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Conversational AI for customer service

Scale your chat support through intelligent self-service and process automation capabilities

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How the Deflection Bot works

A customer shares a query via chat

Deflection Bot uses AI and NLP to understand the customer's exact intent

Deflection Bot suggests the best answers to the query

For information cases, the Bot displays the most relevant articles from your content repositories and/or your pre-defined workflows

Or automates the applicable backend process

For process cases, the Bot identifies and automates the relevant process applicable to the customer's request (for ex: order cancellation and refund)

The case is resolved

If the Deflection Bot solves the customer's query, they can close their request

Or transferred to an agent

If the customer needs more help, their query is shared with an agent

Deflect incoming cases effortlessly

Use self-service AI to connect customers to the right answers instantly by providing ML-powered article suggestions for each query. Display relevant answers from your content repositories within the Deflection Bot to deflect incoming cases or automatically connect customers to an agent if they still need help.

Automate processes in an instant

Many incoming chat requests require your agents to execute time-taking, repetitive back-end processes while navigating between multiple systems. Automate resolution of such requests from within the chat interface using AnsweriQ's integrated Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) and bring down the average resolution time drastically.

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Integrates with your preferred CXM software

Built for fast-paced customer service teams

ML-powered article suggestions

Deflection Bot's article recommendations are run on complex AI and ML models that train and improve themselves over time, based on your customers' feedback.

Connect multiple content repositories

Allow your customers to find the right answers irrespective of whether they reside on your Knowledge Base, FAQs, website, or any other repository.

Business process workflows

Define and modify your custom workflows to give customers a seamless experience while interacting with the Deflection Bot.

Advanced analytics and reports

Interactive dashboard with powerful metrics such as Average Handle Time, Self-Service Rate, Chat Volume Reduction, and Cost Savings so you can measure and tweak the performance of the Deflection Bot.

Fully-managed implementation

Setup is fast and easy and requires minimal effort from your engineering team. The implementation is handled completely by us, so you can focus on serving your customers well.

Extensive customization options

Customize the Deflection Bot to reflect your brand guidelines and drive higher engagement with your customers.

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How the Deflection Bot transforms your customer service

Scale chat support

Reduce costs

Lower handle times

Improve CSAT

Align with KCS methodology

Increase agent productivity

See how AI and IPA can upgrade your chat support today

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