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Top 10 AI Startups in the market just for you, The term artificial intelligence (AI) refers to a software-based system’s capacity to carry out operations typically done by humans. Many IT giants like Google are integrating AI into their product and service offerings and creating new platforms to offer AI services to clients globally. 

As per CB Insights reports, equity fundraising for generative AI startups exceeded $2.6 billion in 2022 over 110 deals, setting a new milestone.

With numerous emerging AI companies providing innovative solutions in various industries, the AI ecosystem seems highly promising.

The desire of humans to simplify their lives and do jobs more quickly and effectively is what drives technological advancements. Artificial intelligence has opened the way for almost every field, from education and lifestyle to sports and entertainment to become a vital part of, owing to the swift pace of technological advancements in recent years. Let’s take a look at some of the most innovative and fascinating AI startups.

Top 10 AI Startups To Watch In 2023: In A Nutshell

Here’s a quick overview of all the AI startups listed below.

Sr. No.Top AI StartupsKey Takeaway
1.OpenAIAI research laboratory
2.Shield AIWorld’s first cloud computing and artificial intelligence company 
3.CloudMindsFastest-growing artificial intelligence startup
4.Eightfold.aiOpen-source AI cloud platform
5.AnyscaleLeading AI cloud-based email security company
6.H2O.AiNo-code vision AI platform
7.Abnormal SecuritAI-powered communication security firm
8.TessianInfrastructure & remote ground monitoring AI company
9.CrowdAIAI tech research startup
10.AnyscaleScalable Compute for AI and Python

In this section, we have handpicked the top 11 AI Startups and shared details about them, including their goal, founders, headquarters, and funding. So, without further delay, let’s get started. 

1. OpenAI

OpenAI is an AI research laboratory comprised of the non-profit parent company, OpenAI Inc, and the for-profit organization, OpenAI LP. OpenAI is considered a competitor of DeepMind. 

OpenAI developed a variety of AI-powered apps and machine learning tools that allow computers to perform tasks like generating graphics from text or building a robot hand that solves Rubik’s Cubes.

The company provides an API for integrating its platform into different models. Developers may use it to tweak models and build apps without any code.

Open AI Overview

Additionally, OpenAI provides a range of models with varied understanding levels or generation of natural language or code. These models can be widely used for a variety of tasks, including semantic search, content generation, and segmentation. Their most popular model at the moment is GPT-3, which can interpret and create natural language.

Further, their latest project is ChatGPT which is based on the GPT-3 model, which is currently creating a buzz in the field of AI. It is basically an AI-driven chatbot that can perform tasks like answering user queries, solving mathematical problems, writing codes, composing emails etc.


Founders – Elon Musk, Greg Brockman, Sam Altman, John Schulman, Wojciech Zaremba, Ilya Sutskever.

Founded year – 2015

Total Funding – $11.3B

Headquarters – California, United States

2. Shield AI

Shield AI is the fastest-growing artificial intelligence startup that uses intelligent algorithms to safeguard military members and civilians. It is an American defence and aerospace technology company that designs artificial intelligence pilots for aircraft. 

Its stand-out product Hivemind is an AI-powered pilot for both commercial and military aircraft, allowing smart teams of aircraft to accomplish tasks ranging from room inspection to dogfighting F-16s and penetrating air defence systems. Furthermore, Hivemind gives clusters of aircraft the ability to fly completely autonomously in high-threat, GPS- and communication-degraded scenarios.

Shield AI collaborates with the US Special Operations Command, Air Force, and commercial contractors like Textron Systems and L3 Harris.

Shield Ai Overview


Founders – Brandon Tseng, Andrew Reiter, Ryan Tseng

Founded year – 2015

Total Funding – $573.1M (Series E)

Headquarters – San Diego, California.

3. CloudMinds

CloudMinds is the world’s first cloud computing and artificial intelligence company that focuses on secure and high-speed cloud networks, cloud-based smart robotics, large AI-driven machine learning platforms and secure intelligent terminal and robot controller technological advances.

The company developed the MCS (Mobile Intranet Cloud Services) based on these technologies in order to increase the data security of the cloud-based robot remote control.  CloudMinds developed an intelligent cloud system based on HARIX architecture by employing the industry’s top cloud-intelligent robot solution. The technology has been implemented in various sectors, such as large-scale manufacturing, medical, military, financial, and public security.

CloudMinds Overview

This platform will provide a range of services, such as smart security, smart building, and smart property management. The aim of CloudMinds is that the average household will be able to purchase helpful humanoid robots by 2025.


Founders – Robert Zhang and Bill Huang 

Founded year – 2015

Total Funding – $468.6M (Series B)

Headquarters – Irvine, California: Beijing, China.

4. Eightfold.ai

Eightfold.ai assists businesses in recruiting, retaining, and developing outstanding employees. To create candidate profiles, AI scans resumes, social media, and other data. This information aids in the matching of candidates to vacancies and improves employee engagement and retention.


Eightfold.ai examines abilities, experience, and corporate culture to find the best applicants for open positions.


Founders – Ashutosh Garg

Founded year – 2016

Total Funding – $410M

Headquarters – U.S.

5. Anyscale

Anyscale is the startup that created Ray Open Source, a scalable computing platform that allows developers to effortlessly scale AI and Python projects from a laptop to the cloud. Anyscale is a fully managed, enterprise-ready platform for building, deploying, and managing scalable AI and Python applications using Ray.

Anyscale expands Ray’s capabilities by providing programmers and cross-functional teams the ability to speed up experimentation and the creation of Machine learning applications at scale. This advances AI development and scalability for every industry.

Anyscale Overview

Anyscale Workspaces offers developers a consistent and smooth development experience for scaling machine learning operations from a desktop to the cloud with no code modifications. Developers can now use a single environment to create, test, and deliver workloads to production while using familiar tools. 


