Semrush Pricing 2024: Which Plan Should You Choose?

Are you confused about Semrush pricing & don’t know which plan to choose for your business? Don’t worry I have got your back.

Semrush is one of the best SEO & marketing tools that is widely used by businesses. It helps users find low-competition keywords, analyze competitors’ domains, run site audits, do local SEO research, and more.

Here I have explained all the plans of Semrush in detail, including add-ons. I have also mentioned which plan is best for you based on your business needs.

So, without any delay, let’s get into all the details.

Semrush Pricing Overview (2024)

As I said above, Semrush offers three subscription plans. Here’s a brief overview of their pricing;

  • The Pro Plan comes at $129.95 per month. It will be sufficient to research keywords, monitor SEO positioning, and analyze backlinks.
  • Next is the Guru plan, which includes a price tag of $249.95 per month. In addition to the Pro pack features, it also includes historical data and allows a content marketing platform.
  • The Business Plan costs $499.95 monthly. This plan is geared toward agencies and businesses with in-house SEO teams.

Apart from the monthly subscription, Semrush offers an annual payment option too. The benefit of the Semrush Annual Subscription is that it comes with a 17% discount.

We will be comparing these three plans in more detail. By the end of this article, you will have a clear overview of which plan Pro, Guru, or Business will suit you best.

Semrush Pro Plan Details

Pricing – $129.95 per month or $108.33 per month if you choose the annual plan.

Semrush Pro Plan

Best For – Individual SEO professionals or Freelancers.

The Pro plan is the most affordable and beginner-friendly. However, it packs all the essential features for a robust SEO strategy. It is the plan I rely upon for my content writing and blogging requirements.

Due to its essential features, I recommend this Semrush plan to small businesses or individuals getting their feet wet in the SEO arena.

The Pro Plan includes the following features:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Website Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Paid Advertising
  • Social Media Tools

But Semrush put some limits on the usage of Pro Plan. Here are the details;

  • Number of Projects Allowed – 5
  • Keywords It Can Track – Up to 500 (the number of keywords you can track with the position tracker tool).
  • Results Allowed Per Report – 10,000 ( represents the maximum rows of data).
  • Maximum PDF Reports That Can be Scheduled – 5

This plan is perfect for me – it allows me to research keywords, explore new content ideas, analyze traffic data, monitor backlinks, and evaluate SERP positioning.

Semrush Guru Plan Details

Price – $249.95 for a monthly subscription and $208.33 per month when you opt for the annual subscription.

Semrush Guru Plan

Best For – Small to medium-sized businesses, Mid-level agencies, and smaller in-house SEO teams.

The most prominent addon in the Guru plan is the historical data feature. It can fetch past data for any keyword, while this was not possible in the Pro plan. Likewise, the Guru Plan includes a content marketing toolkit, location and device tracking, and integration with Looker Studio.

I believe the Guru plan is best for those providing SEO services to their clients. Besides, it will benefit companies who want to dig deeper into the market and competitors, more so in historical terms.

The Guru Plan includes the following additional Features;

  • Content Marketing Toolkit (content audit, content ideas, writing assistant, SEO content templates, plagiarism check, etc.)
  • Access to historical data.
  • Looker Studio Integration
  • Device and Multi-Location tracking.

You pay more for the Guru Plan. Therefore the limit increases too;

  • Number of Projects Allowed – 15
  • Keywords It Can Track – 1500
  • Results Allowed Per Report – 30,000
  • Maximum PDF Reports That Can be Scheduled – 20
  • Page Audits allowed – 20,000
  • Post it can track – 50

Semrush Business Plan Details

Pricing – For a monthly subscription, it’s $499.95 per month. With annual billing, the price comes down to $416.33 per month.

Semrush Business Plan

Best For – Premium SEO agencies serving multiple local and international clients, big businesses with dedicated in-house SEO teams, and extensive SEO, SMM, and PPC requirements.

As the name suggests, the business plan is tailor-made for established businesses with SEO operations spanning multiple geographies. Likewise, agencies serving varied clientele locally and globally will benefit from Semrush Business plans.

Moreover, the Semrush Business plan includes a helpful ‘Free Migration’ feature that facilitates the transition from third-party tools to Semrush. It’s particularly beneficial for enterprises that need to onboard the Semrush platform. Besides, the Business Plan also includes APIs and ads analysis features (Google shopping ads).

