11 Best Project Management Tools To Consider In 2023

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As a project manager, you’re probably already thinking about how to make your life easier, which is why it’s time to invest in a project management tools.

The best ones will help you keep track of tasks, prioritize them, and get the most out of your team. They’re also flexible enough to adapt as your company’s needs change.

In this post, we’ll walk you through 11 of the best options available on the market today. We will also discuss the features and pricing of each Project Management Software so you can decide which one best suits your needs.

Top 10 Project Management Tools: In a Nutshell (2023)

Sr. No. Best Project Management ToolsKey Takeaway
1.Zoho projectsBest cloud-based project management software
2.Kissflow ProjectCollaborative project management software
3.AirtableSpreadsheet-database hybrid project management tool
4.TrelloEasy-to-use project management tool
5.AsanaFlexible project management tool 
6.TeamworkBest project management tool for client work
7.FreedcampFree project management solution
8.SmartsheetLeading project management software
9.Microsoft PlannerCollaborative task management software
10.Workzone Flexible project management tool

Here Are The 11 Best Project Management Tools

Below will be giving you in-depth detailing about the 9 Best Project Management Tools.

1. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is a shining star if you’re searching for a project management software that enables team collaboration and communication because of its activity feed and chats feature. Additionally, the tool has a time tracker that allows you to monitor billable and non-billable hours and evaluate production accurately.

The extensive feature set of Zoho Projects makes it stand out in a competitive market for project management software. It is compatible with the whole Zoho ecosystem, which consists of tools for email, CRM, IT management, meetings, finance, and others. In addition, the tool is also integrated with many Google apps.

Zoho - Project Management Tools

Features of Zoho Projects

  • Zoho Projects makes it simple to report issues, create bug-tracking reports, and assign them to respective tech support agents.
  • It lets you set up task timers to track your hours automatically. Additionally, the software also provides timesheets for manual time tracking.
  • With this project management tool, you can create user profiles and client profiles, each with its own set of permissions. You may also make custom profiles.

Pricing of Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is exceptionally affordable, especially considering all of the tools that come with this platform. The software is absolutely free to use for up to two projects. Its paid plan starts at $4 per user/month. 

Zoho Projects Pricing

2. Kissflow Project

Kissflow was first developed for Google Apps users, but it is now available to all corporate clients. Although it integrates most easily with Google products, it also provides APIs and webhooks to connect with other applications. 

Furthermore, it features five key modules to manage any type of task that comes your way: cases, processes, projects, datasets, and collaboration.

Moreover, Kissflow Project provides the same functionality as high-level BPM software while being an uncomplicated and affordable alternative that anybody can use and afford.

Kissflow - Project Management Tools

Features of Kissflow Project

  • The tool lets you schedule a calendar for all your team members. Additionally, you may use analytics to calculate overtime and analyze everything.
  • It offers powerful search tools that make it simple to discover previous articles, comments, tasks, and projects.
  • With this project management software, you can get automated reminders when due dates for tasks and projects are approaching.
  • It has a “My Tasks” feature that displays all the tasks assigned to you and acts as your to-do list.

Pricing of Kissflow Project

The pricing of Kissflow Project start from $18 per month.

Kissflow Pricing

3. Airtable

For a real collaborative experience, Airtable is one of the best project management tools. As its name implies, Airtable assists you in planning and organizing work in a scalable table format.

The tool describes itself as “part spreadsheet, part database,” with a grid-formatted primary display. Airtable features a few other views outside the regular grid view, such as a calendar gallery, form, and Kanban views.

Furthermore, it benefits those who love creating automation and formulae in spreadsheets. So, if you’ve been utilizing spreadsheets to manage tasks, Airtable could be right for you.

Airtable - Project Management Tools

Features of Airtable

  • Airtable displays a visual presentation of your team members’ progress and the overall state of your project. 
  • You can create customized interfaces that provide each employee with the required information.
  • It helps you to organize your data. You may filter data depending on the results you wish to achieve, group similar topics together, and organize data into categories of your choice.

