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Wise.io is Now AnswerIQ and It’s Full Speed Ahead from Here!


It’s been an exciting time in our offices these last few months, and we’re thrilled to be able to finally let our valued customers and colleagues in on the details of what’s changed and — more importantly — what’s staying the same at Wise.io.

What’s changed?

To begin with, Wise.io is now officially AnswerIQ!

As noted in a previous post, General Electric acquired Wise.io in November of 2016 in a strategic effort to “further accelerate development of advanced machine learning and data science offerings on the Predix platform.” There were two key elements to that acquisition:

  1. The Wise.io technology deepened GE’s machine learning stack, and
  2. The Wise.io team would spearhead innovative solutions in GE’s vertical markets to develop intelligent systems offerings.

As the acquisition became official and Wise.io’s team became fully integrated into the GE Digital environment, the best course of action became clear: while the scientists and developers behind Wise.io’s AI technology could add more value in various related research and development positions, the comprehensive AI-based customer service software solution (formerly Wise Support) was in a prime position to undergo a full rebrand and relaunch with the invigorating marketing support of GE behind it.

In April of 2017, GE officially spun out AnswerIQ — a wholly new organization built around the rebranded AnswerIQ customer service solution and led by a talented and experienced team of professionals with the skills and passion needed to build the startup into a thriving enterprise business.

In May, AnswerIQ secured a Series A round of funding from Madrona Ventures in Seattle, and the rest (as they say) is history. Or, more accurately, the rest is a brilliantly bright future for the company.

What’s staying the same?

While a lot of exciting changes have already occurred and, no doubt, more lie ahead, the true core of what we do as a business has stayed exactly the same:

  • Our customers - Clients who have been actively using Wise Support (some to the tune of over a million automatically routed and optimized support tickets processed per month) will continue to enjoy the same great performance and customer delight they’ve come to expect as they automatically become AnswerIQ customers.
  • Our commitment - The Wise Support solution — and, really, all the research, development, and strategic decision making that made Wise.io a machine learning and customer support powerhouse — is still alive and well within AnswerIQ. In fact, with a renewed focus on the AnswerIQ software, we feel that all current and future AnswerIQ customers will notice an even more thorough dedication to continual improvement and support.
  • Our technology - There are no disruptive changes planned for the AnswerIQ software and it will continue to function as expected. We’ll be continually updating and upgrading as necessary and responding to customer feedback as you’d expect, but don’t fear any major upheavals. We know our valued customers have come to rely heavily on the AnswerIQ solution.

Where do we go from here?

AnswerIQ is now poised to grow quickly and strategically. We fully expect a new generation of customer success teams across the globe to discover and fall in love with the solution just as our initial family of loyal clients did when they started using Wise Support.

In preparation for that growth, we are actively seeking talented team members to fill key strategic positions, and we’re currently shaping an aggressive marketing campaign aimed at maximum visibility. We’re absolutely thrilled with the progress of our recent transition, and we’re even more excited about what the future holds!

If you’d like to stay informed as AnswerIQ grows, subscribe and join us on your favorite social channel. We’re looking forward to great conversation going forward.

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