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AnswerIQ's Zero Contact Resolution (ZCR) at Zendesk Relate

We are thrilled to be taking part in Zendesk's annual Relate conference (beginning tomorrow!). This year it is located at the gorgeous Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. No brainer!

AnswerIQ has been a proud Zendesk partner for a year and a half and is tightly integrated with Zendesk support and guide. The reason why our technologies work so well together is simple. Zendesk is a really easy-to-use, intuitive customer support solution that creates the best experiences for support agents, admins, and customers around the world. AnswerIQ is an AI solution that mimics the decisions of an organization's strongest agents and builds on the powerful, out-of-the-box solutions that Zendesk delivers. Both of our platforms are designed to grow and scale with the support needs of any business, so we "work" for companies of any size.

Zero Contact ResolutionDrum roll, please....AnswerIQ is excited to announce an innovative concept called Zero Contact Resolution (ZCR) at this year's event. The essence of ZCR is resolving support tickets without agent interaction. Through an AI-assisted solution, AnswerIQ taps into an organization's content library to help answer routine questions as well as automate processes (RPA) that normally require agents to interact with external systems. We do this in two ways: by preempting a ticket before it is submitted and by automatically responding to a ticket once it’s in the system.

Similar to the well-known peanut butter and chocolate pairing, Zendesk and AnswerIQ are a perfect combination because with ZCR in place we can reduce up to 30% of incoming ticket volume so that the remaining volume (that may require agent assistance) can be managed with out-of-the-box light automation delivered by Zendesk, layered with AnswerIQ to augment those built-in solutions. By leveraging solutions like Automated Triage, AnswerIQ Connect, Automated Response, and Agent Assist tools we can create even less friction for customers and agents alike.

Resolving tickets is obviously the name of the game, and AnswerIQ can help you manage seasonal spikes and peaks during product launches, eliminate backlog, spare agents from having to address routine tickets, and resolve tickets for a fraction of the cost of ticket resolution under “more traditional“ circumstances.

Our solution works natively inside Zendesk and there is no need to learn new tools, attend “bootcamp,” or allocate engineering hours. Our customers experience a 10X ROI in very little time.

The net net is that Zendesk and AIQ are better together. Our collective mission is to improve the customer experience and our products work together to improve agent efficiency and help customer conversations flow seamlessly across digital channels.

This week at Relate we have a great booth (G-5), the entire gang on-site eager to greet you, and fun swag you can take home to the kids! And, we will happily run you through a quick demo or set up a cost-free proof-of-concept to show you how it works in action!

Hope to see you there!!

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