Grammarly Review 2024: Is Grammarly Worth It?

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Grammarly is one of the widely used writing assistants with exceptional features. 

However, the tool doesn’t fit everyone’s needs. 

And if you are figuring out if Grammarly is the right fit for you, this Grammarly review will end your confusion. 

Let me make it clear. Grammarly cannot replace a human proofreader. 

Instead, it will help you make fewer errors and enhance your existing writing skills with its suggestions. 

But is it worth it?

In this article, I’ll explore Grammarly in detail, so you can understand if this writing assistant is worth investing your time!

With that, let’s dive into the details below. 

Grammarly Review: At A Glance (2024)

If you are on the go and need a quick review of Grammarly, you can take a look at the table. 

Note: I have been a user of Grammarly for years now. Therefore, based on our experience, we are going to rate Grammarly out of 5. 

Ease of Use5/5
Mobile AppYes
Plagiarism CheckerYes
Best ForStudents, bloggers, and working professionals.

Grammarly Review: Overview 

Grammarly is one of the widely used writing assistants that lets you write error-free and grammatically correct sentences. 

You can use Grammarly through its website, mobile application, extensions, and more. 

Besides checking grammar for your content, Grammarly ensures you deliver the best content by checking the formatting, tone, delivery, word choice, and more. 

Additionally, it also has its built-in plagiarism checker that scans through billions of web pages to ensure your content is 100% unique. 

One of the best parts about Grammarly is that it works everywhere, including Google Docs, Facebook, Twitter, Word, Gmail, and more. 

You can choose between the free and premium versions and add them directly to your app or platform. 

Later in this review, I’ll explain the difference between the free and premium versions, so you can decide which version will work best for you. 

Grammarly Review: Key Features 

Compared to other popular grammar checkers in the market, like ProWritingAid and Hemingway, Grammarly has a lot more to offer. 

Some of its critical features include 

  • Detailed explanations of errors. 
  • Detects wrong grammar and typos. 
  • Select your preferred English versions, including British, UK, and US English. 
  • Works with any other platform and tool. 
  • Has an app for iOS and Android. 
  • Built-in plagiarism checker. 
  • Detailed reports about the content. 
  • Fixes sentence structure and vocabulary. 
  • Advanced settings for customization. 

Grammarly is an amazing tool to assist you while writing. 

Now that we have seen a quick list of its features, let’s get into the details of Grammarly in the next sections!

Is Grammarly Easy to Use?

Grammarly has a clean and intuitive user interface, irrespective of your chosen version. 

Let me walk you through the interface of Grammarly from the beginning. 

If you are a new user, signing up with Grammarly is just a few seconds away. 

You can use your Google or Apple account or email address to sign up. 

Once you enter your email address and set a password, you will get a verification code on your email to verify your identity. 

Next, Grammarly will ask you a few questions to personalize your settings and provide suggestions accordingly. 

Grammarly Overview

If you are using Grammarly from your browser, this is how your dashboard will look. 

Grammarly Dashboard

Now, let’s talk about the actual interface -the editing part!

You can copy and paste your content to Grammarly, which will underline all the errors in different colors (we will emphasize and explain this in the next section). 

You can tap on the errors, and Grammarly will automatically correct them for you. 

Similarly, you can use one-click correction everywhere, including Google Docs, Gmail, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Word, or basically anywhere. 

Truly, Grammarly has zero learning curve. All you need to do is install or download it, and you are all set. 

Furthermore, the mobile app for Grammarly is also easy. You can add a Grammarly keyboard, and it will automatically provide corrections. 

Whether you are using a grammar-checking tool for the first time or have experience in the same, Grammarly is extremely beginner-friendly and easy to use. 

Lastly, you can customize the settings according to the content you are writing. 

When you are checking content, you can tap on the ‘Adjust goals’ option on the right side of your screen. 

A settings popup will appear on your screen from where you can adjust the tone, formality levels, and more. 

Set your goals

You can also view the overall score that Grammarly gives. 

This score helps in understanding how well your content will sound to the readers. 

Overall, using Grammarly is no hard task!

How Does Grammarly Help in Checking Your Content?

Grammarly supports various content types. 

As mentioned above, Grammarly underlines the errors in different colors. Therefore, before we go ahead, it is crucial to understand what each of these colors depicts. 

  • Red: Grammatical mistakes and typos
  • Blue: Clarity and Wordy sentences
  • Green: Engagement 
  • Purple: Content delivery 

Whether you are using Grammarly as an extension or using the desktop version, the correction colors remain the same everywhere. 

With Grammarly, you can correct your PDFs, assignments, emails, articles, blogs, social media posts, descriptions, and more. 

In addition, since the corrections are given by the tool, you can also learn more about it. 

For instance, you can click on ‘Learn More’ below each suggestion. 

Demo document Overview

Personally, I like how detailed and clear the explanations are. 

It also helps you learn how to improve and why a particular word or sentence is wrong -similar to having a grammar teacher guide you! 