These are the features that are extra in the Semrush Business Plan

  • Extended limits
  • API Access
  • Share of Voice
  • PLA Analytics
  • Free Migration From Third-Party Tools

Business Plan Helps You Fully Explore Your SEO Capabilities. Here are the extended limits that come with Business Plan;

  • Maximum Number of Projects Allowed – 40
  • Number of Keywords it Can Track – 5000
  • Results Allowed Per Report – 50,000
  • Maximum Parsable Pages – 1,000,000
  • Scheduled PDF Reports – 50

Semrush Add-ons Pricing

Semrush also offers add-ons that give you additional features to the existing plans. Here is a quick overview of those add-ons and their pricing:

  • Additional Users: You can add additional users to your account. In the Pro plan, for each additional user, you will have to pay $45/month; in the Guru plan, you will have to pay $80/month; and in the business plan, you will have to pay $100/month.
  • Semrush Local: This add-on comes with two pricing options. The basic plan costs $20/month, and the premium plan costs $40/month with each standard Semrush plan.
  • Semrush.Trends: The pricing of this add-on is $200/month per user, which gives you access to four competitive research tools: Traffic Analytics, One2Target, EyeOn, and Market Explorer.
  • Semrush Social: The pricing of this add-on is $19.75/month, and with this tool, you can boost your brand’s visibility and manage multiple social media accounts.
  • Agency Growth Kit: This add-on offers three pricing options: the starter plan costs $69/month, the scale plan costs $149/month, and the advanced plan costs $249/month.
  • Impact Hero: It is an AI tool that helps you create content on a scale with ease. The pricing of this add-on is $200/month.

Can You Use Semrush For Free?

There are two ways that make it possible to use Semrush for free;

1. Semrush Free Plan

A simple signup on the Semrush platform entitles you to a free plan. You get access to a stripped-down version of Semrush with bare essential features. For example, it allows 10 keyword searches daily. Likewise, you can analyze up to 10 domains per day.

Here is what more you can do with the free Semrush plan;

  • Position Tracking – 10 keywords.
  • Website URL – 100 URL.
  • Monitor Local Listing – Up to 70 directories.

In essence, you can use Semrush for free. However, the toned-down version of Semrush you get with the free plan is painfully limited. You can’t do much except just scratching the surface. The limited keyword searches, competitor analysis, or position won’t get you to assist you much in your SEO efforts.

2. Semrush 14-Day Free Trial

Semrush free trial is available with the Guru and Business plan. It allows access to all the extraordinary features the associated program includes for seven days.

There are no restrictions on usage except the plans’ limits. However, Semrush’s 14-day free trial offer needs your card details to activate. You can cancel your subscription anytime within the seven-day period and claim a refund.

Final Verdict: Create A Free Account On Semrush To Get Started

There’s no definite answer – it depends on the extent of SEO operations, budget, and usage. However, I can give some pointers to help you pick the most suitable Semrush Plan.

Pick Semrush Pro. If you are an individual, the usage is limited to 1 to 5 websites. I use the Pro plan, and at the month’s end, I am far from exceeding the plan’s limits. It includes all the flagship Semrush features to assist my daily SEO requirements.

If your primary focus is content marketing, extensive keyword research, generating content ideas, and accessing historical data, choose Semrush Guru Plan. I have tested the features, and they are impressive and deliver top-notch results.

Finally, the Business Plan is only suitable when you are an established business. The Guru plan will also suffice for moderate to heavy SEO requirements. API Access is the crust of the Semrush Business Plan, allowing data to be accessed instantly. It’s helpful when you have to pour over tons of data and don’t want to access the main dashboard every now and then.


Is Semrush worth the money?

Semrush gives you access to over 40 tools, all providing actionable insights to help you gain a competitive edge. Compared to other SEO toolkits, Semrush offers the best value for money, and its features justify its expensive pricing, so Semrush is definitely worth the money.

Does Semrush offer a money-back guarantee?

Semrush offers a 7-day money-back guarantee to all new users. You can ask for a refund within 7 days if you are not happy with Semrush’s services & tools.

Which Semrush plan is best for beginners: Pro or Guru?

If you manage one to five websites, then the Semrush Pro plan is the best choice. It also helps you optimize your content for SEO, find keywords for your content calendar, spy on your competitors, analyze the backlink profile of various websites, and more.

Is there any discount available on Semrush for non-profit organizations?

Semrush offers an exclusive discount to non-profit organizations, but it hasn’t specified how much discount it offers. You need to contact their sales team to get further information.

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