10 Best AI Writing Software & Tools of 2024 (Top Picks)

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If you’re searching for the best ai writing software, then look no further.

We have researched dozens of ai software and selected the top ten to help you pick the best tool for your requirements.

In this article, we’ll talk about what ai writing software is, how to choose the best one, and a list of the best ai writing tools. 

We’ll also cover some of their key features and pricing to help you decide which option best fulfills your needs.

So without any further delay, let’s get started.

What Is AI Writing Software?

AI writing software is a type of software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to write highly compelling content for you. It can be used by anyone who wants to write content for their website, email, or blog. This includes businesses, marketers, students, and freelancers.

Moreover, AI writing software is the best option for anyone who wants to write high-quality content but doesn’t have the skills or time to do so. AI writing software can take your ideas and turn them into fully-formed articles or blog posts that are ready to publish.

The best AI Writing Software will have several features:

  • It will have an easy-to-use interface that allows you to create beautiful content quickly and easily.
  • It will provide you with a wide range of templates and use cases to create any type of article, from long-form to short-form pieces.
  • It should generate content based on your preferences, such as what topics or keywords you want to cover in your article. This can be done by scanning your article and looking at the words and phrases that come up the most often or by asking questions about what you want to write about and then applying machine learning algorithms that determine which topics would be most relevant for those questions.

Now let’s move to our next section.

List of Best AI Writing Software 2024 (Updated)

Get it on the list of the best ai writing software that you can check out in 2024 and beyond. Here’s our complete suggestion for you!

Sr.NoAI Writing SoftwarePricing
1Jasper 5 Days Free Trial | $40 monthly
2 AnywordFree Plan | $24 monthly
3Rytr Free | $9 monthly
4CopyaiFree | $49 monthly
5QuillbotFree | $9.99 monthly
6WriteSonic Free | $10 monthly
7 ArticleForge 5 Days Free Trial | $13 Monthly
8ProWritingAidFree/ $10 monthly
9Simplified AIFree/ $21 monthly
10Frase.io$14.99 monthly

Here I have explained all the AI writing software in detail.

1. Jasper 

Jasper grabs the no. 1 spot in our list because of its excellent user-friendly features. It is one of the best-performing ai writing software that can write everything from social media posts to lengthy blog posts for you. 

Jasper  Official

You must enter some text to provide its algorithms with a general idea of what you intend to write. It will then generate a variety of text samples that you can use in your emails, blog posts, social media posts, websites, and other ad copy. Jasper AI also has available Ai Story generators, which help you generate stories on the go.

Key Features of Jasper


Jasper AI offers 50+ templates that you can use for different styles of writing.  They range from ebooks to resumes to blog entries. 

Transcription and Translation

Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows you to turn audio files into textual content quickly.

Integrating with SEO Surfer

Seo surfer is a tool that assists you in researching keywords and crafting content that is optimized for search engines.

Sentence Expander

With this feature, you can expand a short sentence into a lengthier original, engaging, and compelling sentence.

Pricing of Jasper

Jasper comes with 7-day free trial and 3  different pricing levels that start from $40/month.

Jasper AI Pricing

2. Anyword 

Anyword is another great tool on our list. It’s a ai copywriting tool that can assist you in creating text for advertisements, intros,  headlines, product descriptions, social media posts, and much more.

Anyword official

This can help you generate content faster by providing pre-made templates that are compatible with different platforms and content types.

Key Features of Anyword 

Text Variations

It can generate various text versions and ideas for your content at once, such as catchy headlines and sales copy that will entice readers to purchase.

Copywriting Frameworks

This ai writing tool has various copywriting frameworks. That means you can use the AIDA or PAS framework to identify the users’ pain points and give solutions to their problems.

Email Templates

To improve your email marketing campaigns with the newest trends and create emails that elicit reactions, Anyword provides a pre-made collection of email templates.

Content & Plagiarism Checker

This feature generates fresh data and verifies that it is original in order to improve conversion rates.

Pricing of Anyword 

It offers a free trial option with 3 premium plans starting at $49/month.

Pricing of anyword

3. Rytr 

Rytr is another fantastic AI writing software that helps you produce content faster. It automates the creation of high-quality AI content for YouTube videos, blogs, social network posts, emails, advertisements, landing pages, and more. It also supports a variety of languages and tones.

Rytr  official

Rytr based on the most advanced technology, the GPT-3 AI model, which helps generate unique, plagiarism-free content within a few minutes.

Key Features of Rytr 

Multi-Language Support

This AI copywriting tool support 30+ different languages. If you are someone who wants to write in a different language other than English, Rytr is the best option for you.

Magic Command Tool

Its Magic Command function expands the flexibility of this tool by allowing you to produce content other than the pre-existing use cases. You just need to enter the information you want in the input file.

Marketing techniques

Using Rytr, you can produce high-quality content based on tested marketing techniques like PAS and AIDA.

