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Analytics Assessment Tools

The power of AnswerIQ stems from the full product suite working collectively to deliver a holistic view of your support organization efficiency, including a content gap analysis. Most support teams have a general sense of things like average handle time and backlog/number of tickets in the queue. That said, the majority of support teams don’t have a strong sense of how their communications resonate with customers, where there may be gaps in the content repository, or even how redundant templates may be affecting the most accurate exchanges. That’s where you need customer experience assessment tools. And that’s where we step in.

AnswerIQ has developed a unique analytics dashboard that works alongside our solution set to identify gaps and redundancies in your organization’s templates and knowledge base; pinpointing where resolution is not as efficient as it can be.

AI Based Analytics Dashboard
Quickly identify how many tickets you have received, the percentage of deflection attempts, tickets deflected and the cost savings!
Anayltics - Self Assist
Identify the number of tickets deflected within a given timeframe and set KPIs against your established benchmarks.
Analytics - Self Assist Graph
Easily assess the number of tickets handled by agents using macros and knowledge base articles, assistance attempts, tickets assisted and the assistance rate.
Analytics - Agent Assist

Key Benefits of Analytics

Bird's Eye View of Content

With this overarching view of your support organization, you have far greater visibility into your content - where there are gaps and where there are redundancies.

Identify Content Maturity

Our Analytics platform mines content repositories and quickly assesses content maturity by assessing content coverage, ticket resolution, template usage, and average resolution time.

Seamless Integration

Our Analytics seamlessly integrates into your existing CXM and provides real-time insights so you can respond quickly.

Improved Time to First Response

The combination of templates, knowledge articles, and analytics has been proven to improve time to first response by as much as 30%.

Intelligent Control Center

Eliminate the guesswork around which templates are strongest and whether the right content is in place to support the AI engine. Our control center updates with you.

Configurable Dashboard

The Analytics platform is built into our product suite and is configurable to deliver access to the insights you need; constantly updating as the machine learns more about your tickets and customers and empowering you with predictive analytics insights to achieve better customer experience in the long run.