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Automate processes using AI and RPA

Repetitive processes in customer service can cost your team a lot of time and mundane effort. Automate them with a single click to scale your support effortlessly.

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How it works

Customer query received via email or chat

Robo Assist becomes active as soon as a customer’s query enters the CXM via email or chat

Robo Assist suggests the applicable process automation to the agent

Robo Assist automatically detects the customer’s intent and extracts relevant information while suggesting a suitable process automation to the agent

The agent triggers the automation from the CXM dashboard

With a single click, the agent can trigger the automation from the CXM dashboard

Robo Assist executes the process and responds to the customer

Robo Assist accesses all the internal/backend systems to execute the process in the background while the agent works on the next case

AnsweriQ helped automate our customer service order cancellation process. What used to take 5 to 7 minutes of an agent's time now takes us 10 seconds. It integrates right with Zendesk, our CRM platform, and works across all channels when a customer emails, chats, or calls us.

Colin Crowley
VP of Customer Experience, Freshly

Key results


Reduction in handle time

agent_icon  35x

Increment in agent productivity

error_icon  ~100%

Elimination of manual errors

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Process automation capabilities of AnsweriQ’s Robo Assist

Automation powered by AI and RPA

Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA), perform automations without requiring APIs for your backend software. With Artificial Intelligence (AI), automatically map incoming customer cases to the right process automation.

Native integration with popular CXMs

Integrate Robo Assist with your preferred CXM that allows your agents to manage and trigger automations from within the CXM dashboard itself.

Continuous monitoring and comprehensive analytics

Gain access to in-depth analytics to constantly measure and optimize the performance of your process automations.

Benefits of process automation for customer service teams

Greatly reduce handle times

Automate processes that otherwise require agents to traverse multiple systems with just a single click. Bring down the Average Handle Time (AHT) by up to 90% for key processes.

Eliminate human errors

Repetitive processes are prone to human errors. With intelligent automation of such processes, you are guaranteed to eliminate human errors on almost every execution.

Scale your support

Tackle a growth in incoming customer cases without growing your team. Free up your agents’ time with a massive reduction in Average Handle Times (AHT) and scale your support with ease.

Boost agent morale

Agents want to focus on complex customer issues that require creativity and empathy. Automate the mundane and tedious aspects of serving customers and enable agents to take up more fulfilling work.

Comparison of a sample process before and after automation


Sample processes that can be automated with Robo Assist

Order status

Provide order status updates to customers in an instant

Account management

Manage and edit customers’ accounts with ease

Order cancellation

Process order cancellation requests in a single click

Service upgrade

Handle upgrade requests effortlessly

Invoice processing

Generate and share invoices en masse

Refund processing

Calculate and process refunds error-free, always

Inventory check

Communicate inventory updates with partners automatically

Request for quotation

Automate responses to pricing inquiries for customized orders

… and many other repetitive processes specific to your business

How to get started with AnsweriQ’s Robo Assist

Identify processes to automate

Use historical case data to identify service requests with repetitive processes attached to them

Develop the custom automation

AnsweriQ works with you to create an automation specific to your use case and internal systems

Deploy the

Set up the automation on-cloud or on-premise

Measure and track performance

Performance measurement and constant optimization through advanced, real-time analytics

Harness the power of AI and RPA to transform your customer service

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