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Pinterest was founded and established by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp in 2010. After launching in March 2010, Pinterest quickly gained popularity as one of the top 10 social media apps. 

With more than 455 million users on Pinterest, it has become a visual search engine for people. It has tons of inspirational posts and videos to help users.  

If you want to know more latest facts about Pinterest, you are surely on the right page. In the following article, we have compiled all the latest facts and figures regarding Pinterest. You will find details like the number of users, revenue generated by Pinterest, the latest trends of the year 2023, etc. 

Pinterest Statistics (Top Picks)

Pinterest Statistics
  1. Pinterest has 445 million active users. 
  2. 60% of Pinterest users are females. 
  3. Pinterest is the 14th largest social media platform worldwide. 
  4. More than 1 billion videos are viewed daily on Pinterest. 
  5. More than 200 billion pins are there on Pinterest. 
  6. 99% of the pins on Pinterest contain images. 
  7. 97% of the top searches on Pinterest are unbranded. 
  8. 85% of the users reported that they searched on Pinterest before starting a new project. 
  9. 85% of Pinterest users access the platform through the mobile app. 
  10. 86% of Pinterest users reported that they also use Instagram. 
  11. 44% of the traffic on the website is from the United States. 

General Pinterest Statistics

Pinterest is one of the most used apps to find inspiration for various aspects of life. It serves as the vision board when seeking ideas and purchases. Let us take a look at some general facts and figures related to Pinterest. 

  1. Usually 97% of the top Pinterest searches are found to be unbranded.  
  2. Pinterest posts have a life span of six months. 
  3. 85% of Pinterest users reported that they go on Pinterest to start a new project. 
  4. 80% of Pinterest users have discovered a new brand or product from Pinterest. 
  5. Pinterest ranks 14th among the domains with the most linked websites. 
  6. In the United States, Pinterest is the fourth most well-known social media platform. 
  7. 51% of the employees of Pinterest are females. 
  8. Pinterest trends sustain 21% of the monthly growth than other internet trends. 
  9. Pinterest has reported that it will increase the number of employees from underrepresented races and ethnicities by 20% by the end of the year 2025. 

Source: Pinterest

How many Pinterest users are there?

Pinterest users are increasing tremendously every year. With the visual era, Pinterest is gaining popularity and will soon be among the top 10 social media platforms. 

Let us take a look at the number of Pinterest users and the facts related to them. 

Pinterest User Overview
  1. According to Pinterest, there are 445 billion users who use Pinterest every month to find ideas and search for inspiration. .
  2. Pinterest created a record of reaching 10 million unique monthly visitors within a very less time period. 
  3. Pinterest monthly users during 2021 dropped from 478 million to 431 million. 
  4. 50% of the Pinterest total users are light users as they access the platform weekly. 
  5. Only 7.3% of Pinterest users are heavy users and use Pinterest every day. 
  6. Annual user growth of Pinterest slowed down from 7.8% in 2020 to 3.1% in the year 2021.
  7. 86.2% of Pinterest users reported that they also use Instagram. 
  8. 1.8% of Internet users reported that Pinterest is their favourite app. 
  9. 16.7 million monthly active users are there on Pinterest in the United Kingdom. 
  10. In the second quarter of the year 2022, there were 433 million users on Pinterest. 

The following table displays the quarterly users of Pinterest. 

QuarterActive users on Pinterest
Q1 2019291 million
Q2 2019300 million
Q3 2019322 million
Q4 2019335 million
Q1 2020367 million
Q2 2020416 million
Q3 202 0442 million
Q4 2020459 million
Q1 2021478 million
Q2 2021454 million
Q3 2021444 million
Q4 2021431 million
Q1 2022433 million
Q2 2022433 million
Q3 2022445 million

Source: Pinterest, Statista

How fast is Pinterest Growing?

The growth rate of Pinterest has increased due to more audiences being attracted to the platform. Let us take a look at the statistics related to the growth of the platform. 

