11 Best Character AI Alternatives of 2024 (Editor’s Choice)

Character AI is a great tool that allows users to chat with different characters. However, the app has some restrictions, and the NSFW filter can sometimes irritate. 

That’s why many people are searching for a Character AI alternative. If you’re one of them, you’ve landed on the right page.

Here, I have created a list of the 11 best Character AI alternatives that don’t have NSFW filters and are completely free to use. To help you choose an alternative, I have compared all the apps based on their ease of use, key features, pricing, and pros & cons.

Note: If you’re searching for a Character AI alternative solely because of its NSFW filter, then you should check our guide on how to bypass the NSFW filter on Character AI.

So, without any delay, let’s explore all the apps like Character AI.

Top 11 Character AI Alternatives (Ranking Order)

If you are in a hurry and don’t have sufficient time to go through the details, the table below will provide you with the gist of the content. 

Sr.No.Character AI AlternativesPriceKey Feature
1.Crushon.AI$4.9 per monthFilter-free alternative to Character AI 
2.Kajiwoto$7.32 per month.It doesn’t restrict you from chatting with bots
3.Chai App$13.99 per month It comes without NSFW filters
4.ChatFAI$9 per monthIt offers a variety of NSFW characters to entertain you 
5.Janitor AIfree to useAllows you to create and converse with your own anime-style
6.ChatGPT$20 per monthIt provides more detailed responses to your queries and also assists you with different tasks 
7.Pygmalion AIFree to useOffers a chatbot-building platform that allows interactive and engaging conversations
8.Jasper AI$39 per monthPowerful generative AI platform that lets you generate both images and text
9.Kuki$75 per month Award-winning AI chatbot that allows you to chat and play games with AI characters
10.Clever Bot$10 per monthIt learns from millions of interactions to give you funny and intelligent replies.
11.Replika$19.99 per monthActs as a personal “robot companion” that can listen to your thoughts and provide a private and secure space to share your feelings.

Here’s a detailed overview of all the Character AI alternatives.

1. Crushon.AI

CrushonAI is a filter-free alternative to Character AI that allows users to converse about NSFW content without restrictions or filters.

Unlike Character AI, this alternative allows users to discuss topics, including sensitive content, freely. This unfiltered approach by CrushonAI provides you with a platform to explore conversations that may not be appropriate for other chatbot alternatives.

Character AI Alternative - Crushon

One of its standout features is that it lets you create your characters. You can further customize them as per your preference.

Key Features of Crushon.AI:

  • No NSFW Filter
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Advanced AI Algorithms
  • Pre-made Characters
  • Create & Customize Your Own Characters

Pros of Crushon.AI

  • Ability to understand and analyze human emotions 
  • Create & customize characters based on your own experience
  • Protects the data of users

Cons of Crushon.AI

  • Takes a lot of time to load messages in the free version
  • Multi-language support is not as good as other platforms


Free: $0/month

Standard: $4.9/month

2. Kajiwoto

Kajiwoto is another excellent Character AI alternative that offers similar features as Character AI, such as chatting with unique personalities. It doesn’t restrict you from chatting with bots. However it does have limitations on the number of characters per message.


Furthermore, this alternative provides various features for those who enjoy chatting with an AI chatbot to brainstorm business ideas and perform other tasks. 

Key Features of Kajiwoto:

  • Advanced AI Models
  • Create Private Datasets
  • Personality Picker
  • Kajiwoto Engine
  • Create AI Voices
  • Automatic Memory Prompts

Pros of Kajiwoto

  • Create unique personalities and simulate real-life conversations
  • Customize your character as per your requirements
  • Choose from various AI models like Kajiwoto Engine, Babbage GPT3 model, and more

Cons of Kajiwoto

  • NSFW restrictions based on geographic locations
  • Paid plans of Kajiwoto are expensive compared to other sites like Character AI


Free: $0/month

Plus: $7.32/month

Pro: $25/month

3. Chai App

Chai App is currently one of the most famous Character AI alternatives that analyze your input and respond in a human-like manner. One of the primary reasons to switch to the Chai App is that it comes without NSFW filters. 

Moreover, it provides a plethora of AI bots to converse with, like a tutor, friend, therapist, and more. Not only this, but this alternative also gives you the flexibility to chat with multiple bots at once.

Chai App

Unfortunately, the Chai app is only available in Android and iOS apps, and there is no web version of it.

