9 Best Competitive Intelligence Tools For 2024 (Editors Choice)

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As your business grows, so do your needs. Therefore, staying on top of the latest trends and market conditions is essential to make informed decisions about your company’s future.

Luckily, there are several tools available to help you do just that. 

In this article, we will share the 8 best competitive intelligence tools to help you improve your business by getting insight into your competitors’ strengths, weaknesses, and strategies.

But first, let’s understand why you need a competitive intelligence tool.

Why Your Company Needs Competitive Intelligence 

Competitive intelligence is a critical part of running a successful business.

Here are the following reasons why your company needs competitive intelligence:

1. The first reason is that knowledge about your competitors will give you an advantage in the marketplace.

2. The second reason is that competitive intelligence provides valuable information about how to compete with your competitors, which can help you innovate and grow.

3. The third reason is that competitive intelligence helps you understand what your customers want and need, which will help you create products or services that meet those needs, thereby driving customer loyalty and sales growth.

4. The fourth reason is that competitive intelligence helps you identify new markets and opportunities for growth, which will help you stay ahead of the curve in a highly competitive environment like today’s market is becoming.

5. Fifth is competitive intelligence enables you to increase your market share because it allows you to know where all of the customers are, who they are loyal to, and what they buy from others; all of this information helps make informed decisions about how much time, energy and money to put into each market segment/niche/product category in order to maximize profits while minimizing costs.

6. Next, competitive intelligence helps you understand where you stand in the marketplace so you can plan effectively for the future.

9 Best Competitive Intelligence Tools: In A Nutshell (2024)

Here we have listed the best competitive intelligence tools that you can try.

Sr.NoCompetitive Intelligence ToolsPricing
1. Semrush 30 Days Trial | $119.95/mo
2.Ahrefs $99/mo
3.Moz Pro $99/mo
4.SpyFu $33/mo
5.Similarweb Free Trial | Custom Pricing
6.BuzzSumo $99/mo
8.UberSuggest $12/mo

Here’s the mini-review of these competitive intelligence tools, which you can check out right away.

1. Semrush

Semrush is one of the best and most recommended competitive intelligence tools. Over 7 million individuals use this all-in-one SEO tool globally, containing a database of over 20 billion keywords.  

semrush competitive intelligence

It provides you with a vast array of SEO tools, such as;

  • Competitor analysis
  • Backlink analysis 
  • Keyword research
  • Brand monitoring
  • SEO reports
  • Site audits

And many more.

Although Semrush offers top-notch search engine optimization and keyword research tools, its competitor analysis truly sets it apart.

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Semrush assists you in identifying profitable keywords for your campaign. In addition, Semrush allows you to research your competitors, like what terms or keywords they are using and how they rank in search engines like Google. This will help you optimize your SEO practices so that you can outperform your competitors.

In addition, you can manage campaigns for social media, SEO, PPC, and content marketing with the help of this competitive intelligence tool.

Semrush is a helpful tool enabling you to analyze and outperform your competitors. Your strategies will be more effective if you are more familiar with your rivals.

Overall, Semrush is completely worth the money.

Highlighted Features of Semrush:

  • Semrush lets you set up automated tracking of your toughest competitors. You can also track their ad launches and newly published blogs or articles 24/7.
  • With this tool, you can determine your competitors’ partnerships, affiliates, and possible backlink sources. Further, you can also identify whether a future collaboration or placement might benefit you.
  • This competitive tool provides in-depth insights into your competitor’s traffic sources, visitor counts, and many other metrics. You can also discover your competitors’ trending services, products, and content assets.
  • Semrush lets you compare up to five rivals side by side to uncover gaps in keyword strategy that you can begin to target with your website.
  • Using its backlink gap tool, you can compare the backlink profiles of up to 5 competitors to help you find untapped backlink opportunities.
  • It also comes with a robust rank tracking tool, which helps to track your rankings in an easy way.

Pricing of Semrush

Semrush is available in five different plans:

semrush competitive intelligence Pricing

Free: Semrush offers a free plan with limited features.

Pro: You will get this plan at $119.95 per month. In this plan, you can manage up to 5 projects and track 500 keywords.

