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Self Assist

Self Assist uses AI to understand the context and content of incoming tickets and provide relevant content suggestions from your knowledge base. Customers are able to self-discover solutions and resolve their queries. With this self-service AI tool, you’ll notice an improvement in CSAT score and an immediate reduction in ticket volume

AI Based Answers to Reduce Support Tickets
Customer will open the Contact Us form and start entering his/her query
Screenshot 2019-01-23 at 3.54.24 PM

Self Assist module matches the context and content of the query and gives most relevant self-service pages from knowledge base

Screenshot 2019-01-23 at 3.53.43 PM
The customer finds the answer from the most relevant articles and does not have to raise a ticket anymore
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Key Benefits of Self Assist

Reduce Ticket Volume

Shave 30% off of incoming ticket volume and save millions of dollars a year when the average cost per ticket is reduced from $8-$12 (for agent touch) to under a dollar (for automated touch).

Improved CSAT

The ability to self-discover the right answer quickly delivers instant gratification and results in a positive interaction. Customers will be far more likely to recommend your brand to others.

Improved Content

Knowledge base content can be static and get stale, but using Self Assist can help to continually improve the quality, presentation, and effectiveness of your content because it learns from customer queries and identifies knowledge gaps providing accurate AI answers every time.