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Customer Support Artificial Intelligence Chatbot

Chatbot leverages the power of AI and NLP to drive seamless engagement with customers before a ticket is ever submitted, enabling your organization to automatically respond to customer queries, intelligently route requests to a member of your support team, and guide customers toward one or more knowledge base articles to help themselves! The best part is that Chatbot continually improves the quality, presentation, and effectiveness of your content because it learns from customer queries and identifies knowledge gaps or redundancies, augmenting the experience for the next customer!

Customer Support AI Chatbot
When a customer contacts support to learn the status of an order.
Customer Contact with Chatbot Support
When a customer requires password reset assistance.
Password Reset Assistance with Chatbot
When a customer needs to cancel an order -- for any reason.
Artificial Intelligence Support Chatbot

Key Benefits of Chatbot

Deliver Instant Access to Content

Our Natural Language Processing interprets intent and serves customers better by understanding what they need out of the gate.

Scale Fast

As an organization needing to scale quickly, you are in a position to provide far better support (to your agents and customers!) at a much lower cost. 

Reduce Ticket Volume

Shave 30% off of incoming ticket volume and save millions of dollars a year when the average cost per ticket is reduced from $4-$12 (for agent touch) to under a dollar (per resolved ticket).

Improved Customer Satisfaction

The ability to self-discover the right answer quickly delivers instant gratification and results in a positive interaction. Customers will be far more likely to recommend your brand to others.

Improved agent satisfaction

Chatbot frees up agents from the repetitive nature of most day-to-day tasks and enables them to focus on more complex issues that require creativity and customer connection.  

Easy Integration

There is no engineering work required to set up chatbot. The app plugs right into your existing CXM system. Get up and running in fewer than 30 days!