Self Assist

As a customer support leader, you are likely faced with an increasing volume of support requests, escalating support costs, as well as high customer expectations. Since the majority of your time is spent putting out fires, wouldn't it be nice if you were able to reduce 30% of your incoming queries by presenting your customers with swift resolution at the point of ticket submission? The fact is, the answer to most commonly asked customer questions is well documented in your existing knowledge base. It's just a matter of harnessing that content and leveraging it to your advantage! That's where we come in.

Self Assist is an intelligent "deflection" tool that understands the context and content of incoming tickets and uses AI to provide relevant content suggestions right from your knowledge base. When your customer is about to submit a question or issue, Self Assist will suggest an answer from your content sources. This enables customers to self-discover the right answer quickly, utilizing the wealth of information that exists in your content portals. You'll notice an immediate reduction in ticket volume and you'll free up your agents’ bandwidth to focus on the issues that require creativity and customer connection.

Self Assist product by AnswerIQ

Key Benefits of Self Assist

Reduced Ticket Volume

Shave 30% off of incoming ticket volume and save millions of dollars a year when the average cost per ticket is reduced from $8-$12 (for agent touch) to under a dollar (for automated touch).

Simplified Integration

There is no engineering work required to set up Self Assist. The app plugs right into your existing CXM system. Get up and running in fewer than 30 days!

Improved Content

Knowledgebase content can be static and get stale, but using Self Assist can help to continually improve the quality, presentation, and effectiveness of your content because it learns from customer queries and identifies knowledge gaps.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

The ability to self-discover the right answer quickly delivers instant gratification and results in a positive interaction. Customers will be far more likely to recommend your brand to others.

Improved agent satisfaction

Self Assist frees up agents from the repetitive nature of most day-to-day tasks and enables them to focus on more complex issues that require creativity and customer connection.  

Scale Quickly

As an organization needing to scale quickly, you are in a position to provide far better support (to your agents and customers!) at a much lower cost.