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As a writer focused on creating original, high-quality content, I’m always concerned about accidentally plagiarizing other sources or repeating public information. But thoroughly checking every article manually would be extremely tedious. This leaves me wondering – what are the best AI tools available today for detecting duplicated or plagiarized content?

As an avid tester of the latest AI writing assistants, I’ve evaluated various solutions to identify unoriginal text. After hands-on comparisons, I’ve identified top-notch AI detectors that scan for plagiarism and redundancy with high accuracy.

In this guide, I’ll share my picks for the leading AI content and plagiarism checker tools proven to catch copied or quoted text.

Top 11 AI Content Detector: In A Nutshell (2024)

The following are the top AI content detection tools you can use in 2024 to ensure that your content is not generated using AI technology.

Sr. NoContent AI DetectorPricingRating
1Originality.AI$0.1 for 100 Words4.9/5
2Kazan SEOFree To Use4.7/5
3GLTRFree To Use4.8/5
4Writer.com$18 per month4.9/5
5Hugging FaceFree To Use4.5/5
6Content at ScaleRanges from $0.005 to $0.009 per word..4.6/5
9Crossplag$9.99 for 5000 $149 for 100,0004.4/5
11Winston AI$12/month4.4?5

Here is the list of complete details of best AI Content Detectors, Let’s check one by one:

1. Originality.AI

Originality Ai Overview

It is difficult to overestimate the effectiveness of Originality.ai’s AI content detection tool. As a result, you can confidently detect AI-written content using this tool, and it contains many useful features.

By using this automated detection tool, you can protect your content from possible plagiarism violations and copyright infringements caused by artificial intelligence tools.

Integrating the tool with your existing content creation tools is easy, thanks to the dedicated API.

Key Features 

  • It detects AI-generated content.
  • It does come with a plagiarism checker that lets you run a plagiarism check for the AI-generated content. 
  • It detects ChatGPT and Jasper AI text.
  • With advanced capabilities, you can identify plagiarism and human-written text from unlimited websites.


  • One of the most accurate AI content detectors on the market
  • Detects paraphrasing in sentences
  • Scan your entire site with a single scan
  • Create shareable reports and share them with anyone you want


  • Originality AI is only limited to English language
  • There is no way to try the tool


Originality.ai offers a straightforward pricing structure.

A 100-word check costs $0.01, regardless of whether AI detection is used or plagiarism is detected. 

2. Kazan SEO

Kazan Seo Overview

A simple all-in-one search engine optimization tool, Kazan SEO, is free to use. Among its many features, there is a GPT3 AI detector that can detect unlimited words in terms of AI-generated text. These include a text optimizer, a paragraph extractor, and a tool for researching keywords based on grouping techniques.

As a leading tool in the field of artificial intelligence content detection tools, Kazan SEO is unique in its ability to perform bulk analyses. Just put all the URLs in the text box provided and hit the “Detect Urls for AI Content” button.

Key Features

  • No matter how long the text is, it can be analyzed and assigned a score based on the quality of the writing, from human to artificial.
  • All your URLs will be analyzed at once when you type them in.
  • Gain authority on dozens of topics with one keyword.
  • This easy-to-use AI text generator provides a simple way to read around 600 characters backward from the last character of the text through Kazan SEO.


  • There is no limit on character length
  • Completely free to use
  • Analysis quickly and gives you accurate results
  • Scan content in bulk


  • Doesn’t detect plagiarism
  • Accuracy is lower compared to other tools


There is no charge to use Kazan SEO. With AI content detection, you can identify unlimited words for free.


GLTR Overview

With the help of a graphical user interface, GLTR (Giant Language Model Test Room) can detect AI content. This giant language model test room, or GLTR, highlights portions of text that seem to be produced by artificial intelligence models and, at the same time, provides access to advanced analytics, including sentiment analysis, readability scores, and other tools that can help you better understand the text. 

With this tool, an individual only needs to insert existing content into it, making it easy to differentiate between machine-generated and existing content.

Detecting fake news or spam content with this tool is especially useful for identifying fake news.

Key Features

  • It highlights AI text versus human text based on the color of the highlights.
  • Input text from a language model can be forensically analyzed.


  • Easily detects GPT-2 content with amazing accuracy
  • Uses scientific abstracts to show the detected AI content
  • Accuracy is much better compared to other tools


  • It only checks GPT-2 generated AI content
  • The dashboard of this tool is complicated



4. Writer.com

The purpose of Writer.com is to provide content creators with a versatile tool that offers robust AI-driven content discovery that is precise and accurate. It is also similar to the Content At Scale AI tool in the sense that it can detect content written by AI.