  1. The number of boards created in the home decor category has a YoY increase of 35% every month. 
Top Board CategoryIncrease in the number of boards. 
Beauty-related boards.44%
Women’s fashion.95%
Home Decor.35%
  1. Pinterest’s advertising audience grew by 12.7% in the year 2022. 
  2. Advertisers can reach 28 million more users on Pinterest than in 2021. 
  3. Pinterest ranks 14th in the list of most popular social media sites worldwide. 
RankPlatform Number of users
1Facebook 2,910 million
2YouTube 2,562 million
3WhatsApp2,000 million
4Instagram1,478 million
5Weixin / WeChat1,263 million
6TikTok1,000 million
7Facebook Messenger988 million
8Douyin600 million
9QQ574 million
10Sina Weibo573 million
11Kualshou573 million
12Snapchat557 million
13Telegram 550 million
14Pinterest444 million
15Twitter436 million
16Reddit430 million
17Quora300 million

Source: Hootsuite, influencer marketing, Statista, Pinterest. 

Pinterest Usage Statistics

Pinterest is used by Pinners mainly as a visual search engine. Users take inspiration from the platform for their next purchases, styling, home decor, etc. Let us take a look at statistics related to the usage of Pinterest. 

Pinterest Users
  1. 2 out of 3 users use Pinterest to search. 
  2. 929.73 million people visit the Pinterest website every month. 
  3. 98% of the users have tried something they have once seen on Pinterest. 
  4. 5.5 web pages per visit are visited on the Pinterest website. 
  5. Users visited Pinterest for an average of 6 minutes. 
  6. 85% of users have purchased something based on the pins they have seen on Pinterest.
  7. 50% of users in the US shop on Pinterest. 
  8. The bounce rate on Pinterest is 44%. 
  9. 72% of fashion and lifestyle consumers in the United Kingdom spent less than an hour on Pinterest. 
  10. 85% of Pinterest users rely on the mobile app to access the Platform. 
  11. 5% of the fashion and lifestyle consumers in the United Kingdom reported using Pinterest for around 5 hours daily. 
  12. Pinterest users have saved more than 200 billion ideas on more than 4 billion boards on the platform. 
  13. Pinterest users have a cart size that is 85% bigger than the other platform users. 
  14. 12 pm is recorded to be the best time to post on Pinterest. 
  15. Friday among all weekdays is reported as the best day to post on Pinterest. 
RankDay of the week. 
  1. 82% of Pinterest users reported that they use the platform on their mobile devices. 
  2. People watch nearly 1 billion videos in a day on Pinterest. 

Pinterest Demographics Statistics

Women make up the majority of Pinterest users. Besides that, people in the age group of 25 to 34 years mostly prefer to use the platform.

Here are some latest statistics related to the demographics of Pinterest users. 

  1. 60% of the users on Pinterest are women. 
  2. 40% of the users on Pinterest are males and GenZ. 
  3. 35% of the US millennials use Pinterest. 
  4. 45% of the people in the United States that have a household income of more than $100K use Pinterest. 
  5. 34% of the adults in rural areas used Pinterest, while only 30% of the adults in urban areas used it. 
  6. Users aged between 25 to 34 are accountable for the largest share on Pinterest. 
  7. 38% of Pinterest users are between the age group of 50 to 64 years. 
  8. 21 million users on Pinterest are GenZ users.
  9. 48.2 million Pinterest users are aged between 18 to 24. However, they include only 19.8% of the total ad audience on the platform. 

The following table displays the number of Pinterest users that fall into different age groups and the number of advertising audiences in that age group. 

Age GroupNumber of Pinterest users.Active users.(advertisement audience)
18 to 14 years48.1 million19.8% 
25 to 34 years. 95.6 million37.2%
35 to 4436.9 million14.7%
45 to 5420.2 million8.2% 
55 to 6421.7 million8.5%
65 and above9.0 million3.6%

Source: Pinterest.

Pinterest Marketplace and revenue 

The revenue generated by Pinterest was reported to be surprisingly less than the amount invested in Pinterest. However, in the year 2021, the platform finally generated profit. In the year 2022, Pinterest again has to deal with losses incurred. 

Let us take a look at the statistics related to the revenue and the marketplace of Pinterest. 

  1. 68.1%  of the Pinterest traffic is direct from the desktop, while 28.5% of the traffic is from organic search. 
  2. $4.1 billion in global revenue will be generated by Pinterest by the year 2026. 
  3. Pinterest made $685 million in the third quarter of 2022. However, they had to face a loss of 65 million US dollars.

The following table displays the net income or loss made by Pinterest worldwide. 

