshing the ChatGPT page and were able to land on the homepage of ChatGPT. 

Similarly, after we refreshed after facing the error while logging in, we were able to access the login page.  

Welcome back to ChatGPT

If you are still not able to access chat GPT after trying the above methods to resolve the error, you can check the website ‘Down for everyone or just me’ for the recent outages of ChatGPT.

Additionally, you can also check whether the chatbot is running or still under maintenance by verifying the homepage of OpenAI. You can navigate to the OpenAI website and try accessing the AI writer. If you see the same messages as we have seen earlier, the site may be under maintenance or heavy traffic. 

In the end, all you can do is wait for the issue to be resolved at the earliest. You may also click on the message- ‘Get notified when we are back’ to receive a notification once the server is working and back online. 

Wrapping Up: Why is ChatGPT down

That’s all about ChatGPT’s working status. 

With the increasing demand for ChatGPT, it has reached 13 million daily users. The loads on the ChatGPT servers have increased tremendously, leading to the occurrence of errors. 

Elad Gil(Silicon Valley investor) said, “ChatGPT is down right now is a sign of the product fitting the market. Many people are using ChatGPT at the same time, and that’s a great problem to have”. He further added that he witnessed the same issue with Twitter in its early days, and now he sees it with ChatGPT too.

If you have enjoyed reading the above article, you can visit our website for other latest topics. 

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