Writer.com also ensures that the content it generates is tailored to your brand, ensuring that your message is conveyed concisely and effectively. Moreover, it is beneficial for content publishers and marketers since it helps them quickly brainstorm content ideas and generate briefs.

It also integrates with tools such as Word, Chrome, and Figma.

Key Features

  • Check for free AI-generated content up to 350 words using the free AI content detection tool.
  • Create a title, outline, and draft automatically using your keyword.
  • Automate the detection and correction of your grammatical errors.
  • By checking your content for plagiarism, you can ensure it is original.


  • Checks content with upto 1500 characters for free
  • User-friendly interface
  • Multiple AI writing tools are available within this tool


  • The AI detection tool is only available in the Writer app as an API
  • It doesn’t highlight which sections are AI-generated


It is entirely free to use Writer’s AI content detection tool. Teams can use all AI writing features for $18 per month.

5. Hugging Face

The Hugging Face specializes in natural language processing (NLP).

Hugging Face Overview

Those in the open-source AI community have developed and will continue to develop a tool that webmasters and content publishers can use to recognize AI-based content quickly.

This powerful plagiarism detection tool is built using advanced algorithms and text classifiers that can detect whether or not a text is generated by a machine or is human-generated.

Key Features

  • Simple interface that allows you to copy and paste your text.
  • The result of a niche community’s interest in machine learning.


  • Completely free to use
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Detects GPT-2 NLP content with ease


  • It is only limited to GPT-2 generated content
  • Does not detect the AI content written by tools like ChatGPT


The Hugging Face AI Content Detector is a completely free tool.

6. Content at Scale

Content at Scale Overview

With Content At Scale, you can quickly identify plagiarism and duplicate content integrated directly with Copyscape. Content At Scale also enables you to create your blog posts by choosing a list of keywords that you wish to rank for when creating your blog posts!

Using this tool, your content can easily pass through AI detection tools in the most user-friendly way, and over 100 languages are supported. This tool can also be integrated with WordPress and used to create website content without difficulties.

Key Features

  • Provides accurate and precise detection of AI-generated content
  • Checks for plagiarism using Copyscape
  • Generates AI content without being detected by AI tools
  • Multilingual content generation


  • It detects all the latest GPT-4 generated content
  • Detects AI content with upto 98% accuracy
  • In-depth analysis of the content down to the sentence level


  • You can only check up to 2,500 characters at once in the free version
  • It sometimes gives inaccurate results


Pricing ranges from $0.005 to $0.009 per word! A starter plan lets you create 20 posts per month with a monthly fee of only $500. The cost of four posts per month at $150 is a good choice if you need more than 20 posts each month.

7. Sapling

Sapling Overview- AI Content Detector

Sapling is a messaging bot used by Customer-Facing Teams to manage customer communications. However, the team has successfully provided a free AI content scanner that is very accurate, up-to-date, and well done. This AI content detector tool is less renowned than others on the list. But still, it gives you the best AI detector capability to detect AI-generated content easily.

Key Features

  • It’s as easy as copying and pasting.
  • This program can accurately detect AI content produced by the most recent models, such as GPT-3 and ChatGPT. An average-length blog post can be scanned up to 2500 words long.


  • Detects AI-generated content from tools like Bard, Claude, ChatGPT, and more
  • Access the API of this AI detector
  • Free Chrome extension to detect AI content on the go


  • It sometimes gives false positives and negatives, so not completely reliable
  • It mostly gives inaccurate results for longer texts


There is no charge for Sapling’s AI Content Detector.

8. Copyleaks

Copyleaks is a popular AI-powered plagiarism detector tool. It uses advanced AI algorithms to scan various documents, web pages, and other forms of written material.

This platform allows users to upload various forms of file formats like PDFs, HTML pages, or Microsoft Office documents.

Copyleaks- AI Content Detector

It also claims that it can even detect the GPT 3.5-generated content text. The accuracy in detecting the content is around 92% which was true when we tested the platform. 

However, this platform does not provide a scoring mechanism. Instead, it provides one of two results – “Human Written text” or “AI-generated text.”

Key Features

  • Strong AI-powered functionality.
  • It has APIs for large-scale AI content detection.
  • Provides LMS Integration.
  • You get Chrome Extension available.
  • Has the plagiarism checker.


  • Detects AI content in upto 15 languages in the free version
  • Marks the content in red, which is written by AI
  • Enterprise solution gives you plenty of advanced features


  • Accuracy is not as good as advertised
  • You can easily trick this tool


Copyleaks is in beta; hence it is free to use. But if you are looking for additional plagiarism checking, then it would cost you between $10.99 to $184.99, depending on the pages.

9. Crossplag

This is a competent AI content detection tool with built-in plagiarism detection.

