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Improving the Future by Learning from the Past

We understand past customer support interactions to predict answers to future questions enabling agents to respond quickly and accurately improving CSAT and reducing handle time

Due to the current limitations of CXM systems, support organizations are forced to allocate agent bandwidth to addressing common repetitive tasks, including:

  • Routing and classifying new inbound requests
  • Digging through a library of templated answers to more efficiently respond to customers
  • Responding to common, repetitive enquiries in high volume

AnswerIQ addresses these challenges.

How It Works

  • AnswerIQ integrates directly with your CXM system. No engineering work required!

  • When your customers submit a question or issue that is covered in your knowledge base or discussed in forums, we will first recommend possible solutions before ever creating a support ticket.

  • When new support tickets do arrive, AnswerIQ leverages historical patterns from legacy agent responses to ensure all new cases get to the right team or agent, pronto. In this way, your best agents don’t have to spend their valuable time triaging.

  • Our technology enables you to automatically respond to tickets with confidence. Once the accuracy level reaches a defined threshold, you can free up 30% of your agents' recurring queue and enable them to spend less time on mundane issues, and more time problem solving complex cases.

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  • After evaluating your closed tickets, we surface the top three recommended responses along with supporting content from your knowledge base, for new tickets. Agents pick the best one, personalize it, and send it!

    As a final step, our integrated analytics platform identifies content redundancies and gaps and makes it clear where process can be optimized.

What are you waiting for?

If you get over 10,000 tickets per month or have over 50 agents, we can bring your cost per ticket down by at least 25% within three months.