Pricing of Airtable

Airtable is available in both free and paid plans. It paid plan will cost you a minimum of $10 per seat/ month.

Pricing Airtable

4. Trello

Next on our list is Trello, a Kanban-based platform organized into a visually appealing structure of lists, boards, and cards. Its user-friendly design allows teams of all sizes to monitor projects and tasks easily.

Furthermore, Trello excels in keeping teams on track, sharing files, and seeing approaching deadlines at a glance. The tool attracts smaller teams, startups, and lone business owners because its simple onboarding lets them start immediately. Users may invite companies and clients to work on particular boards, which helps share project progress updates.

Trello - Project Management Tools

Features of Trello

  • Trello easily integrates with third-party services and apps, including Dropbox, Outlook, Slack, Gmail, InVision, Salesforce, Jira, and many more.
  • Trello’s built-in automation tool can create a seamless workflow. You can run commands and create automated rules in Trello for almost every action.
  • It offers a card view that can be clicked to open a popup window with further information on the tasks. You can add a task description, a due date, and custom labels.

Pricing of Trello

Trello offers different pricing options ranging from $5 to $17.50 per user per month. It also has a free plan with limited features.

Pricing Trello

5. Asana

Asana is cloud-based software recognized for its versatility and user-friendliness. There is no learning curve. You can use this project management tool to monitor tasks and subtasks in order to reach milestones.

Additionally, Asana offers a wide variety of project views. You can view them as Kanban-style cards, a calendar showing projects and their due dates, and an overall workload picture. Switching between these viewpoints allows your team members greater flexibility and enables you to involve additional stakeholders.

Asana  - Project Management Tools

Features of Asana

  • Asana users may increase their productivity by using automation. An overview of the project gives each team member the information they need to be productive.
  • Users can design effective workflows using its visual workflow builder tool. Asana offers real-time charts and visual reports to convey status, progress, or task statistics.
  • This project management tool lets you share recorded video messages that are automatically transcribed for quicker text search.

Pricing of Asana

Asana offers a free forever plan and two paid plans starting from $10.99.

Pricing Asana

6. Teamwork

As a project management tool made with team management in mind, Teamwork lives true to its name. It is one of the top project management solutions, featuring a broad variety of features that could stand up to the top of the market.

The project time budget, billing and invoice, integrated team chat, scheduling, and burndown reporting are some of its standout features.

TeamWork - Project Management Tools

Features of Teamwork

  • Its Task lists feature lets you establish team priorities. You may also divide tasks into subtasks for better clarity and detail.
  • It has an integrated time tracker that facilitates the creation of thorough task records, enhances billing accuracy, and enables you to provide clients with more precise time estimations.
  • Teamwork offers Kanban boards to streamline procedures, automate workflows, and track tasks.

Pricing of Teamwork

Teamwork offers a forever-free plan. And its premium plan starts from $9.99 per month (billed annually).

Teamwork Pricing

7. Freedcamp

Freedcamp is ideal for those seeking an easy-to-use system that covers the fundamentals of project management without all the complexity and unnecessary features, especially if you have a limited budget.

The unique selling point of Freedcamp is that it allows for unlimited users, projects, tasks, and storage, in its free version. And its pricing is also quite affordable.

Freedcamp - Project Management Tools

Features of Freedcamp

  • You can tag relevant people, monitor work progress, and share project resources using its Gantt charts, task lists, and kanban boards.
  • Freedcamp lets you easily share files with your team members using its file uploading and sharing functionality.
  • This project management software integrates with many popular SSO providers, including Google SSO, Microsoft Azure AD, and Okta.

Pricing of Freedcamp

Freedcamp offers a forever free plan that allows unlimited storage, tasks, and users. Its paid plan starts at $1.49 per user per month (billed annually).

Freedcamp Pricing

8. Smartsheet 

If you like standard spreadsheet solutions like Google Sheets or Excel, you’ll be happy to learn that Smartsheet has a similar layout. However, Smartsheet is filled with many advanced features that may assist you in managing various projects, unlike Google Sheets and Excel.