Learn more about Grammarly

As you make the corrections, your Grammarly overall score will increase. 

Another thing that helps me when checking my content is the report feature. 

To check your content in detail, you can tap on the right side’s overall score

Over here, you will get a detailed report about your writing, including readability and vocabulary. 

Additionally, you can also download your performance as a PDF report and export it through email. 

Grammarly Performance

Note: before checking the content, ensure to adjust your settings and goals so Grammarly can provide better recommendations. 

Different Ways to Use Grammarly 

One of the prominent reasons why I like using Grammarly is because of how easy it is to use it everywhere. 

For example, I can use it to draft my email, write an article, or even write a caption for my social media post. 

There are various ways how you can use Grammarly. 

Here is a breakdown of using Grammarly across different platforms and in different ways. 

1. Grammarly Online Editor 

You can use Grammarly online editor by going to the official website of Grammarly.

Once you log in to your account, you can copy-paste your content into the editor or insert your doc on multiple pages. 

The online editor is one of my favorite and most reliable ways to use Grammarly. 

It will automatically check and analyze your content for all the corrections. 

After corrections, you can paste your content back to your original document or place. 

2. Grammarly Mobile Application

You can download Grammarly on your mobile through App Store and Play Store. 

I generally use Grammarly on my iPhone when writing on my phone. 

Once you download the app and sign into your account, you can add the keyword through settings. 

You don’t have to worry about the navigation to do so, as Grammarly will provide all the instructions on your screen. 

Once the keyboard is added, you can switch it up anytime to the normal keyword. 

I prefer using the normal keyboard while writing and the Grammarly keyboard for the final check after I finish writing. 

The suggestions are visible on the screen, and you just have to tap on the corrections. 

However, I have faced glitches when using the Grammarly keyboard, so make sure you cross-check the correction done by Grammarly. 

3. Grammarly Desktop Application 

Another easy and smart way to use Grammarly is through the Desktop application. 

You can download the app for Windows and macOS. 

Once you are done installing and logging into your account, the desktop version works similarly to the online editor. 

4. Grammarly Extension For Browser

Extensions for web browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Edge can make your corrections quicker and easier! 

You may be wondering how?

Well, once you install the extension on your browser, Grammarly will automatically work everywhere! 

These include Gmail, social media platforms, Google Docs, and more. 

Once you have the extension, you don’t have to use Grammarly separately for other platforms. 

This is because the extension will automatically work on the platforms Grammarly supports. 

To be honest, the Grammarly extension for Chrome has been my savior in every situation! 

I can use the Grammarly extension on Gmail, Word, Google Docs, social media platforms, and more. 

How Accurate is Grammarly? 

Grammarly has a lot of features to offer, but is it really accurate? 

Well, let’s break the truth here! 

Over the years, I have been using the extension, mobile app, and desktop version to check my content. 

While it detects various errors, it is not entirely accurate. 

The tool can detect spelling errors, but you cannot rely entirely on Grammarly. 

For example, Grammarly often suggests synonyms when a certain word is overused. While this can be helpful, synonyms may not make sense all the time. 

Here is an example: 

Grammarly Accuracy

In the screenshot above, Grammarly suggested replacing the extension with “attachment.” 

It doesn’t make sense to write an extension as an attachment, right?

Additionally, the delivery feature within Grammarly suggests you change to sound more confident. 

Again, it changes the entire meaning of certain sentences and may not make sense all the time. 

At the end of the day, it is an AI tool, so you cannot expect 100% accuracy from the tool. 

It can help you understand your errors, but I recommend considering the suggestions before applying them to your content. 

Lastly, the settings you have set Grammarly to can also affect the suggestions. 

Therefore, ensure to personalize your settings as per the content you are writing so that Grammarly can recommend changes accordingly. 

Grammarly Review: Is it Secure?

As a writer, one of my major concerns was my content being secure. 

Using the free grammar checkers online is all fun and games until someone steals your content. 

Therefore, I must admit I was concerned equally about the security of Grammarly. 

However, Grammarly offers AES-256 encryption and other security features to ensure your work is in safe hands. 

As a Grammarly user for almost three years now, I have checked thousands of content through different versions. 

Thankfully, I haven’t come across any security concerns until now. So I can count on the tool when it comes to security. 

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker: How Reliable Is it?

The premium version of Grammarly offers its built-in plagiarism checker. 

Grammarly boasts to check your content through 16 billion web pages online, ensuring it’s unique. 

However, the plagiarism checker is not reliable. 

Let me explain with an example to support my statement. 

I checked the ranking Grammarly review from DemandSage and copy-pasted a paragraph on Grammarly to run the plagiarism checker. 

As you can see in the screenshot below, Grammarly said the content is 100% original. 

Grammarly Reliability

Now, when I checked the same content on CopyScape, it instantly detected plagiarism from where I took the content. 

CopyScape Comparison

Clearly, you cannot rely on Grammarly’s in-built plagiarism checker. 