QuarterNet income or loss
Q1 2019-41.42 million
Q2 2019-1,159.5 million
Q3  2019-124.73 million
Q4 2019-35.72 million
Q1 2020-141.2 million
Q2 2020-100.75 million
Q3 2020-94.22 million
Q4 2020207.84 million
Q1 2021-21.67 million
Q2 202169.42 million
Q3 202194 million
Q4 2021174.7  million
Q1 2022-5.28 million
Q2 2022-43.08 million
Q3 2022-65.18 million
  1. $316 million was generated by Pinterest in the year 2021. 
  2. Pinterest has to face a loss of $128 in the year 2020.

The following table displays the net loss that Pinterest has faced over the years. 

YearNet Loss
  1. Pinterest spent $254 million on the research and development department in the third quarter of the year 2022. 
  2. Marketers can generate more than 200 million by Pinterest. 
  3.  $1.56 was the average revenue generated per user in the third quarter of the year 2022. 
  4. In the quarter 4th of the year 2021, the average revenue per user was  $1.93.
QuarterPinterest Quarterly ARPU
Q1 2016$0.39
Q2 2016$0.48
Q3 2016$0.52
Q4 2016$0.74
Q1 2017$0.49
Q2 2017$0.56
Q3 2017$0.6
Q4 2017$0.83
Q1 2018$0.58
Q2 2018$0.69
Q3 2018$0.79
Q4 2018$1.06
Q1 2019$0.73
Q2 2019$0.83
Q3 2019$0.9
Q4 2019$1.22
Q1 2020$0.77
Q2 2020$0.7
Q3 2020$1.03
Q4 2020$1.57
Q1 2021$1.04
Q2 2021$1.32
Q3 2021$1.41
Q4 2021$1.93
Q1 2022$1.33
Q2 2022$1.56
Q3 2022$1.56
  1. In the first quarter of the year 2022, Pinterest generated a revenue of $470 million in the US, while in other countries, it generated $104 million. 

The following table highlights the revenue of Pinterest in the US and in other countries. 

YearRevenue generated in USRevenue generated in other countries
2016$292 million$7 million
2017$448 million$29 million
2018$715 million$58 million
2019$1,026 million$117 million
2020$1,425 million$268 million
2021$2,016 million$562 million
2022(Q1)$470 million$104 million

Which countries have the maximum number of Pinterest users?

Pinterest is most used by the citizens of the United States, followed by Brazil and Mexico. The gap between the Pinterest users between the 1st and the 2nd country with the highest Pinterest audience is interestingly high. 

  1. 88.6 million active users are there in the US on Pinterest. 
  2. 32.1 million active users are there in Brazil.
  3. Mexico has at least 20.6 million active users. 
  4. Chile has 3.5 million active users on Pinterest. 

The following table breaks down the number of Pinterest audiences in different countries around the world. 

CountryNumber of Audience
United States88.6 million
Brazil32.1 million 
Mexico20.6 million
Germany 15.1 million
France10.4 million
Canada9.1 million
United Kingdom9.1 million
Italy 8.7 million
Spain6.9 million
Argentina6.1 million
Colombia5.3 million
Poland 4.9 million
Netherlands4.5 million
Australia4.3 million
Chile3.5 million.
  1. Pinterest tops the American Customer Satisfaction Index with 78 points.YouTube stands second with 76 points.
Social Media PlatformIndex Points
  1. The Highest penetration rate of Pinterest is recorded in the United States at 30.6%.
  2. Brazil has the second highest Pinterest users, but its penetration rate is just 15%. 

The following table displays the countries with the highest Pinterest penetration rate. 

CountryPercentage of Penetration rate
United States.30.6%

Which regions have Pinterest users?

The Pinterest users and the active Pinterest audience vary in different regions across the globe. Let us take a look at the number of Pinterest users in different regions. 

  1. The advertising reach of Pinterest in North America is 97.7 million users. 
  2. The advertising reach of Pinterest in Central America is 20.6 million users. 
  3. The reach of Pinterest in the Caribbean is 610 thousand. 
  4. 5.3 million Pinterest users are there in the Oceania region. 
  5. Southern America comprises 47.0 million Pinterest users. 

The following table highlights the number of users in different regions worldwide. 

RegionNumber of Pinterest users(advertising reach on Pinterest)
Northern America97.7 million
Central America20.6 million
Southern America47.0 million
Western Europe35.4 million
Southern Europe19.6 million
Eastern Europe11.0 million
Northern Europe14.3 million
Western Asia231 thousand 
Caribbean610 thousand
Oceania5.3 million

Pinterest Traffic Statistics

The traffic generated by the viewers on Pinterest.com has increased over the past years. The website’s traffic helps Pinterest understand the number of users preferring the platform. 