Smartsheet - Project Management Tools

Moreover, it is a cloud-based solution that enables teams of all sizes and different technical skill levels to plan, visualize, and communicate easily about tasks and projects.

Features of Smartsheet 

  • With the help of its drag-and-drop builder, it’s quick and easy to create automation that saves time.
  • It provides a wide range of views, reports, workflows, and dashboards to help you track your tasks, deadlines, and resources.
  • Smartsheet makes it easier for team members, clients, and collaborators to communicate and collaborate in real-time.

Pricing of Smartsheet 

Smartsheet offers a free version with limited functionalities. Its paid plan will cost you from $7 to $25 per user per month when billed annually. Further, you can also contact their sales team to get a custom quote for your enterprise needs.

9. Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner is collaborative task management software with a visual interface developed by Microsoft. It provides users with an online Kanban board-style task management and team collaboration tools.

Users can use Microsoft Planner for a variety of project management needs, including tackling time management issues, ensuring work is divided evenly, sharing new ideas, organizing a marketing campaign, and more.

Microsoft Planner - Project Management Tools

Features of Microsoft Planner:

  • It allows users to monitor their team’s performance from any device. It generates bar charts and pie charts automatically to help visualize work status.
  • The iCalendar feed allows you to integrate Microsoft Planner with Outlook, which makes time management and scheduling easier.
  • Its mobile app includes all the major features of its web-based version.

Pricing of Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner offers a free trial for 1 month to explore the features, and its paid plan starts from $5/month when billed annually.

10. Workzone 

Workzone is designed for all size businesses to manage them project more effectively. It’s really powerful and flexible project management tool that helps to improved productivity, stay organized and focused.

Workzone - Project Management Tools

Features of Workzone 

  • Its feature allows you to assign tasks to specific team members and aslo track their workload and progress tu to ensure that everyone is working efficiently.
  • You can set up your project and workflows easily with this highly customizable tool.
  • Workzone provides a real-time visibility in project resource utilization and progress of project.

Pricing Of Workzone

It offers three plan; every plan include unlimited training and support. Workzon’s paid plan starts at $24/month.

Pricing Of Workzone

11. HubSpot

HubSpot is a popular all-in-one platform that offers a range of tools and service to help business. Its one of the best tool is project management tool that helps to track process, assign task and etc.

HubSpot -Project Management Tools

Feature of HubSpot 

  • In HubSopt Project, you can create and manage multiple projects, set different task for each.
  • HubSpot Project include variety of features to help team, like task management, commenting, file sharing and email integration.
  • For optimizing your team flow, it provides a range of reports and analytics that helps to track progress.

Pricing of HubSpot 

HubSpot comes with free plan, and paid plan start at $30/month.

Pricing of HubSpot 

Use Cases For Project Management Tools

Project management software can help you manage your projects and their delivery in a way that’s easy to use, effective, and adaptable. Here are some use cases for project management software:

1. Team Management: 

Project management software will help you manage your team, both in terms of assigning tasks and monitoring progress. For example, you’ll be able to see when someone is having trouble with a task or is not participating enough. 

2. Project Tracking: 

This is the most obvious use case for project management software. It helps you keep track of all the processes involved in your projects and ensure they’re completed on time and within budget.

3. Save Time and Increase Productivity: 

Project management software will help you save time by automating processes like creating schedules and project timelines, tracking time spent on tasks, and communicating with other team members about progress. You’ll also increase productivity by ensuring everyone is meeting deadlines and staying on track so that no one gets behind schedule or in communication with other team members or customers.

4. Budgeting: 

The fourth use case for project management software is budgeting, which includes estimating costs and expenses over time and monitoring actual spending levels against those estimates.

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Final Thoughts: Best Project Management Tools (2023)

Project management is a critical part of any organization’s success. It can help you save time and money and also be a great way to increase productivity and efficiency. Luckily, plenty of tools are available to help you manage projects effectively.

This post has reviewed some of the best project management tools to help you choose for your next projects.

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