Therefore, I do not recommend relying 100% on Grammarly’s plagiarism checker. 

Grammarly Review: Pricing 

Grammarly has an entirely free version, which was quite surprising for me -assuming it is so popular! 

Usually, the free versions of tools have restricted features, and you are forced to upgrade to the premium plans. 

However, Grammarly, the free version, actually offers various powerful features. 

Grammarly Pricing Plans

Many users might find the free version enough for them, eliminating the need to pay for the premium versions. 

The pricing for the premium plans are as follows: 


Compared to the monthly plan, I recommend opting for the annual plan. 

The annual plan will work best if you are a student, a working professional, or someone who needs grammar checkers regularly. 

The annual subscription can help you save money instead of paying through a monthly subscription. 

However, note here that if you opt for the annual plan, you will have to pay a one-time fee. 

Grammarly does not allow monthly payments for quarterly and annual plans. 

Grammarly Free vs Premium: Understanding The Differences

I first began with the free version to test if Grammarly works well with the corrections. 

Eventually, I switched to the premium version two years ago. 

So, if Grammarly’s free version works just fine for many people, what is different or extra in the premium version? 

To be precise, Grammarly premium has much more to offer than the free version. 

Here is a quick comparison table of Grammarly free vs Premium. 

ParametersGrammarly FreeGrammarly Premium 
Vocabulary NoYes
Plagiarism CheckerNoYes
Genre-specific writing styleNoYes
Readability ScoreNoYes
Formality LevelNoYes
Word ChoiceNoYes
Fluency NoYes

Is Grammarly Premium Worth it?

Grammarly premium is definitely worth it!

I have tried the free version as well as the premium version. While the free version helped me pretty well, the premium took my writing to the next level. 

Some minor errors often go unnoticed, even after you skim through your content manually. 

In such a situation, the premium version captures all the errors it can and provides suggestions to change it. 

Furthermore, the premium version also helps with the delivery and engagement of the content. 

For example, when you are writing long-form content, you might end up overusing certain words. 

Grammarly Premium is quick to catch this and help you with the right synonym to make your content more engaging. 

Additionally, the premium version has advanced suggestions to ensure your content is well-written. 

Grammarly premium is worth it for students, bloggers, working professionals, or basically anyone who wants to polish their writing skills!

Can Grammarly Replace Human Proofreader?

Undoubtedly, Grammarly cannot replace a human proofreader or a human brain. 

The tool may contain plenty of handy features to improve your writing and help you understand where you are making mistakes. 

However, it will be unfair to say that you can replace it with human editing. 

You can check your content thoroughly with Grammarly, but you will still need to proofread it manually. 

Generally, I check my content twice for errors with Grammarly and read it before finalizing it. 

My Experience With Grammarly Over The Years

For me, using Grammarly is like having a grammar teacher by your side! 

I have been using Grammarly Premium for almost three years now. 

Over these last three years, Grammarly has improved significantly. 

Its features have many new additions, while many minor issues have been fixed. 

The premium version has been my go-to solution to check my content, no matter how small it is. 

Generally, I prefer using the online editor, and my experience has been quite good. 

However, the extension for Google Docs is not 100% reliable, so I switched to the online editor. 

Overall, my experience with Grammarly has been really good, and I will recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their writing skills and write grammatically correct content. 

Grammarly Review: Advantages and Disadvantages

Grammarly is an excellent writing assistant. However, it also has a few disadvantages. 

Let us go through the pros and cons of Grammarly. 

Grammarly Pros

  • Adjusts to your writing styles
  • Integrates easily with Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Outlook, etc. 
  • Extremely easy to use
  • In-built plagiarism checker 
  • Works excellent for anyone and not just writers
  • Affordable with an annual subscription

Grammarly Cons

  • Google Docs integrations are unreliable.
  • The mobile app glitches a lot. 

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Final Verdict: Grammarly Review (2024)

Grammarly is undoubtedly one of the best grammar-checking tools on the market. 

To sum up, Grammarly is worth every penny you pay, and it is ideal for bloggers, students, working professionals, or basically anyone who writes. 

You can use it to write emails, assignments, social media posts, captions, descriptions, blogs, and more. 

The free version will work fine if you are a student or have minimum writing requirements. 

On the other hand, if you are a writer or working professional, I recommend opting for Grammarly Premium. 


Is Grammarly worth it?

Grammarly is worth trying if you need assistance with proofreading and checking errors. The premium version offers additional features, like vocabulary, tone adjustments, delivery, etc. 

Can I trust Grammarly?

You can trust Grammarly with your content. In terms of security, Grammarly ensures to protect your content. 

Is Grammarly free?

Grammarly offers two versions -free and premium. The free version provides all the basic corrections that one needs to check their content. On the other hand, the premium version gives access to advanced corrections. 

How can I get Grammarly premium free?

Currently, there is no offer to get Grammarly premium for free. However, you can get the annual subscription at a massive 60% discount ($12/month). 

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