Blog Outline

With the help of this blog outline tool, which generates ideas depending on the keywords you provide, you can structure your whole article.

Pricing of Rytr 

There are two plans available: a free plan and a premium plan costing $9 per month.

Pricing of Rytr 

4. Copy ai

The top users of Copy.ai are online digital marketers and entrepreneurs that want to streamline their copywriting and content creation processes and save time. 

Copy ai official

It focuses on creating content for landing pages, websites, social media, sales letters, and even email marketing.

Along with various other short content formats, it also offers a “fun personal tools” feature where you can use AI to produce a birthday card or love letter.

Features of Copy ai


Copy.ai has many templates to assist you in writing blog posts, including ones for a title, an outline, and other things.

Chrome Extension 

This ai tool offers a chrome extension allowing you to produce copies in Gmail tools and Google Docs quickly.


Copy AI supports 25 languages, meaning you can create high-quality content in your native language and languages other than English.

Pricing of Copy ai

Copy.ai offers a 7-day free trial for exploring the premium features. After that, you need to pay $49 per month to continue the services.

Pricing of Copy ai

5. QuillBot

If you’re searching for an excellent ai rewriting tool, QuillBot offers a good solution that combines high-quality features at an affordable price. 

QuillBot official

With the use of artificial intelligence, Quillbot can quickly and accurately rephrase any amount of text in less than ten seconds.

It not only assists in rewriting complex phrases into simpler ones but also offers a variety of writing modes that enhance your work.

Features of Quillbot

Grammar Check

Quillbot has an in-built Grammar Checker tool that detects and corrects spelling and punctuation errors. 


Quillbot is the only ai software that provides a summarizer tool. The summarizer tool briefly summarizes your content without changing the context.

Citation Generator

You can use the citation generator to create accurate and in-text citations in MLA, APA, and Chicago styles.

Compare Mode

This ai writer allows you to compare many versions of your text so that you can view different samples and choose the one you like.

Pricing of Quillbot

You can sign up for its free version and use its features with limited access. Quillbot’s premium plans start at $9.95, billed monthly.

Pricing of Quillbot

6. Writesonic

Writesonic is AI-powered writing software that can create engaging content in minutes. It simplifies article writing and is ideal for non-technical people. 

Writesonic official - AI writing software

Moreover, Writesonic uses advanced technology to verify that all articles created are free of plagiarism, readable, and sound as if a human wrote them.

Furthermore, this article generator includes a plethora of options that give you complete control over the style of content you want to write.

Features of Writesonic 

eCommerce Copy

Writesonic can produce eCommerce Copy such as product descriptions, titles, features, and ads in a few seconds.

AI blog content writer

AI blog content writer is one of its most prominent features since it enables you to create complete, highly accurate blog posts.

SEO title and meta description 

This feature will assist you in creating SEO meta descriptions and titles. For this, you just need to enter the blog description.

Proofreading and grammatical correction

You can use its proofreading and grammatical correction features to address any issues in the content it generates.

Pricing of Writesonic 

Writesonic offers five pricing plans, including a free trial plan. Premium plans of Writesonic start from $15 per month.

Pricing of Writesonic 

7. Article Forge

Article Forge is an AI copywriting tool that promises to generate plagiarism-free, SEO-optimized content with the simple click of a button. Its most recent upgrade is intended to handle long-form content of up to 1,500 words.

Article Forge official I - AI writing software

When you enter a keyword, Article Forge scans millions of articles to learn what it requires to understand that topic in order to generate content in its own phrases.

Article Forge will automatically add appropriate headlines, videos, and photos to every article it creates. You do not need to download or install anything because it is web-based.

Features of Article Forge

Internal and external links

This feature is very beneficial for Google SEO as it can insert internal and external links to your content.

Automate SEO

With this feature, you can fully automate your SEO activities by automatically scheduling and publishing content to your WordPress websites.


A translation feature is also available in Article Forge. You can create content in seven different languages.


Article Forge allows you to export files in  TXT, HTML, and PDF formats.

SEO Autopilot

With this feature, you can find Web 2.0 platforms from which to link. Many digital marketers use this approach for creating backlinks.

Pricing of Article Forge

There are three different price options available, which start from $27 per month. In addition, article Forge also offers a 5-day free trial, allowing you to explore its functionality.

Pricing of Article Forge

8. ProWritingAid

It’s an AI-powered writing software that helps users improve their writing by checking for grammar and spelling errors, offering style suggestions, and analysing readability.

ProWritingAid is useful for a variety of writing types, including academic papers, business documents, and creative writing. 

ProWritingAid I - AI writing software

The software is also designed to integrate with other writing tools, such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs, making it easy to use in conjunction with other writing software.

It has a unique report system that provides an complete overview of the text and highlights areas that need improvement. 

This report includes a summary of the text’s word count, sentence count, and paragraph count, as well as an analysis of the text’s structure, readability, and use of passive voice.

