Originality AI Review 2023: Does It Detect AI Content?

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If yes, keep reading to learn about this popular AI content detection tool for recognizing AI-generated or ChatGPT-generated content in 2023.

In this article, we will review Orginality.ai in detail. We will discuss its features, pricing, how it works, its results, pros and cons, and many other important aspects. We will also share the list of some of its prominent competitors.

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Let’s start with its brief overview.

Originality AI Overview

The originality and quality of the content produced by AI writing tools continue to raise questions, despite their widespread use online. Web publishers who rely on original, human-written content have a pressing need to address this. And that’s where an AI detection tool like Originality.AI comes in handy. 

Originality.ai is an AI-writing platform that offers an AI content detector and a plagiarism checker. These days AI writing is more common than ever. Thanks to the latest advancements in AI.

Originality AI

This tool is specially designed for online publishers. It assists online publishers in ensuring that their work is original, unique, plagiarism-free, human-written content, and not by AI tools like ChatGPT.

It is an affordable and beneficial tool for those who want to enhance their content production process, costing $0.01 per 100 words.

Furthermore, Originality.AI is an easy-to-setup and user-friendly tool that does not require any technical knowledge.

Apart from identifying AI-generated text, it can also detect misspellings and paraphrasing used in the content.

Furthermore, a group of GPT-3 AI experts and content marketing professionals has designed this platform that offers advanced features like Team management, Auto billing, scan history, etc.

Let’s see how this AI detection tool works.

Is Originality AI accurate?

When it comes to detecting AI-generated content, Originality AI proves to be generally accurate. In fact, it boasts an impressive accuracy rate of 9 out of 10 times. It’s essential to acknowledge, though, that while Originality AI is highly effective, no content detection AI is flawless, and there may still be occasional false positives or false negatives.

Originality AI relies on several methods to identify AI-generated content, which include:

1. Statistical Analysis

By scrutinizing the text, Originality AI looks for patterns commonly found in AI-generated content, such as repetitive phrases or a lack of human-like creativity.

2. Machine Learning

To further enhance its detection capabilities, Originality AI utilizes machine learning. The system is trained on a diverse dataset comprising both AI-written content and human-written content. By leveraging this dataset, the AI model becomes capable of predicting whether a given piece of text is AI-written content or not.

To continually enhance its accuracy, Originality AI undergoes regular updates and refinements. Additionally, the company offers a free trial, allowing users to personally test its efficacy and observe how it performs in their specific context.

What Is An AI Content Detector, And How Does Originality AI Work?

The AI Content Detector tools examine a given piece of content’s structure, syntax, and language. It uses machine learning and language analysis techniques to detect whether a person or an AI tool wrote that text.

Originality.AI scans a piece of content for similarities to other (Human Written Text) online content. It compares the content to a dataset of millions of web pages or available online content. When Originality.AI detects plagiarism or AI-generated text, it will generate a report showing the percentage of original and AI-written text. It will also reveal the source of the copied content.

Let’s try this:

I have entered a piece of content into this tool, which I have created from ChatGPT. Let’s see if this tool is able to detect AI-generated text.

AI Generated Text

Result –

Ai Generated Results - Originality.AI Review

It shows that 88% of the content is generated from AI, and 12% is original, meaning human written. But, the content which I pasted is 100% AI-generated. So, we can’t say this tool provides 100% accurate results.

Now, give it another chance, and let’s try some human-written text this time.

Enter Content Overview - Originality AI Review


Scan Complete - Originality.AI Review

So, this time the tool shows accurate results which is 100% original.

To conclude, this tool effectively differentiates human-written or AI-generated content. 


Please keep in mind that Originality AI is currently in the beta testing stage. As a result, the chance of generating inaccurate results is high.

To test this, we entered the human-written content into this tool, but this tool identified it as AI-generated text. This case demonstrates that this AI tool may produce inaccurate results, implying that you should not depend entirely on it.

Can Originality AI Detect GPT 3, GPT 3.5, And ChatGPT Content?

According to the Originality AI, ChatGPT, as well as GPT-3, can be effectively identified by Originality AI.

As per the results of the tests conducted by Originality AI, it can detect the effectiveness of identifying AI-written content.

Also, it claims that further training of the Originality AI model will definitely improve its detection ability for GPT-3.5 and ChatGPT.

According to the results, for now, Originality AI is performing quite well. Though there are some pitfalls, it can still be the ideal solution to detect the AI content from GPT 3, GPT 3.5, and ChatGPT. 

Pros & Cons of Originality

Let’s Look at the Pros and Cons of Originality.AI to get an even more, clearer picture.

Pros Of Originality AI

  • Originality.AI has a user-friendly interface.

  • It has an in-built plagiarism checker.

  • It allows you to add unlimited team members.

  • Pricing is quite affordable. At just $20, you can get 2000 credits.

  • Offers API access to integrate with other third-party tools.

Cons of Originality AI

  • Originality.AI won’t always be able to recognize AI-generated content because its GPT-3 raw output accuracy is just 94%, which means it might sometimes provide false results. 

  • You won’t be able to identify which section content is plagiarised or AI-generated.

  • Currently, Originality.AI only supports the English language.

Features of Originality AI

Originality.AI offers various advanced and valuable features that will help you detect the uniqueness or accuracy of your content. We have listed those essential features below: 

1. Team Management

Originality.AI allows you to invite team members to check the accuracy of the content. You can add as many team members as you want and delete them when needed. You can also view their full history of activity and can manage their access.

