Authority Site System Review 2024: Is It Worth The Price?

Want to build an authority website from scratch but don’t know where to begin? The Authority Site System course is the right option for you.

But you can’t buy a $1500 course without doing any due diligence; that’s why I did it for you. I followed all the lessons one by one and created my own website, AnswerIQ, from scratch, and now it is making four figures every month.

To help you decide if this course is right for you or not, I have written this detailed Authority Site System Review, where I have shared my personal experience with the course and also explained all the modules of this course in detail.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Who Is Behind Authority Site System? 

For more than a decade, Authority Hacker founders Mark Webster and Gael Breton have worked on building authority sites. They launched two courses in 2015 and 2016 to help others who want to build an authority site. One was The Authority Site System, and the other was Authority Hacker Pro. 

The Authority Site System Review - Overview

So, before diving into The Authority Site System (TASS) details, let’s first have an overview and look at certain points that make it different from Authority Hacker Pro. 

What Is The Authority Site System (TASS)?

The Authority Site System is a course from Authority Hacker covering all the basic and essential topics you should know to build a profitable authority site. 

The latest version of this course is Authority Site System 3.0. It is basically built for beginners and intermediate site builders, including more than 125 videos divided into 15 modules. 

The Authority Site System Review - 3.0

It also provides you with a to-do list for authority site-building and loads of pre-designed templates that can be a great help in content creation and marketing. 

How Is It Different From Authority Hacker Pro?

Here’s how the difference can be summarized:

CriteriaThe Authority Site System (TASS)Authority Hacker Pro
Meant forBeginners and intermediate usersAdvanced users who already have an authority site
Number of modules1514
Number of video lessons125+400+
Other offeringsTemplates, member community, site building to-do listTemplates, advanced member community, SOPs, custom tools and plugins

Having said that, now let’s dive into the review of TASS. 

Modules Included In This Course 

The Authority Site System consists of 15 modules that can help you get a clear insight into what it takes to build an authority site starting from keyword research to analytics and tracking. Here’s a brief overview of all the modules it includes: 

The Authority Site System Review - Course

#1. Internet Marketing 101

This module includes six lessons that explain how authority sites work and attract traffic. It also covers a chapter explaining the basics of SEO. Overall, this module sets the foundation for what you’ll learn in the following ones.

Internet Marketing Module

#2. Brainstorming Niches

This module helps you identify the right niche for your blog. It uses some great examples and case studies to make you understand the reasoning behind every factor that you should consider while brainstorming the niches for your authority site. 

#3. Qualifying Niches

Brainstorming is one thing, and picking one of the options from your brainstormed ideas is another one. This third module provides in-depth knowledge on how to choose the correct niche for your authority site to ensure maximum traffic and income. 

#4. Planning Your Site

Once you have selected your niche, the next thing you would want to do is plan the content, design, and other parts of your site. This module explains in detail how to plan the content structure of authority sites with the help of different keywords and map your content to those keywords.

Planning Your Site Module

#5. Setting Up Your Site

After planning your website, the next step is to set it up. This module explains how to do that in complete detail, starting from the choice of the domain name to setting up the website and email addresses. 

#6. Branding Of Your Site 

This is a short module having only 7 lessons. It covers how to choose a color scheme and fonts for your brand to create a brand identity for your authority site. It also covers how to get your site a logo using popular free tools such as Canva and Favicon so your site leaves a professional impression on others. 

#7. Setting Up Posts and Pages 

After setting up your site with a proper brand identity and everything else in place, the next step is to start creating the content. This module tries to familiarize you with the WordPress and Elementor interfaces so you can create your pages and posts. 

#8. Preparing The Info Content

Informative, evergreen content helps you generate pages of content that can be useful for your audience even after many years. As a result, they can keep attracting traffic to your site for a long time. This module covers how to create such content in an SEO-optimized manner through 10 highly informative videos. 

Preparing Info Content Module

#9. Writing Content 

This module guides you on how to write content that’s useful for your audience. It explains how can you conduct research on your content topics, build an outline, and create high-quality posts which will consequently pull people to your site. 

#10. Uploading and Optimizing Content 

The tenth module focuses entirely on optimizing your content for Google and other search engines. It explains about meta titles, social titles, H1-H2 tags, image Alt tags, and everything else concerned with the SEO of your content in detail. 

#11. Initial Link Building

This module is the most extensive one, including 25 lessons that start from the basics of link building and methods related to it. Few courses are known to cover this important aspect in as much detail as TASS. Once you’ve completed it, you’ll be armed with all the information and knowledge that you may ever need to build your backlinks no matter what kind of site you’re building. . 

#12. Affiliate Monetization Setup

After building backlinks and attracting traffic, the next step for any site is obviously to start making money (i.e., monetization). This module covers the same topic in detail. It explains everything starting from how to sign up for affiliate programs to how to integrate affiliate links in your authority site.  

Affiliate Monetization Setup Module

#13. Commercial Content 

This module guides you on how to research and structure commercial content. It gives full information on the right approach to creating commercial content such as product comparisons, reviews, and much more. Commercial content can allow you to integrate affiliate links deeper into your content, so it makes an important part of your monetization strategy.

#14. Advanced Tactics

This module gives you an idea of some additional, advanced methods that you can use to fine-tune your site and boost the revenue it generates. It focuses on optimizing your content, outsourcing content creation, and many other tasks to speed up thr growth of your authority site.  

#15. Becoming An Authority  

Being the last module, it summarizes everything covered in the course and helps you revise everything you learned in the preceding modules. 

Becoming An Authority Module

And with this, the course comes to an end, with you being absolutely ready to get started with your authority site. My understanding is that all the modules cover their topics in detail and collectively they provide the kind of 360-degree information that someone setting up an authority site for the first time may need. 

