11 Best Rank Tracking Tools For Marketers To Use In 2023

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If you are an SEO professional and restrategizing your marketing plan to outrank your competitors, a top-notch rank tracker is a must-have in your arsenal. 

But picking the best choice in the ocean full of rank trackers is not child’s play. You must consider lots of important criteria (keyword rank tracking feature, SERP position checking, global and local SEO tracking) while choosing one. 

Thus, to ease your effort, we have handpicked here the 9 best rank tracking tools with their key features. Each of them is perfect, having some comprehensive functionalities. 

Ready to learn about them? Let’s start. 

Best Rank-Tracking Tools: An Overview (2023) 

If you are in a hurry, let’s pick the best tool from the table

Sr. NoBest Rank-tracking Tools Best For 
1.SemrushSERP position tracking, Content reach tracking 
2.SE RankingKeyword tracking, backlink tracking, SERP position tracking
3.AhrefsSERP feature checking, keyword grouping, competitors analysis
4.AccurankerOrganic and paid rank tracking, solid SERP analysis, and keyword management
5.Moz ProKeyword rank checking
6.MangoolsKeyword position and search volume checking, 
7.RankRangerGlobal and local custom rank tracking reports
8.SerpstatSite and keyword position tracking 
9.Rank TrackerOrganic position tracking 
10.NightwatchAccurate rank tracking.
11.WincherAutomation features or easy reporting.

11 Best Rank Tracking Tools For Marketers

Here we have listed 11 best-rank tracking tools. Let’s go through them one by one

1. Semrush 


When things come to SEO, Semrush is the king. It’s the most popular SEO tool used by more than 10M marketing professionals. 

With 55+ tools for SEO utilities,  Market research, advertising, and social media, Semrush has become the go-to option for everyone. From starting keyword analysis to tracking SERP position to tracking brand mention and content reach, Semrush will ease your SEO efforts with its effective, straightforward features.

And the best part that we really like about Semrush is its easy-to-use interface. Once you finish signing up for this platform, you will get options for SEO, Local SEO, advertising, and other options in a left-hand sidebar menu on the dashboard. 

Even unlike its competitors, Semrush is quite generous regarding the number of reports you can check per day. 

Key Features

  • Tons of National and Local keywords
  • Check any domain profile
  • Technical SEO audits
  • Traffic analysis
  • SERP position tracking, Content reach tracking
  • Competitive analysis
  • Google shopping ad Campaigns analysis
  • Backlink gap analyzer 


  • Unlike its competitors (SE Ranking or Ahrefs), Semrush only works on the Google search engine.

Pricing (7-day free trial)

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Pro: $119.95/month

Guru: $229.95/month

Business: $449.95/month

2. SE Ranking

SE Ranking

Next, we have SE Ranking, another all-in-one SEO platform. Though it’s an underrated SEO software, but we really appreciate its top-notch features, including keyword tracking, SERP checker, backlink checking and tracking, competitive research, in-depth SEO audit, and so on. 

Unlike its competitors, SE Ranking doesn’t work with Google only; it also works on other notable search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Google Mobile, Google Maps, and even on Youtube. 

However, if we talk about its Keyword Rank Tracker dedicatedly, take our words – it’s perfect. Starting from tracking competitors’ keywords to Identifying top keywords, SE Ranking helps you with everything you want to rank your site higher on SERPs. 

Key Features

  • Check ranking on various notable search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Youtube.
  • Competitors’ keyword tracking
  • SERP rank tracking
  • Check other websites fighting for the same keywords to prevent cannibalization that can hamper your website ranking.
  • Competitors’ or your own website’s backlink tracking
  • Content Marketing tool


  • The dashboard is full of features and reports that can confuse a newbie.