Key Features of ProWritingAid

Style Suggestions:

The software offers suggestions for improving your writing style by analysing sentence structure, word choice, and other factors. 

Readability Analysis:

This can analyse the readability of your writing by checking factors like sentence length, paragraph length, and the complexity of your vocabulary. 

Integration with Other Tools: 

ProWritingAid can be integrated with a wide range of writing tools, including Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Scrivener. 

Summary Report: 

ProWritingAid generates a detailed summary report of your writing, which includes information on word count, sentence structure, and other important factors. 

Pricing of ProWritingAid

Pricing of ProWritingAid

Along with the free plan, It provides an expert plan that costs around $10 per month if billed yearly.

9. Simplified AI

Simplified AI aims to make the benefits of AI available to a wider range of users, including those who may not have extensive technical knowledge or experience.

Simplified AI - AI writing software

Also, Simplified often uses pre-built models or templates that can be customized or adapted for specific use cases. 

These models are typically designed to be easy to use, with user-friendly interfaces and simple instructions. 

Key Features of Simplified

Pre-built Models: 

It often uses pre-built models or templates that can be customized or adapted for specific use cases. 

Reduced Technical Expertise: 

Simplified’s models are designed to be accessible to users with limited technical expertise.

Easy Integration: 

Simplified’s models are often designed to be easy to integrate with other systems, such as customer service platforms, business automation software, or healthcare systems.

Pricing of Simplified

Pricing of Simplified AI

The pricing starts at $21 per month, along with the free plan with basic features.

10. Frase.io

Frase.io is an AI writing software that helps content creators and marketers produce high-quality content more efficiently. 


It uses natural language processing (NLP) technology to analyze existing content and generate new content ideas based on user-defined topics and keywords. 

Key Features of Frase.io

Content Optimization: 

Frase.io can analyse your existing content and suggest ways to optimize it for search engines and readability. 

Answer Engine Optimization: 

Frase.io can help you optimize your content for answering engine queries, such as those generated by voice assistants like Siri and Alexa.

Analytics and Reporting: 

Frase.io provides detailed analytics and reporting on your content performance, including metrics like page views, engagement, and conversion rates. 

Pricing of Frase.io

Pricing of Frase.io - AI writing software

The pricing of Frase.io starts at $14.99. It also offers a team plan that costs $114.99 per month

Tips for using AI writing software effectively

Here are some tips for using the best ai writing tools and software effectively:

  1. Effectively Using AI Writing SoftwaUnderstanding AI authoring software’s strengths and weaknesses is crucial. AI can write rapidly and offer recommendations, but it may not be ideal. To ensure correctness and coherence, proofread and edit.
  1. Set goals before employing AI writing software. Whether you want to write blog pieces, social media posts, or product descriptions, establishing a goal can help you use the software better.
  1. Use AI writing software to direct content generation. To match your brand voice and audience, specify tone, style, and formatting. Set guidelines to improve the software’s content.
  1. AI software development typically involves iteration. First attempts may fail. To improve results, try other inputs, prompts, or keywords. Refine and iterate to customize the output.
  1. AI writing software enhances creativity, not replaces it. Consider it a partner rather than a solution. Start with the software’s material and add your own knowledge and insights to improve it.
  1. Humans should examine, edit, and proofread AI-generated content. AI may make mistakes or use strange language when creating material. Review and revise the output to guarantee quality and brand voice.
  2. AI writing software generates content quickly, but it must be original and unique. Use plagiarism detection tools to check the content. To retain authenticity, add your own thoughts, observations, and personal touch.

How To Choose The Best AI Writing Software?

The best AI writing software can be a big help when trying to get your words down. It is essential to understand what you need from the software and how it can be used. 

Here are some tips for selecting the best AI writing software:

1. Know Your Needs

The first step in choosing an AI writing program is understanding what it can do for your business. What kind of content do you expect from it? Is there a particular platform or genre that you want to focus on? Do you need the tool to write human-like text or just simple formatting? These questions will help narrow down which software is best for your needs. 

2. Consider Your Budget

Once you’ve decided what types of features are most important to you, it’s time to consider how much money those features cost. There are many free options available for small businesses, but larger companies may need to invest in one or more paid subscriptions if they want access to all of the features they need from their AI writing software.

3. User Interface

Look for an AI writing tool with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to learn how to use it quickly so that you don’t waste too much time trying to figure out how everything works together.

4. Free Trial

Make sure you have a free trial so you can test out all of the features before making a purchase.

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Last Words: Which is the AI writing software?

Voila! We’ve searched the web and scoured many online platforms to bring you this list of the best ai writing software that will surely help you write professionally. 

These tools can help you get the job done properly, whether you’re looking for a new writing job or want to ensure your upcoming blog article is up to the mark.

In this article, we’ve also given you a few tips for choosing the best AI writing software for your needs. 

We hope it was helpful! If you need more help with your search, just let us know in the comments below. 

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