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Since its launch, Canva has changed the game for generating graphics, creating posters, Videos, or any print or social media. But what are the differences, and what is a better deal if we do a Canva Pro vs Canva Free comparison?

Having gained 125 million users as of 2024, Canva is now used in almost every country worldwide. 

But when we started a couple of years ago, we came across the same dilemma and couldn’t decide if paying those extra dollars would really boost our productivity or if it would be a bust.

Similarly, the troubling question for an existing Canva Free user is if Canva Pro is better than the Free version. Well, it definitely is, but let’s scrape more and understand the reason why people don’t mind paying for the paid plan.

Canva Pro Vs Canva Free: Key Differences

You can find the key differences, which at times, can get masked. Take an overview of an in-depth comparison for Canva below:

Canva Pro Vs Canva Free - Canva Pro
Sr.No.FeaturesCanva FreeCanva Pro
1.CostFreeStarts at $12.99/mo
2.Free stock photos, graphics, audio, and video1 Million+4 Million+
3.Free templates, logos, 100+ designs for Social media, and formal templates8000+60,000+
4.Create custom designsYesYes
5.Social Sharing and Presentation ModeYesYes
6.Background RemoverNoYes
7.Magic resizeNoYes
8.The query was resolved within a weekNoYes
9.AI text to ImageYesYes
10.Magic Edit – Add/replace objectsYesYes
11.Magic Write25 uses total250 uses/mo
12.Beat SyncManualAutomatic
13.Basic content PlannerYesYes
14.Brand ControlNoYes
15.Brand KitNoYes
16.Cloud Storage5GB1TB
18.Customer SupportThe query was resolved within a dayThe query was resolved within a day

Canva Free Features

Canva’s free plan offers what others struggle with ease of use and a wide range of use cases, from professional projects to school assignments. The free version includes:

  • Over 250,000 ready-to-use templates
  • 1 Million+ free stock images, audio, video, and graphics
  • Collaborate, add comments, and create together
  • Cloud storage of 5GB
  • Unlimited folder creations for saving your masterpieces
  • Easy export and save features

For someone managing a school page, a shop’s social media, or anything even on a larger scale, the Free plan does the job well. You can get done with basic templates and create some really good content.

Still, there are some restrictions that you might face while working with a free plan. Some of them are limited storage options, lack of branding tools, fewer templates compared to the Pro plan, and no option to filter the Pro-only templates while browsing. 

Let us have a look to what extent is the Pro plan better than the Free.

Canva Pro Features

Canva Pro lets you level up your creations with a crazy difference from the free plan. There’s a rapid increase in the number of things you can do for $12.99/mo with Canva Pro.

Canva Pro Features
  • Over 610,000+ ready-to-use templates
  • 100+ million photos, templates, graphics, and videos
  • Magic eraser
  • Image Background remover
  • Publish designs directly from Canva Pro
  • Magic resize tool
  • Sync audio tracks properly
  • Quick customer support

In addition to these, you get access to over 25,000 licensed audio tracks, Premium High Definition, and 4K video content which the free plan fails to offer. 

For storing data, Canva Pro offers a 95% increase in storage capacity with storage up to 1TB. You can create and customize your own templates. The Magic Resize tool lets you shape any image as per the required social media platforms.

Canva Pro also gives access to the Brand Kit features, which give a stronger power over brand fonts and colors and help you follow brand guidelines.

Pros And Cons Of Canva

For a quick analysis of the abilities and limitations, I have listed the Pro and Cons of Canva below:

Pros Of Canva

  • Simple and User-friendly
  • Budget-friendly
  • Variety of templates and designs
  • Ability to collaborate with team
  • Offers tutorials on how to design like a pro, typography, design trends, logo creation, etc.,

Cons Of Canva

  • You don’t own your designs on Canva
  • No local file storage
  • Templates can feel common if overused
  • Limited potential of Mobile apps

Canva Pro Verdict

The user interface and ease of use won’t make a difference. The content you create would not differ, and the Free plan won’t stop you from running your creativity train.

Canva Pro is for you if you want to extract more from Canva and generate unique designs and in turn, unique results. If you are a video creator and want more stock videos and audio tracks for your projects and want to sync both automatically.

It’s an investment that would not just benefit you with the quality of the work but also help you save time worth much more than $12.99 for a month.


Canva is crystal clear with its pricing and the feature’s inclusions. As per your requirements, you can choose the subscription plan below. 

Canva Pro Pricing

They have launched a new plan recently for teams and are charging differently for it. Previously you could give access to a team of up to 5 people for $12.99/mo. But now, the same can be availed at an increase of $14.99/mo. 

Canva FreeCanva ProCanva For Teams
For individuals operating on a small scaleFor budding entrepreneurs, Freelancers, and ProfessionalsCanva Pro for a team of 2-5 members

Note: For a detailed guide on Canva Pricing, you can refer to our guide here.

Canva Pro For Free?

You can get access to Canva Pro for Free for 30 days here. The other ways you can access the Pro features are 

1. For Education

If they have an email address ending with ‘.edu’ and are eligible, teachers and schools can get access by signing up and providing the necessary details. This lets the teachers motivate and facilitate the learning process for the children.

For Education

2. For Non-Profits

Canva Pro extends its pro features to all eligible non-profit organizations and gives everything that a non-profit organization needs to facilitate their work. With unique designs and templates, they can do more for the betterment of their purpose.

For Non-Profits

They must be eligible and provide all the necessary documents to be verified as non-profits to access the features.

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Conclusion: Canva Pro Is Better Than The Free Version

Having used both the Pro and Free versions for a while, Free or Pro, Canva really makes your choice worth it and transforms the way you work on projects.

It gives an efficient medium to better express your work without a layer of complexity and a user-friendly interface.

But if to go with Canva Pro or not to go with Canva Pro, that is the question. Think about your requirements, your business, the future of your business, and the difficulties you face.

If you need more than just the editing and curating features and get access to features that do with improving the existing ones, you should go for Canva Pro.

With a wide range of free Image, Video, and audio tracks available, you can make sure that your content is always unique and doesn’t seem like a Copy Paste of someone else’s work; you should go for Canva Pro


How many users can use Canva Pro?

As per recently updated pricing plans, only 1 user can access Canva Pro for $12.99 per month. If you need to give access to more team members, you will need a $14.99 monthly plan for a team of 2-5 members.

Can I use Canva Pro for free?

Definitely! You can get a 30-day free trial post which you can continue with choosing a plan and start paying.

Is Canva Pro worth it?

If you are a Canva free user and are bored with the existing templates and want to get more creative with your work, Canva Pro is for you. With more than double available ready-to-use templates, it would be worth it.

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