Pricing (14-day free trial)

  • Essential: $31.20/month
  • Pro: $71.20/month
  • Business: $151.20/month

3. Ahrefs


Ahrefs doesn’t really need an introduction. Whenever we talk about SEO tools, this name remains among the top 5. Ahrefs has a top-notch rank tracker with other comprehensive features like site audit, site explorer, keyword explorer, content explorer, and so on. 

Now, if we specifically talk of its rank tracker, we find it quite effective as it provides 100% accurate data for every site. It allows you to monitor your ranking from both the desktop and mobile across 170+ countries. All you have to do is to enter some keywords and country names or competitors’ URLs, and it will notify you from time to time straight to your DM. 

It’ll also help you check your SEO progress in terms of visibility, traffic, position distribution, SERP features tracking, and many more. 

Key Features

  • Get ranking information on both desktop and mobile.
  • You’ll get to track SEO utilities, including visibility, traffic, and position tracking.
  • Check your website’s ranking position in SERP features like featured snippets, Sitelinks, Top stories, etc. 
  • Ahrefs’ Rank Tracker will help you group keywords by tags to get high-quality data.
  • Competitors’ analysis
  • Get advanced metrics like CPC, search volume, clicks, return rate, etc. 


  • No free trial is available


  • Lite: $99/month
  • Standard: $199/month
  • Advanced: $399/month
  • Enterprise: $999/month

4. Accuranker


If you are searching for a dedicated rank tracker, then Accuranker is for you. It’s a fully dedicated rank-tracking platform for small to enterprise agencies. Even top brands like Hubspot, Ikea, and Kinsta have used this platform for its fastest SERP checker and tracker. 

Not only that, but it also has multiple filtering options that are quite effective for enterprises to tackle big data. Moreover, you’ll get a visual over competitor analysis, keyword research, easy sizing, and other important reports. 

Its smooth integration with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google sheet makes it phenomenal, giving you full control to share data among various platforms. 

Apart from that, Accurank has also covered a great area in Keyword management like keyword update, access from mobile and desktop, local search, competitor search, CTR, the share of voice, traffic value, and so on. 

In a nutshell, we’ll give a big thumbs up to this platform for its comprehensive rank-tracking features.

Key Features 

  • 24B keyword research database
  • Organic site explore 
  • Dynamic competitor analysis
  • Wide range of data and metrics regarding rank tracking
  • Solid SERP analysis
  • Dynamic keyword, URL, and title tagging
  • Top-notch keyword management. 
  • Pixel tracking


  • A bit expensive

Pricing (14-day free trial)

Accuranker’s price starts from $129/month(for 1k keywords). 

5. Moz Pro

Moz Pro

Moving on to Moz Pro, another top-notch SEO tool used by almost 35k+ customers all over the world. With other features like keyword research, site crawl, on-page optimization, and link research, it also offers a dedicated rank tracker to help you check if your SEO strategy is working or not. 

To be honest, it’s not an overall great SEO tool like SE Ranking and Semrush, but particularly its rank-tracking functionality has really impressed us a lot. 

Starting from keyword ranking performance to visibility on SERP to competitors’ activities, Moz Pro has integrated everything. And the best part is all these data are of high quality and trustworthy. So, as per as great rank-tracking features is concerned, Moz Pro is undoubtedly a good choice.

Key Features

  • 100% trustworthy data
  • Check keyword ranking performance
  • Check SERP features
  • Competitors’ movement analysis
  • Check ranking on leading search engines across 200+ countries.
  • Both mobile and desktop optimization feature


  • The interface could have been better and more streamlined. 

Pricing (30-day free trial)

  • Standard: $99/month
  • Medium: $179/month
  • Large: $299/month
  • Premium: $999/month

6. Mangools

Mangools - Rank Tracking Tools

As we are talking about the best rank-tracking tools, it won’t be fair if we don’t include Mangools

It’s indeed a great tool for keyword research, SERP analysis, backlink analysis, and especially for rank tracking.  The best part is its rank-tracking tool, named SERPwatcher, is super easy to navigate. Just enter the website URL and click “Start Tracking”. That’s it. 