  1. Approximately 945.3 million visits were measured to Pinterest.com  in May 2022. 

The following table displays the visits measured on Pinterest.com. 

MonthNumber of visits
December 2021943.7 million
January 2022980 million
February 2022885.7 million
March 2022962.1 million
April 2022919.4 million
May 2022945.3 million
  1. United States accounted for 44.05% of the web traffic to Pinterest.com. 
  2. Brazil was responsible for 8.14% of traffic to the website. 
  1. Columbia witnessed a web traffic of 2.15% on Pinterest.com. 
  2. YouTube.com accounted for more than a quarter of Social media referral traffic to Pinterest.com as of May 2022. 
  3. Facebook was responsible for generating 18.23% of traffic to Pinterest. 

The following table displays the amount of traffic generated to Pinterest by social media platforms. 

Social media platformShare of traffic 

Sources: Statista. 

Pinterest Marketing Statistics

Pinterest is reported to be a great platform for marketing and advertising brands. The advertisements on Pinterest receive more engagement than other social media platforms. Let us take a look at the statistics related to Pinterest marketing. 

Pinterest Marketing Statistics
  1. $1 spent on Pinterest marketing generates around $4.30 in sales.
  2. Shopping advertisements on Pinterest drive three times the conversion rate and double positive incremental return on the ad spent versus the other competing social media. 
  3. Shoppers on Pinterest spend twice as compared as shoppers on other social media apps. 
  4. Featuring lifestyle images within an advertisement leads to a 32% higher CTR than the stock product images. 
  5. Pinterest ad spending increased to $94.7 million annually in the year 2021. The spending in the year 2021 was three times that in the year 2020. 
YearSpend on advertisements. 
201712.7 million
201819.2 million 
201955 million
202030.3 million
202194.7 million
  1. 35% of marketers said they want to invest in influencer marketing on Pinterest. 
  2. Pinterest users tend to purchase new products within a week of their launch. They are more likely to do so by 15% as compared to other platform users. 
  3. Pinners spent 80% more in retail than people on other social media sites. 
  4. More than 50% of the Pinners have used Pinterest in the shop while shopping. 
  5. The sales and marketing expenditure for the year 2021 was $641 million. It was highest as compared to all the past years. 

The following table displays the sales and marketing expenditure of Pinterest over the past years. 

YearSpend on advertisements. 
2016104.1 million
2017162.51 million
2018259.93 million 
2019611.59 million
2020442.81 million
2021641.28 million
  1. Advertisements on Pinterest deliver 2.3 times less cost per conversion as compared to advertisements on other social media sites. Pinterest refers 33% more traffic to e-commerce websites than other platforms. 

Pinterest Trends 2023

You have already gone through the up-to-date data for Pinterest till the end of the year 2022. Let us now take a look at the trends for 2023. These trends are sourced from the official report issued by Pinterest. 

You can watch out for the following trends on Pinterest for the year 2023. 

Pinterest Trends Overview
  1. Micro makeover
  2. Gemini hair
  3. Crown care
  4. Airy styles
  5. Sci-fi
  6. Romcom core
  7. Fringe with benefits
  8. Pool pawties
  9. Rust married
  10. The YOLO years and much more

Reasons to follow the official trends on Pinterest. 

For the past three years, Pinterest has been rolling out trend reports. 8 out of 10 reports are found to be true every year. 

Here are a few reasons to follow Pinterest trends to boost your brand engagement in the year 2023. 

  1. Pinterest trends are reported to have a take-off 20% faster than those across other social media platforms. 
  1. Pinterest trends have a 20% longer life than other social media platforms. 
  1. People often revisit the trends that they have recently searched on Pinterest. 

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Wrapping Up: Pinterest Statistics (2023)

That’s all about Pinterest Statistics. 

Pinterest is a great place for finding potential consumers for your brands. The likelihood of growing your business increases once you start promoting your products as inspirational boards and ideas. 

Furthermore, in the last few years, Pinterest has emerged as a search engine for visual searchers. The links on the pins on Pinterest will land you on Google or E-commerce pages. Unlike other social media apps, Pinterest is more specific to searches and sensitive to phrases. 

We keep updating the articles with the latest numbers and figures. If you have enjoyed reading the above article, you can check our website for other updated facts and figures.


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