Key Features of Chai App:

  • Multiple chatbot options 
  • Create your own bot
  • No NSFW filters
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Pros of Chai App

  • Create custom bots & manage them effortlessly
  • Generate unique dialogues of characters to create compelling stories
  • Have diverse conversations with a variety of bots

Cons of Chai App

  • Limited features are available in the free version
  • The premium plans of the Chai App are expensive


Chai Premium: $13.99 per month 

Chai Ultra: $29.99 per month

4. ChatFAI

If you want more natural and human-like conversations, then ChatFAI’s focus on realistic dialogue and NLP might be ideal. Further, it offers a variety of NSFW characters to entertain you. However, you must confirm your age to access those characters.


Another exciting feature is its memory system, which monitors and personalizes your chats. This approach will help you continue your previous conversation.

Key Features of ChatFAI:

  • Private And Secure Conversations
  • Create Custom Characters
  • Content Filtering
  • Character Selection
  • Integration With Discord

Pros of ChatFAI

  • There is no limit on the conversations
  • Create & base your character on any genre
  • Generates contextually relevant responses based on user’s inputs

Cons of ChatFAI

  • Describes everything all at once rather than building the suspense
  • Sometimes forgets previous conversations and switches genders randomly


Free: $0 per month

Basic:  $9 per month

Premium:  $29 per month

Deluxe:  $59 per month

5. Janitor AI

Janitor AI is a free Character AI alternative that provides a similar chatbot experience to Character AI but also permits you to turn off NSFW filters. This implies you have unlimited access to a wider range of content.

Janitor AI

In addition, the platform allows you to create and converse with your own anime style.  So, if you are hunting for a free alternative that permits you to generate NSFW characters, then Janitor AI might be a perfect option.

Key Features of Janitor AI:

  • No Registration Required
  • Highly Personalized Conversations
  • Contextual Interpretation
  • Multi-Channel Compatibility
  • Automated Data Cleaning
  • Massive Knowledge Base

Pros of Janitor AI

  • It gives you access to both SFW and NSFW chatbots
  • API access for better use
  • There is a wide variety of characters for you to select from

Cons of Janitor AI

  • Doesn’t understand human emotions and lacks empathy
  • You need an API key to utilize its potential fully


Janitor AI is available for free to use

6. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an open-source conversational AI bot more popular than Character AI. ChatGPT offers a wider range of features. This alternative was trained on a massive amount of data from the web to answer your queries and generate human-like responses on various topics.


It provides more detailed responses to your queries and assists you with tasks such as writing essays and composing emails. 

Furthermore, this alternative also can code, write scripts, provide translations, write books or novels, and more. 

Key Features of ChatGPT:

  • Interactive Responses
  • Suggested Replies
  • Text Translation
  • Personalized Response
  • Summarisation
  • Code Computer Programs

Pros of ChatGPT

  • Uses GPT-4 AI model to adapt to your narrative
  • Generates responses that align with the previous conversations
  • Plugins allow ChatGPT to access content from the web to give more factual results

Cons of ChatGPT

  • It has an NSFW filter, but you can bypass it by applying various techniques, which takes a lot of time.
  • The free version can only use the GPT-3.5 model.


ChatGPT is available in both free and paid plans that will cost you $20 per month.

7. Pygmalion AI

Pygmalion AI is an advanced AI platform that is designed to transform natural language processing (NLP) and human-computer interaction. It integrates NLP and AI to produce a dynamic conversational experience that understands and responds to user requests with accuracy and understanding of context. 

Pygmalion AI

Moreover, this alternative offers a chatbot-building platform that allows interactive and engaging conversations. This means Pygmalion AI lets you use its AI Model to create your own intelligent chatbots that enable human-like communication and interaction. 

Key Features of Pygmalion AI:

  • Analyze Trends for Content Creation 
  • Create Content for Social Media
  • Better Chat and Role-Play Conversations 
  • Ability to Modify Models
  • Integration and API Support

Pros of Pygmalion AI

  • Create a personal virtual assistant for your social media
  • Has a scheduling tool for automatically public your posts on Instagram
  • Send personalized AI-generated responses to direct messages

Cons of Pygmalion AI

  • It takes a lot of time to train your avatar
  • All the features of this tool are not available yet


Pygmalion AI is free to use.

8. Jasper AI

Jasper AI is a powerful generative AI platform that lets you generate both images and text. It offers various advanced tools, such as a chatbot, a Chrome extension, and integrations with different content editing tools. It is specially designed for copywriters and marketers.

Jasper AI

In addition, it is an AI-driven content creation platform with several built-in workflows, pre-designed templates, and collaboration tools.