With SERPwatcher, you can track organic traffic potential. It’ll pull the exact report based on current keyword positions and their search volumes. Moreover, this tool will notify you every day regarding site tracking via email alerts. 

Mangools has covered more than 50k+ locations. So, undoubtedly every data pulled by Mangools is 100% precise. 

Key Features

  • You’ll get tracking reports based on current keyword position and search volume.
  • Daily updates via email
  • You can track from anywhere, on any device. 
  • 360-degree ranking data
  • Precise and trustworthy ranking position


  • Lack of integrations

Pricing (10-day free trial)

  • Mangools Basic: $29.90/month
  • Mangools Premium: $44.90/month
  • Mangools Agency: $89.90/month

7. RankRanger

RankRanger - Rank Tracking Tools

RankRanger is a custom SEO software that works under your preferences and direction and gives you results aligned with your requirements. 

It’s an all-in-one SEO suite that would provide you with advanced-level custom rank tracking features with other SEO functionalities like paid search, competitor analysis, keyword search, and integrations (Webmaster tool, Call  Tracking, Email Marketing, and so on). 

RankRanger is highly customizable- it even allows you to customize your dashboard with videos, surveys, documents, etc. With this tool, you’ll get to track SERP performance on various search engines. Moreover, other important features like International Performace, Local SEO tracking, and advanced tracking are also available in RankRanger. 

Key Features

  • It works on various leading search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu, etc.
  • Evaluate international performance
  • Work in every device and location.
  • Run a successful local SEO campaign
  • Advanced tracking features like keyword tracking, keyword cannibalization checking, etc.
  • It also helps you to correlate your ranking and clicks automatically.


  • It’s a bit hard to navigate.
  • You might face issues with reporting tools.

Pricing (14-day free trial)

  • Lite: $79/month
  • Standard: $149/month
  • Pro: $699/month
  • Premium: $2,700/month

8. Serpstat

Serpstat - Rank Tracking Tools

Another top-notch SEO software that provides a comprehensive rank-tracking feature is Serpstat. Besides providing SEO analysis, Keyword research, keyword trends, backlink analysis, and content analysis, it has a solid rank tracker perfect for checking global and local search results. Some well-known companies, including Shopify, Loreal, Lenovo, and Udemy have used this tool. So, no doubt, there’s no compromise with its high-quality data or insights. 

Now, if we talk about its rank-tracking features – they are excellent. Even Serpstat’s setup and navigation features are also on point. 

Key Features

  • Get an overview of your site position in organic and paid search.
  • Keyword position tracker
  • Evaluate SERP features
  • Competitor analysis
  • Get manual or automatic reports on any device
  • Track local search results


  • This tool takes a long time to audit when you have a website with lots of pages.

Pricing (7-day free trial)

  • Lite: $55/month
  • Standard: $119/month
  • Advanced: $239/month
  • Enterprise: $399/month

9. Rank Tracker

RankTracker - Rank Tracking Tools

Last but surely not least, we have Rank Tracker – another best SEO software widely used for rank tracking, keyword finding, SERP checking, Web audit, Backlink checking, and monitoring. 

However, as our main focus is on rank tracking, we’ll say  Rank Tracker is nailing in this feature. From Global-national-local rank tracking to keyword positioning, everything will be at your fingertips with this tool.

Key Features

  • Global-National-Local ranking updates
  • Monitor it from a desktop or mobile.
  • Track GMB( Google My Business)
  • Language-based tracking
  • Organic position tracking 
  • White label reports


  • It doesn’t have an automated process

Pricing (7-day free trial)

  • Starter:$12.30/month
  • Double Data: $41.30/month
  • Quad Data: $76.30/month
  • Hex Data: $146.30/month

10. Nightwatch


Nightwatch is built on top of Node.js and uses the powerful WebDriver API to automate browser interactions. It is an open-source testing framework that is available for free to everyone.

