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Seamless integration with different CXM systems

AnsweriQ integrates seamlessly with your CXM system. No engineering work required. AnsweriQ’s connectors ingest historical case data, macros, templates, responses and articles. This is then transformed into CXM-agnostic common schema. The connector deployment, ingestion and transformation are friction free.


Highly scalable, reliable, and performant AI, NLP, and Cognitive Search models

AnsweriQ’s AI and NLP models are built on a highly scalable and reliable enterprise class cloud infrastructure. Model development is configuration driven providing agility to tune and manage for user needs. These models use state-of-the-art algorithms and are continuously updated. Cognitive search algorithms are part of AnsweriQ platform.


Live deployment

AnsweriQ's AI, NLP models and cognitive search runs on high scale, enterprise class cloud infrastructure and publishes to a prediction store. This live deployment of the prediction store is used by AnsweriQ’s Self Service, Auto Triage and Auto response products.


Measure with analytics dashboards

Enhanced analytics to track real-time performance of the product. Extensive and intuitive dashboard that tracks key metrics like FCR, AHT, self-service rate, case volume reduction. Easily measure ROI of AnsweriQ products.


Tune and improve

Periodic metrics health-check helps you track and optimize the ROI on the product. Content gap analysis recommendations improve self service score while automation recommendations improve the process automation score and result in more value for the business from AnsweriQ products.