2. Auto-Renewal

Originality.ai offers an Auto-Renewal feature that will enable you to renew your subscription automatically, ensuring your productivity is not hampered.  

3. AI Generated Content Detector

Originality.AI’s main aim is to identify whether the content is written by a human writer or generated from any AI tool like ChatGPT. It indicates the likelihood of AI-generated content by providing a score from 0 to 100. 

4. Full Site Scan

Originality.AI has designed another valuable feature called full site scan that is not yet live. This feature can scan the entire website by simply entering the URL of the website you want to analyze, and this tool will then crawl the whole website and detect plagiarism or AI-generated content (if any).

5. API Key

Another great feature of Originality.AI is that it allows you to integrate other third-party tools or workflow using its API key. This way, you can enhance and accelerate your content creation process.

6. Chrome Extension

This Chrome extension feature will ease your work of checking the content and will save you lots of time. You can simply install the Chrome extension of Originality.AI and then use it in different ways. You can check Google Docs, WordPress Editor, or any website if you suspect any AI-generated content there.

7. Plagiarism Checker

If you have already tried Originality.ai, you probably noticed that the plagiarism checker is automatically enabled when you detect AI content. You can uncheck the plagiarism checker if you’re only interested in checking the content for AI.

Pricing of Originality AI

The pricing of Originality AI has been changed recently, and now they are offering two plans which are as follows:

Originality AI Pricing

1. Pay As You Go ($30 One Time)

  • 3000 Credits (1 Credit Scans 100 Words)
  • AI Scan
  • Plagiarism Scan
  • Reliability Scan
  • 30-day Scan History
  • Shareable Reports

2. Base Subscription ($14.95/month)

  • 2000 Credits (1 Credit Scans 100 Words)
  • All the features from the Pay As You Go Plan
  • API Access
  • Full Site Scans
  • Scan From URL
  • Access to future features

Who Can Use Originality AI?

Originality.AI has been developed to assist anyone who belongs to the content creation industry. This AI tool aims to detect plagiarism or AI-generated text to provide unique and original content.

Here’s an overview of who can get benefits from Originality.AI:

1. Web Publisher or Blogger:

This tool can be handy if you are a web publisher or blogger who writes blogs for personal or professional purposes. It will ensure that your content is unique and satisfies the demands of your target audience.

2. Content Agency:

If you are a content agency that has to deliver thousands of blogs per month, this tool can be of great help. It can ease your work and allows you to deliver quality content by scanning the content to identify whether a human or an AI machine writes it.

3. Website Buyer:

Let’s say you are planning to purchase any website and want to check the quality of that website; then this tool can help you. Using this tool, you can check the uniqueness or originality of any website you wish to buy for your business. Originality.AI can help you check the entire website to detect plagiarism or AI-generated issues.

Free & Paid Originality AI Alternatives

There are several alternatives to Originality AI. We have listed a few of them below:

1. Writer.com‘s AI detection tool 

Writer.com‘s AI detection tool is a free alternative to Originality.AI, which has an easy-to-use interface that assists users in scanning their content and identifying whether it is AI-generated or human-written.

2. CopyLeaks 

CopyLeaks AI is another excellent Originality AI alternative that offers both plagiarism detection, and it also Detect AI Content. It has a Chrome extension to save you time scanning your content.

3. GPT-2 Output Detector

OpenAI developed the GPT-2 Output Detector for recognizing AI-generated text. When you input text into the tool, the possibility that the content was created with an AI tool is immediately shown.

4. Content At Scale

The primary purpose of Content at Scale is to generate blog posts with one click. Additionally, it features a free yet effective AI content detector to check your text was not generated by any AI tool. Simply paste the content into the editor; this tool will scan the text and provide an originality score.

5. GPTZero 

Another Originality.AI alternative is GPTZero. This app can differentiate AI-generated and human-written content and provides an easy-to-understand report. We had it write 1000+ words on the topic of the GPTZero AI review. Click here to learn more about it.

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Final Verdict: Originality.AI Review (2023)

In our Originality AI Review, we found that while the tool is still relatively new, it has already proven to be one of the more accurate tools on the market. However, its pricing may be a significant barrier for writers processing large amounts of text.

Having a tool that can identify AI-generated content has become crucial with the release of ChatGPT and other AI technologies. We hope that this Originality.AI review can help you decide whether this AI detection tool is worth it.

In our opinion, the tool is quite effective in detecting AI-generated text. However, the tool doesn’t claim to be 100% accurate. In addition to the AI detection tool, it also has an in-built plagiarism checker, which is also a plus point.

Overall, Originality.AI is a decent AI detection tool. However, it is still in its beta version, so we can’t fully rely on it as there might be chances of providing inaccurate results sometimes. 


How much does Originality AI cost?

Originality AI is pocket friendly. It costs around $0.01 for 100 words per scan. With this, you can easily scan any website and check any content within seconds.

Is Originality AI accurate?

According to the tests conducted by Originality AI, it detects almost 99% plagiarized content and AI-written content.

What type of AI can Originality AI detect?

Originality AI can detect the AI-generated content by ChatGPT, GPT-3.5, GPT-J, GPT-Neo, GPT-2, and GPT-3.

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