When it comes to setting up Nightwatch, it is relatively easy to get started. Nightwatch can be installed using npm, the Node.js package manager. Once installed, Nightwatch can be configured to run tests against a web application using a simple configuration file.

Nightwatch has the ability to write tests in a simple and intuitive syntax. This tool also provides a number of built-in assertions that can be used to verify the behaviour of the application being tested.

Moreover, Nightwatch also provides a number of plugins that can be used to extend its functionality. 

Key Features

  • Impress your clients with easy-to-interpret reports.
  • Boost your discoverability with the Keyword Discover feature.
  • Increase your rankings with the Site Auditor.
  • Get access to any Google Data Center.
  • Analyze your rankings easily.


  • Implementing multiple GA and GSC accounts can be hectic.


The pricing starts at $32/month for 250 keywords. As you above 250 keywords, the price increases. 

11. Wincher


This budget-friendly tool is built to make the marketing outcomes clear, which makes it one of the best and most affordable rank trackers for SEO experts.

You can easily monitor the progress of keywords, track competitors’ rankings, and receive alerts about any changes in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Wincher also allows users to track their website’s overall visibility in the search results. This feature provides an overview of how many keywords are ranking in the top positions and how much traffic those keywords are generating. 

By monitoring their website’s visibility over time, users can quickly identify trends and make adjustments to their SEO strategy as needed.

In addition to its monitoring features, Wincher also provides a range of SEO tools to help users optimize their websites for search engines. These include a keyword research tool, on-page optimization suggestions, and a backlink analysis tool. 

Key Features

  • Boost your positions in the SERP.
  • Track your performance easily.
  • Know the rankings of your competitors and beat them easily.
  • Discover trending keywords.
  • Optimize your content for Search Engines easily.
  • Automated and manual reports.


  • Average interface, which may lead to difficult navigation.


Wincher provides three different plans. 

  • Starter: $39/month
  • Business: $74/month
  • Enterprise: $289/month

How to Pick the Best Rank-Tracking Tool?

Picking up the best rank-tracking tool is a task, especially when you have lots of top choices in front of you. Thus,  we recommend you try them on your own (via free trial), get first-hand experience, and then jump into a decision. 

Here are some non-negotiable features you must consider while evaluating the best rank-tracking tool for your website:

  • It should provide accurate data to help you strategize your marketing plan in a better way.
  • Keyword rank tracking feature to help you identify which keywords are working and which are not. 
  • It must have other extra features like YouTube rank tracking and automation functionality. 
  • Cannibalization monitoring feature to boost SEO ranking
  • Whether it works on both desktop and mobile or not
  • If it provides perfect visibility metric or not
  • Data sharing feature
  • Easy to use and clean Interface

Once you find all of these features in a rank-tracking tool, don’t think twice – go for it. 

Final Words: Which One Should You Choose In 2023? 

Let’s make it easier for you. All of these tools mentioned above are top-notch, providing various comprehensive rank-tracking functionalities to the users. 

But as far as our personal experience and research are concerned, we find Semrush, SE Ranking, and Accuranker are the best choices, with all the qualities we have mentioned in the former section. 

However, we never recommend you purchase their plans immediately. First, go for their free trials and then invest money. 

However, if you have further queries regarding this, we would love to know more from you. 


What is rank-tracking software?

The tracking software is highly effective for various professional SEO tasks and can monitor ranks. It also allows you to check positions on desktop and mobile search engine results pages (SERPs), etc.

How do you track rankings?

You can track rankings by using SEO tools like Rank Tracker, Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Moz. These tools regularly search for your website’s ranking for specific keywords and provide insights on competitors, keyword opportunities, and SEO performance.

Are rank tracker tools safe to download?

Before downloading any rank tracker tool, ensure it’s a reputable and safe option by checking reviews and choosing a reliable source.

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