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Robo Assist

Robo Assist is an AI+ RPA driven solution for your contact center to automate any repetitive customer request which may involve anything from sending a simple response to executing a complex workflow across multiple applications and systems. Agents need not look anywhere to complete their tasks and reply back to customers. Its all on auto pilot with Robo Assist!

Automated Ticket Response

Key Benefits of Robo Assist

Automate Everything

Robo Assist enables intelligent automation of any number of complex requests like refund that extend to multiple internal and external systems

Improved Agent Productivity

Robo Assist is 10 times faster than what an agent can do in traversing systems and completely eliminates human error


Robo Assist once trained on the process and data can be deployed with minimal effort and cost

Customer Success Stories

A leading e-commerce platform where millions of customers worldwide shop for great deals receives support tickets ranging from simple inquiries about products, services, and policies to complex questions about coupon redemptions, rescheduling appointments, cancellations, and refunds. This company uses artificial intelligence to automate responses for complex scenarios such as refunds. The AI system processes a refund request without human involvement by retrieving order details and automatically applying relevant business rules as per the refund policy.