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Automated Response

Automated ticket response with zero touch from agents is the ultimate goal for most businesses as there is no human cost attached to handling the ticket. The machine learning model learns the pattern of tickets and can begin auto responding to certain tickets with 100% confidence relieving agents from repetitive tasks, and enabling them to spend more time offering personalized customer care.

Automated Ticket Response

Key Benefits of Automated Response

Reduce Handle Time

Automated response for a percentage of tickets reduce the average handle time for the service organisation and improves productivity

Improved CSAT

Automatic Response provides customers with answers they need quickly, efficiently, and automatically. Zero lag means greater customer satisfaction.

Free Agent Time

Relieve agents from handling recurring issues or repetitive tickets. Automatic Response lets agents do what they do best: provide empathetic, human support.

Customer Success Stories

A leading e-commerce platform where millions of customers worldwide shop for great deals receives support tickets ranging from simple inquiries about products, services, and policies to complex questions about coupon redemptions, rescheduling appointments, cancellations, and refunds. This company uses artificial intelligence to automate responses for complex scenarios such as refunds. The AI system processes a refund request without human involvement by retrieving order details and automatically applying relevant business rules as per the refund policy.