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Sample automation of an order cancellation process

Robo Assist use cases

Order status

A very common scenario in e-commerce industry that may take minutes from an agent to do manually can be done in a fraction of a second with Robo Assist.

Order cancellation

Repetitive scenario that invariably requires the agent to interact with an internal system to execute the cancellation and send a reply back to the customer.

Refund processing

Refund process is a complex case that follows from modification or cancellation of order. Requires multiple internal systems to be traversed for refund policies, amount calculation etc.

Account management

This often requires update of one or more fields related to the account that is mundane task but takes a lot of time of the agent and is prone to human errors.

Inventory check

Another repetitive scenario where the agent has to move away from the CRM to the internal system to check inventory status. Something Robo Assist can do without any agent intervention.

Service upgrade

Requires access to the profile and history of the customer which is not connected directly to the CRM. Tailor made use case where Robo Assist can work wonders in reducing the handle time.

Invoice reconciliation

Very common scenario in retail and other industries which takes the agent number of minutes to manually reconcile the invoice items; something that Robo Assist can complete in a matter of seconds and do it accurately as per the rules set for reconciliation.

Credit to A/C

Repetitive scenario across financial and other industries that requires high level of accuracy that Robo Assist can bring in eliminating human intervention in the process.

Benefits of Robo Assist

Massive gains in AHT

Reduce up to 90% of time needed to resolve complex cases. Friction free access to multiple internal and external systems with or without APIs

Reduced error rates

Automation eliminates screen scraping, copy/paste and other errors. Eliminate close to 100% of human errors


Resolve complex cases at a small fraction of the cost. AI-based identification of right cases for intelligent automation. Pay for performance on cases resolved.

What Our Customers Say

David Harrison Cx Operations Analyst at SeatGeek

Macro usage at SeatGeek has increased 3x over since we started using AnsweriQ - making our operation more efficient and our responses more consistent, while also giving our agents more time to focus on complex customer needs. Our knowledge base has also gotten a lot more traction since agents can easily insert and link help center articles straight from the widget.

What Our Customers Say

Travis Oliver Thumbtack

AnswerIQ enabled us to reduce our customer response time from three hours to three minutes, while re-assigning our 9-person triage team to value creating activities.

What Our Customers Say

Sean Rivers Director of Customer Service at Republic Wireless

AnswerIQ helps our agents focus on our customer interactions by getting the right topic in front of the right resource at the right time. It helps us improve the future by learning from the successes or failures of our past.

What Our Customers Say

Gaby Manas Senior Manager, Customer Support at Wonolo

AnsweriQ helps us route our support cases with 90% accuracy via their auto-triage tool. Our average handle time has dropped 20% as a result!

What Our Customers Say

Francesca Noli VP of Marketing at Product Madness

AnswerIQ’s Auto Response provides us with a cost-effective and powerful solution for providing our customers with answers to their most common questions and enables our agents with tools to be more agile in their interactions. This helps our team focus personal attention to our high priority customers.