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Are you an aspiring author or self-publisher looking to take your book projects to new heights? Look no further than Bookbolt, the ultimate platform for authors seeking to maximize their publishing success. 

As a token of appreciation for our readers, we’ve partnered with Bookbolt to offer an exclusive coupon code. 

By using this code during your subscription, you will gain access to Bookbolt’s premium features at a discounted rate, giving you an edge in your publishing endeavors without breaking the bank.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your self-publishing efforts. Let Bookbolt’s innovative tools and our exclusive coupon code be the catalyst for your publishing success. 

Get ready to unleash your publishing potential like never before with Bookbolt!

Available Bookbolt Coupon Code 2023

To get exclusive offers on Bookbolt, here we have provided the coupon code and discount offers available on the platform.

Currently, you can get 20% off on your subscription by using the coupon code ‘official20off’.

With this coupon code, you can get around 20% off on monthly as well as yearly subscription plans.

Also, Bookbolt regularly provides various discounts and coupon codes to its users. To get regular updates on upcoming discounts and coupons, stay tuned with us.

Now that you have a coupon code let’s find out how to claim it.

How To Claim Bookbolt Coupon: Step-By-Step Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide to redeem the Bookbolt coupon codes.

Step 1: The first step is to visit the official site by clicking here.

Step 2: After landing on the official website of bBookbolt, you will have to create your account. If you already have an account, just log in to your existing account.

Bookbolt Coupon Code - Overview

Step 3:The next step is to choose the Bookbolt plan that suits your needs.

Bookbolt Coupon Code - Plan

Step 4: Now enter your credentials and details for payment. You won’t be charged yet. Click on “Register” to proceed.

Bookbolt Coupon Code -Register

Step 5: After filling in the card details, apply the coupon code mentioned above.

Bookbolt Coupon Code

Step 6: Finally, with this coupon code, you will successfully save a huge amount of money.

Pricing Plans Of Bookbolt

Bookbolt has two pricing plans available. Let’s have a look at them.

Pricing Plans Of Bookbolt

These plans include a Newbie plan and a Pro plan.

  1. Newbie Plan:

The Newbie plan has a yearly pricing of 89.99/year and a monthly plan of $9.99/month. You can try this plan with a free trial that lasts for three days. 

With this plan, you get access to tools for Amazon search volume, keyword/product research, KDP Spy, cover/interior design, and 24*7 customer support service.

  1. Pro Plan:

The pro plan has a yearly price of $199.99/year and a monthly price of $19.99/month. You can also try this plan with a 3-day free trial. It gives you all the tools & features of the Newbie plan.

How Does Book Bolt Function?

Bookbolt functions as a comprehensive platform that provides authors with a wide range of tools and features to enhance their self-publishing journey. Here’s a breakdown of how Bookbolt works:

  1. Data-Driven Insights: Bookbolt utilizes advanced algorithms and data analysis to provide authors with valuable insights into the book market. It helps identify relevant keywords, analyzes competitors’ strategies, and provides recommendations for optimizing book metadata and descriptions.
  1. Keyword Research: Bookbolt allows authors to conduct in-depth keyword research, helping them identify the most effective keywords and phrases to target for their book’s discoverability. This feature assists in optimizing book titles, subtitles, and descriptions to improve search engine rankings and increase visibility.
  1. Book Description Generator: Bookbolt offers a book description generator that helps authors create compelling and engaging descriptions tailored to their specific genres. It saves time and ensures authors craft effective descriptions that entice readers to explore their books further.
  1. Amazon Advertising Optimization: Bookbolt provides tools to optimize Amazon advertising campaigns. Authors can track the performance of their ads, identify keywords that drive the most conversions, and refine their advertising strategy accordingly. 
  1. Competitor Analysis: Bookbolt allows authors to analyze their competitors’ book data, such as pricing, sales rank, and reviews. This information helps authors understand market trends, identify opportunities, and adjust their own strategies accordingly.
  1. Performance Tracking: Authors can monitor their book’s performance metrics, including sales rank, reviews, and ratings, within the Bookbolt platform. This enables them to gauge the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and make data-driven decisions to improve their book’s performance over time.

Pros And Cons Of Bookbolt

Below I have listed some of the pros and cons of the Bookbolt.


  • Built-in design feature.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Keyword and product research.
  • Drag and drop editor.
  • Database hunter and product trends.
  • Multi-faceted tool.
  • Sells unique books.


  • Might be expensive for beginners.
  • Customer support can be improved.

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Conclusion: Bookbolt Coupon Code (2023)

Bookbolt has emerged as a game-changer in the world of self-publishing, empowering authors to unlock their full potential and achieve their publishing goals with ease. 

Through its advanced tools and data-driven insights, Bookbolt offers a comprehensive solution for writers seeking to optimize their book’s discoverability, attract more readers, and enhance their overall success.

By taking advantage of our exclusive Bookbolt coupon code, you gain access to a range of premium features at a discounted rate, making it even more affordable to harness the power of Bookbolt’s tools. 

This discount not only saves you money but also provides a valuable opportunity to invest in your writing career and take your publishing endeavors to new heights.

So what are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comment section below.

FAQs On Bookbolt Coupon Code

How can I use Book Bolt for free?

Bookbolt provides a 3-day free trial which includes all its features like KDP Spy, keyword research, cover design, access to 24/7 customer care, and Amazon search volume. 

Does Bookbolt offer any refund policy?

No, you don’t get a refund policy with the subscription to Bookbolt. But yes, you can get three days of the free trial, so if you don’t like its service, you can cancel your subscription before the free trial ends.

Can I deactivate my account anytime?

Yes, you can cancel or deactivate your account at any time. However, your account will be active till the end of your billing period.

How can I upgrade my plan?

Simply login into your account and upgrade your plan by following the account setting and choosing the plan you want to upgrade.

How much discount does BookBolt offer?

By using the above-mentioned coupon code, you can save around 20% discount on the BookBolt pricing plan.

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