Guru: The Guru plan will cost you $229.95 per month. This plan is ideal for mid-size businesses and agencies. In this plan, you can track up to 1500 keywords.

Business: The business plan is designed for large companies and agencies that will charge them $449.95 per month. This plan includes 40 projects and 5000 keywords to track.

Custom Plan: This plan is for your customized needs and budget. You can contact the Semrush team, and they will create a custom plan for you per your needs.

2. Ahrefs

It is another excellent competitive tool that is capable of doing practically everything in terms of marketing analytics, competitive intelligence research, and analysis. 


Ahrefs is widely used in the market, which allows you to learn more about your competition and discover the factors contributing to their high rankings. As a result, if you work hard enough and have access to the correct information, you can outrank your competitors.

Furthermore, this tool has also begun to develop a very competitive site audit toolset, along with powerful sitewide content analytics. It hasn’t quite reached Semrush’s level yet, but it is improving.

Highlighted Features of Ahrefs

  • Its organic search reports provide detailed data on your competitors’ traffic, keywords, and backlinks, including 150 million keywords and 150+ countries.
  • Ahrefs, like Semrush, provides an extensive link index that is regularly updated, which will help you analyze your competitor’s backlinks and identify toxic links that point to your website.
  • Its keyword explorer tool is a one-stop solution for keyword research, allowing you to search many search engines such as Bing, Google, YouTube, Amazon, and even Yandex.

Pricing of Ahrefs

Ahrefs offer 4 premium plans ranging from $99 per month.

Ahrefs Competitive Intelligence Pricing

3. Moz Pro

The next tool on our list is Moz Pro, which is excellent for competitive analysis. Moz Pro can assist both big and small businesses in improving their online visibility and search engine rankings.

Moz Pro

It has various powerful features that can give you quick glimpses into your competition at every stage. In addition, the tool provides integrations with platforms like Google Analytics and Google Search Console. 

Highlighted Features of Moz Pro

  • The keyword research tool of Moz Pro can assist you in identifying the most profitable search terms, discovering your target market, and categorizing keywords into lists.
  • Its rankings report allows you to track rankings for both your website and the competitors. This allows you to monitor your rivals’ progress on search engine results.
  • Moz Pro features page optimization reports that offer assistance on how to enhance your on-page SEO. 

Pricing of Moz Pro

There are four pricing options for Moz, each with unique features that start at $99 per month. 

Moz Pro competitive intelligence Pricing

4. SpyFu

SpyFu includes keyword research tools, SEO research tools, PPC research tools, and more. It also provides how-tos for numerous SEO aspects to assist you in identifying the most relevant keywords for your niche, determining how to rank for those keywords, creating paid ad campaigns, and more.


In addition, the tool also allows you to spy on your competition’s top AdWords buy suggestions, worst-performing keywords, organic ranking histories, and other helpful information.

Furthermore, SpyFu can help you reach out to your industry influencers and boost your brand’s visibility. 

Highlighted Features of SpyFu

  • SpyFu allows you to find out the backlink profile of any website. Although this feature is not as advanced as Semrush, it does offer helpful data.
  • The Kombat feature lets you see keyword overlaps between you and your competitors in paid searches.
  • SpyFu makes advanced and powerful suggestions that drive clicks to your PPC or SEO efforts, increasing the effectiveness of marketing.

Pricing of SpyFu

SpyFu offers three pricing levels starting from $16 per month.

Spyfu competitive intelligence Pring

5. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is used for digital marketing sales, research, competitive insights, and investor intelligence. You can also analyze traffic sources, engagement rates, keyword ranking, and other crucial metrics with this competitive intelligence tool.


Moreover, with SimilarWeb, you can keep an eye on market trends that will help you better define your SEO approach.

Highlighted Features of SimilarWeb

  • For hassle-free management of your market intelligence tasks, Similarweb provides a custom dashboard.
  • Its website ranking feature reveals your site’s rank or your competitor’s rank by category, nationally or internationally.
  • You can discover different traffic sources, such as referrals, social media, and organic search results, with the help of its SEO auditing tool.
  • It also has the facility for AI research, so you can also consider it one of the most reliable AI SEO tools available out there.