Now that we have taken a look at the modules included in TASS let’s check out their pricing and refund policy to understand what it costs to join their course. 

Pricing And Refund

Here are the pricing details of TASS: 

Authority Site System Pricing
6 months$330 per month

The Authority Hacker team offers a ‘no-questions asked’ 30-day money-back guarantee on the course. 

The Authority Site System Pros and Cons

Before signing up for this course, you may also want to know the advantages and disadvantages associated with it. Let’s go through them! 

Pros Cons 
High-quality training material and videosExpensive 
Focuses on actionable steps and informationDelays your website launch through extensive content planning 
Provides free content templates and spreadsheets to plan site contentNot for advanced affiliate marketers 
Helpful community as a Facebook group No certifications 
Easy to navigate
Over-the-shoulder training

Who Can Benefit From The Authority Site System?

TASS is the perfect choice for beginners and intermediate site builders who have just started affiliate marketing and authority site building. You can also sign up for this course if your existing site generates $1000 and you want to increase your revenue further. 

What Differentiates The Authority Site System From Other Courses?

Many things differentiate TASS from other courses related to affiliate marketing and authority site-building. Here are a few of them:

  • Over-The-Shoulder approach: By building and growing a site before your eyes, the course provides real-world practical experience instead of just theoretical knowledge.
  • Community: The Facebook community that they have developed for members of the course allows you to expand your learning from the experiences of others.
  • Years of refinement: The Authority Site System is currently in version 3.0, which means it has been optimized and refined on the basis of customer feedback over the course of many years. 
  • In-depth information: Unlike many other courses available in the market, TASS covers the topic from start to end in complete detail with its in-depth and informative videos. 

Now that we have understood what differentiates TASS and makes it unique from other similar courses available in the market, maybe we should also check out a few of those courses and see what they offer!

Alternatives To The Authority Site System

During my research, I have found TASS to be the best affiliate marketing course for beginners and intermediate authority site builders. 

#1. Affiliate Lab

This course by Matt Diggity is an in-depth training program that teaches people the correct usage of affiliate marketing to create profitable affiliate websites. Matt Diggity is a popular SEO specialist who has been in this field for the past 14 years. 

Affiliate Lab

Price: 2 installments of $597 each or single installment of $997.

#2. Savage Affiliates 

Savage Affiliates is an online affiliate marketing course by Franklin Hatchett. This is a 10-module course that will teach you the basics as well as the advanced things that you need to know to succeed as an affiliate marketer.  

Savage Affiliates 

Price: $197 for standard user and $297 for super user. 

#3. Super Affiliate System

John Crestani introduced this affiliate marketing course for beginners who want to start with affiliate marketing. It has over 50 hours of fundamental training with the Facebook group, student email help, and an internet marketing forum as support. It is a 6-week program that teaches you the essentials of affiliate marketing, step-by-step. 

Super Affiliate Systeme

Price: $997 with 30-day moneyback guarantee.

#4. Passive Income Geek

Passive Income Geek was started by Morton Storgaard, and it’s an online course that uses videos, texts, and tools to help you create an affiliate site and earn from it. The course is broken down into 9 modules, which are further broken down into detailed sub-parts called “mini-courses.” 

Passive Income Geek

Price: $399 with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Key Takeaway:

The Authority Site System course can be a game-changer and the difference between the success and failure of your authority site. Here’s everything we found about it in our analysis and review:

Current Version And NameThe Authority Site System 3.0
Number of modules15
Number of video lessons125+
Training methodOver-The-Shoulder with in-depth videos
Meant forBeginners who have not built an authority site
Other offeringsTemplates, Facebook community, site building checklist
AlternativesAffiliate Lab, Savage Affiliates, Super Affiliate System, Passive Income Geek
Monthly InstallmentsYes, $330 per month for 6 months
Refund policy30-day moneyback guarantee

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Final Verdict: Authority Site System Is Worth It

Now the main question is – Is the Authority Site System worth it?

The short answer is yes. 

Undoubtedly, there is a wide range of affiliate marketing courses available in the market, but after extensively studying this course, I realized that this is the best one for anyone looking to set up an Authority website. 

Its unique Over-The-Shoulder approach of training you by building an authority site in front of your eyes provides an unmatched learning experience. Moreover, the video lessons are also quite detailed and engaging, which keeps you hooked throughout the learning process.

Of course, it’s a bit more costly than the alternatives available in the market, but once you’ve completed it, you’ll be able to recover your investment easily by building your first authority site. If you have a knack for affiliate marketing and site-building, you should definitely look into it.

FAQs On Authority Site System

Is there any additional cost after we sign up for the course? 

Yes, there are additional costs for some of the tools related to site building after you have signed up for this course. The cost ranges between $200 to $500. 

Does The Authority Site System provide customer support?

Being one of the most reliable courses, it has robust customer support. It provides you with support based on the type of issue you face, such as technical problems, billing-related issues, community-related issues, etc.

Is an authority site legit?

Of course, it is. In fact, an authority site is one of the most respected and well-established sites in any niche, so you can pat yourself on the back once you have built one. 

Do authority sites make money?

They make a lot of money. Since people trust what’s published on such sites, there are several ways to monetize them, from running ads to affiliate programs to commercial content. 

How much does Authority Hacker cost?

Authority Hacker has two courses, each with different pricing. While The Authority Site System costs $997, the Authority Hacker Pro course costs $2,597. 

Is the Authority Site System good?

It’s one of the finest courses to learn authority site-building and affiliate marketing. With its Over-The-Shoulders training and 125+ detailed videos, it’s the only course you need.

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