Crossplag uses powerful machine learning techniques and natural language processing to identify the distinctive patterns in the text produced by ai technology.

 Crossplag - AI Content Detector

The human-written text was only partially identified as such by the tool. However, the AI detector tool is simple to test and play with because it includes a free version (behind signup, unfortunately).

Results are shown on a severity scale from green to red, with green denoting user-generated material and red denoting artificial intelligence.

Key Features

  • Provides reasonable accuracy.
  • It is geared for multiple use cases like SEO, Education, etc.
  • Offers Integrity insights.
  • The platform supports over 100 languages.
  • LTI integrations are available.


  • Uses NLP and machine learning to detect AI-generated content
  • Completely free to use
  • Gives you precise and accurate predictions of the originality of the text


  • The accuracy of this tool is not as good as other tools listed here
  • There is no information on what NLP models it uses to detect the AI content


Crossplag provides three different plans. The Pay-as-you-go costs around $9.99 for 5000 words. The bundle plan comes with $149 for up to 100,000 words. 

And for the Custom plan, you can contact the sales team.

10. GPTZero 

ChatGPT is widely used by people to generate articles and blogs. Hence to detect the AI-written content by ChatGPT, GPTZero was created by a 22-year-old boy. It was trained on the same data sets as ChatGPT to detect plagiarized content. 

Moreover, GPTZero characterizes AI-written content by analyzing the probability of it being written by humans and the text complexity of the phrases and sentences. 


Besides, the main motive while creating the software was to find plagiarism in academics, assignments, research papers, articles, etc. Presently more than  1 million people use GPTZero to check the AI plagiarism in academic papers. 

Key Features: 

  • It highlights texts, phrases, and sentences that are written with the use of AI. 
  • The software gives a score of plagiarism for AI written content. 
  • Multiple files can be uploaded at once to detect the AI-written content. 
  • You will also get a score of perplexity and burstiness in the plagiarism results. 


  • Detects human written content with an accuracy of 99%
  • Gives premium features to educators
  • Check the content in bulk


  • Only detects AI content in the English language
  • You can only check up to 5,000 characters at once


The software is basically free for users. However, it has a premium version for teachers.

11. Winston AI

Last but not least, Winston AI is another powerful tool that detects AI-written content with accuracy.

This software allows you to detect AI content on a scale of 0-100, like the percentage of odds that content is generated by an AI or human.

Winston AI

As per my experience with this detector, it provided clear and impressive AI detection assessments with overall AI detection scores and a line by line AI prediction map that will highlight parts of your content which is likely to be AI-generated.

It allows you to scan large texts and documents like pdf, word and it even scans photos. Moreover, it also has a plagiarism checker with their paid plans and provides a free readability score.

Key Feature:

  • 99% detection rate.
  • Works with ChatGOT, GPT-4.
  • Highlights AI-generated content.
  • Plagiarism detector.
  • Free readability score.


  • The detection rate is around 99%
  • It detects the content created by the tools that use the latest language models
  • Also gives readability scores and detects plagiarism in the content


  • Doesn’t scan a complete website for AI-generated content
  • There is no Chrome extension available


Winston AI provides a free plan. The growth plan comes for $14/month. There is a customized plan available for which you will have to contact the sales team.

How does an AI Content Detection Tool Work?

The AI detection algorithm uses specific characteristics or patterns in the input content to detect certain characteristics or patterns set by the data it has been trained on.

The algorithm detects similarities between the input and output text by analyzing their structure, phrasing, and frequency.

As a result, whenever it finds something similar to what it has learned in the past, it flags it as a positive match, and no matter how many words or paragraphs it finds, it chooses to mark them as such.

In this process, machine learning or neural networks are used in conjunction with NLP (Natural Language Processing) to produce an artificial intelligence model that takes inputs and predicts outputs.

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Conclusion: Best AI Content Detector (2024)

Alright, that’s all for now. Whatever your industry is, you can undoubtedly gain from using an AI writing tool regardless of your industry, and you will publish more than just a generated piece of content with no human touch.

Make sure you do not assume that Google’s policies or those of any other search engine are unconditional.

It is recommended that you check each article for spam before posting to protect you from any future core updates from Google, should they impose further restrictions regarding AI-generated content.


Can Copyscape detect plagiarised content?

Yes, Copyscape is the most reliable plagiarism detector tool in the market, with highly efficient capabilities to detect plagiarised content.

Can the above mention tools detect content created from Chat GPT?

Yes, all the above-listed tools are premium quality AI Content detector tools with unique capabilities to detect AI content and mark it as a flag.

Can AI-generated tools impact Google’s ranking?

Yes, Google detects the AI-generated content and penalizes the website using an AI tool to generate content.

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