Founders – Michael I. Jordan, Ion Stoica, Robert Nishihara, Philipp Moritz,

Founded year – 2019

Total Funding – $259 M (Series C)

Headquarters – California, United States

6. H2O.Ai

H2O.AI is an open-source AI cloud platform that uses H2O, a widely trusted open-source machine learning and data science platform, to revolutionize and democratize artificial intelligence. 

This AI startup has built H2O Driverless AI, which makes data scientists’ lives easier, faster, and more effective. Its key feature is AutoML (Automated Machine Learning), which streamlines the creation and modification of machine learning models. Moreover, it has algorithms like random forests, gradient boosting, etc.

H2O.AI Overview

Since H2O.Ai is an open-source AI platform, data scientists can easily tweak or modify the source code to suit their needs and integrate it into their current model. Moreover, it employs a version control system to keep track of all code changes and updates. H2O.ai can also be operated on edge devices and the cloud. In addition, it has a huge and active user and developer community that contributes to the growth of this AI startup.


Founders – Sri Ambati

Founded year – 2011

Total Funding – $251.1M (Series E)

Headquarters – California, United States.

7. Abnormal Security

Abnormal Security is the leading AI cloud-based email security company that secures organizations and enterprises from targeted email threats. ABX powers the platform – Abnormal Behavior Technology, which integrates the Abnormal Relationship Graph, Abnormal Identity Model, and Abnormal Content Analysis to prevent attacks that lead to financial harm, malware, business email compromise, phishing, account takeover, and organization mistrust.

Furthermore, Abnormal Security employs a data science model to deliver the required resources for effective email detection, prevention, and response. Moreover, the platform provides multi-tenant and cross-platform protection by combining data from several channels into one platform for analysis.

Abnormal Overview

Customers can get started quickly using its API-based model, which can be used alone or to augment an SEG to increase native cloud email security with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.


Founders – Sanjay Jeyakumar and Evan Reiser

Founded year – 2018

Total Funding – $284M (Series C)

Headquarters – San Francisco, California

8. Tessian

Tessian is a London-based AI-powered communication security firm that protects workplace email communication from attackers. They develop Human Layer Security to allow individuals to work without security interruptions.

To tackle problems such as misaddressed emails, spear phishing, unauthorized emails, and noncompliance, this startup company employs natural language processing and machine learning. Its product reduces the human factor of making mistakes when managing emails in the workplace.

Tessian Overview

Further, Tessian uses machine learning and behavioural data science to detect and prevent threats that bypass Secure Email Gateways, such as phishing attempts, accidental data loss, business email compromise, and insider threats. Its intelligent technology not only increases email security but also helps modern enterprises establish better security cultures.


Founders – Tim Sadler, Thomas Adams, Edward Bishop, 

Founded year – 2013

Total Funding – $132.6M (Series Unkown)

Headquarters – London, United Kingdom

9. CrowdAI

CrowdAI is yet another great AI startup that offers a no-code vision AI platform. It provides image annotation services for self-driving cars, drones, and aerial photos. CrowdAI is the industry’s leading platform for developing custom computer vision, allowing anyone to design high-quality computer vision models to study videos and images with no data science or coding experience needed. They deliver all the tools required to transform raw pixels into structured insights tailored to a user’s individual needs. It caters to different sectors, including oil and gas, defence, aerospace, and retail.

Crowd AI Overview

Additionally, CrowdAI has developed a user-friendly framework for developing computer vision AI. Individuals of diverse technical backgrounds can handle visual data and collectively scale deep learning models at lightning speeds. CrowdAI has created models that have been used for a wide range of purposes, including humanitarian aid, disaster relief, manufacturing, medical diagnostics, countering illicit trafficking, and more.


Founders – Devaki Raj, Pablo Garcia and Nicolas Borensztein

Founded year – 2016

Total Funding – $8.4M (Series A)

Headquarters – San Francisco, California.

10. KorrAI

KorrAI is a Canadian-based startup that uses AI, on-site measurements, and satellite data to assist mining firms in making better extraction and exploration decisions.

KorrAI offers a no-code geoAI platform to assist mining industries in discovering places with rich mineral potential more quickly while keeping a strong environmental sustainability brand. They are a team of professionals with knowledge of Remote Sensing, Data Science, Earth Sciences, and Spatial Computer Vision. Their platform is aimed at the mineral exploration, mining, and environmental services sectors, with a focus on Canada’s $109 billion mining industry.

KorrAI Overview


Founders – Rob McEwan and Rahul Anand

Founded year – 2021

Total Funding – $1.6M

Headquarters – Canada

11. Genysys Engine

Genysys Engine is an AI tech research startup headquartered in Dromara, Northern Ireland, is on a mission to use generative AI to reduce barriers between software development and humans. Over the past few years, Genysys Engine has been innovating to eliminate all the pain points related to website design and development.

Genysys Engine Overview

Genysys Engine leverage generative AI to develop customer-focused websites and digital applications from text and competitive data, eliminating the need for resources and expertise to flourish online. They use real-world data to determine the most engaging and lead-generating version of your website.

Besides, the Department of Economy in Northern Ireland has awarded Genysys Engine the Silver Innovator Certificate.


Founders – Matthew Eaton and Emma McClenaghan

Founded year – 2019 

Total Funding – Not Available

Headquarters – Dromara, Northern Ireland

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End Thoughts: Top AI Startups

Artificial intelligence is a thriving technology in today’s digital age, with the potential to fundamentally revolutionize industries and take businesses to new heights. AI is making significant progress in both the technology and business sectors, from computers that can play card games to automated robotics and self-driving automobiles.

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