Key Features of Jasper AI:

  • Custom Templates & Automation
  • Advanced Admin Analytics
  • Language Translation
  • Brand Voice
  • Browser Extension
  • Chatbot

Pros of Jasper AI

  • Expands the data based on your ideas
  • Create in-depth narratives that resonate with your readers
  • Generates dialogues based on your characters’ backgrounds

Cons of Jasper AI

  • It doesn’t give you the accurate factual information
  • It is expensive compared to other apps like Character AI


Creator: $39 per month

Teams: $99 per month

Business: Contact their sales team

9. CleverBot

CleverBot is a chat solution that engages users in human-like interactions. It learns from millions of interactions to give you funny and intelligent replies.

With CleverBot, you can chat about NSFW and unfiltered content. However, this alternative has a few restrictions that make it a less ideal platform if you only want adult-themed or unfiltered conversations.


Further, you do not have to register on its website to use it, so you can get started immediately. However, if you create an account, you can unlock many helpful features.

Key Features of Cleverbot:

  • Interact with chat and voice 
  • Learns from its interaction
  • No sign-up required
  • unfiltered and NSFW content

Pros of Cleverbot

  • AI chat filters for incorporating appropriate conversions
  • Handles a wide range of topics at once
  • Learns from more personalized and engaging conversations

Cons of Cleverbot

  • Pay-as-you-go API access is expensive compared to other platforms
  • Cleverbot has NSFW filters that you can’t bypass


CleverBot is absolutely free to use. However, to access its API, you will need to buy a subscription plan starting at $10 per month. 

10. Kuki

Kuki is an award-winning AI chatbot that provides a conversational experience in which you can discuss various topics. Not just this, but you can also play games with this Character AI alternative. In addition, it allows you to have NSFW conversations without any restrictions. 


Besides, its AI learning abilities make it an ideal choice for those searching for a Character AI alternative. And the best part is that Kuki can manage countless queries and responses without repeating the same conversation.

Key Features of Kuki:

  • Kuki API
  • Multiple Applications
  • Highly Conversational
  • Automate Customer Service Interactions

Pros of Kuki

  • Mimics human emotions to simulate human-like conversations
  • There’s no NSFW filter available
  • It doesn’t repeat the responses, unlike other websites like Character AI

Cons of Kuki

  • Kuki can’t answer complex and factual questions accurately
  • It can’t adapt to different cultural and linguistic contexts


Service Plan: $75/month

Dedicated Service Plan: $1500

11. Replika

Replika AI acts as a personal “robot companion” that can listen to your thoughts and provide a private and secure space to share your feelings and thoughts at any time, from any place. Replika AI uses cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to become your AI companion.


Moreover, it allows you to express yourself more effectively through helpful conversations and personalized interactions. Replica also learns from its interactions like other Character AI alternatives in this list. Replica is available on iOS, Android, and Oculus.

Key Features of Replika:

  • Support video chat, AR, and other modes
  • Private and Secure conversation
  • Personalized conversation
  • Emotional support
  • Advanced Customization
  • Easy to use

Pros of Replika

  • Train the characters based on your personal experience
  • Chat with your characters through video calls
  • Replika remembers all the things that are important to you

Cons of Replika

  • It can’t replace real human connections and give real-life advice
  • Replika has some bugs, so it might generate irrelevant responses


Replika offers a single plan, as listed below:

Premium Plan: $19.99 per month

More On AI:

Final Thoughts: Crushon AI is our #1 Choice! 

To sum it up, here’s a list of our 3 most recommended Character AI alternatives:

Crushon.AI: If you want a filter-free Character AI alternative to access NSFW content without any restrictions,

Chai App: It gives you the flexibility to chat with multiple bot personalities at once.

ChatFAI: It offers a variety of NSFW characters to entertain you.

All the Character AI alternatives on our list cater to the needs of different users. I have covered both free and paid solutions to help you pick an ideal option as per your needs and budget. We hope this post has helped you choose the best Character AI alternative.


Is there anything like Character AI with NSFW?

Many platforms like Character AI come with NSFW content, such as Kuki, ChatFAI, Chai App, and more. These are some of the best character AI generators that allow you to engage in NSFW content without any restrictions.

Does Replika still have NSFW content?

Replika doesn’t have access to NSFW content. NSFW conversations were banned in February 2023 on Replika to provide a safe and secure space for companionship and friendship.

What are some alternatives to Character AI?

Kuki, ChatFAI, Replica, Jasper AI, and Chai App are some of the top alternatives to Character AI. All these options offer similar features as Character AI and some extra features like access to NSFW and unfiltered content.

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