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The Republic Wireless Case Study

Republic Wireless uses AI for 75 percent of tickets, which frees up support agents to do what they do best!

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The Basics of Automation for Customer Support

Learn why AI has become the new industry standard, and how this technology is changing customer support forever.

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Your Triage May Be Costing Your Business More Than You Know

Learn how our four steps and machine learning technology can reduce your cost per ticket by at least 25% within six months.

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Calling Customer Support Managers: Here's How to Further Your Career

Implementing an AI-based system puts you in control of your CXM and will make you and your support team shine. You’ll reduce AHT and improve FCR in no time!

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AnswerIQ Secret Sauce Revealed: Journey of an e-Ticket

Discover the journey of an actual e-ticket and how AnswerIQ eliminates the common pitfalls associated with growth.

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Microsoft ScaleUp: Get to Know AnswerIQ with CEO and Founder Pradeep Rathinam

Join Pradeep Rathinam, AnswerIQ CEO and Founder, as he presents more information about the power of AI to increase first contact resolution and reduce average handle time.

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AI solutions for Customer Service in the Gaming Industry

Download this guide to learn how AI can impact customer service in the gaming industry by lowering cost and improving CSAT

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