Pricing of SimilarWeb

You need to contact the sales team of SimilarWeb to get the pricing details.

6. BuzzSumo

Buzzsumo is a complete solution for digital marketers. You can use the data that Buzzsumo provides for a variety of purposes, including industry research, competitive analysis, and even influencer discovery.


This tool also provides information on the channels and sources your rivals use to reach their target audience. Again, this provides an advantage since you can access and use those resources before your competitors.

Highlighted Features of BuzzSumo

  • You can export data from BuzzSumo as an Excel sheet, spreadsheet, or text file for further analysis.
  • Its social media content discovery tool offers searches by content length to determine if lengthy or short-form articles are more suitable for your target audience.
  • You can use its YouTube analyzer tool to discover the most popular videos for any keyword or channel.

Pricing of BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo offers 4 types of plans, including free and paid plans starting at $99 per month.

BuzzSumo competitive intelligence Pricing

7. Serpstat 

Serpstat offers content marketing analysis, competition research, advertising analysis, keyword research tools, and market intelligence tools. It’s the ideal tool for boosting your ranking. For example, you can monitor what your rivals are doing to get high rankings on search engines.


Serpstat is getting a lot of attention in the SEO sector due to the features it provides at an affordable cost.

Highlighted Features of Serpstat 

  • Its SERP analytics identify your domain’s visibility, relative placement, and top-performing pages and content.
  • Serpstat’s competitive analysis tool uncovers your AdWords competitors, as well as their spending and preferred keywords.
  • The Backlink Analysis tool of Serpstat provides a clear picture of your competitors’ backlink profiles.

Pricing of Serpstat 

Serpstat offers a free trial for exploring its features for a limited time. After that, its pricing starts at $69 per month.

Pricing of Serpstat 

8. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest assists you in boosting your online traffic. You can use this competitive analysis tool to customize your SEO approach to rank higher than your competitors. 


In addition, it features strong domain overview tools that let you see what’s happening behind any domain you want to research.

Highlighted Features of Ubersuggest

  • Ubersuggest features a basic rank monitoring tool that keeps track of your ranks for both mobile and desktop. 
  • Ubersuggest provides a Google Chrome addon that provides keyword insights from YouTube, Google, and Amazon.
  • You can view your competitors’ web traffic data with the help of its traffic analyzer tool.

Pricing of Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest comes in three pricing plans that start from $12 per month.

Pricing of Ubersuggest

9. Kompyte


Kompyte is a competitive intelligence platform that provides real-time insights on competitors’ digital marketing strategies.

Features Of Kompyte:

  • It has a feature that allows you to monitor competitors’ website changes, social media activities, and PPC campaigns in real-time.
  • You can track competitors’ keyword rankings and search engine visibility.
  • It analyzes competitors’ content performance and identifies opportunities to improve your own.
  • Also, it can create custom reports with the data you need.

Pricing  Of Kompyte:

You need to contact the sales team of kompyte and they will get you the pricing details.

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Final Thoughts: Which is The Best Competitive Intelligence Tool?

That’s it! We’ve covered a lot in this post. However, we know that if you’re looking for the best competitive intelligence tool, you’re probably thinking about the following:

  • Can it help me keep up with my competitors?
  • Can it help me find new business opportunities?
  • Can it give me valuable information about my industry?

If so, then you’re lucky because we did all of that for you!

If we have to recommend one competitive intelligence tool, we will go ahead with Semrush. The best part is that Semrush has a 30-day free trial, which gives you can window to try this tool for free.

In our experience, these are the 8 best competitive intelligence tools out there, and they are all worth using. The information in this article is based on our experience and research. 

I hope you find this article helpful. 


What is a competitive intelligence tool?

A competitive intelligence tool is a tool that gives you complete data or helps you to track and analyze insights about competitors.

What are the 7 competitive intelligence processes?

These are the 7 competitive intelligence processes Planning
1. Collection
2. Analysis
3. Dissemination
4. Action
5. Evaluation
6. Feedback

What skills are required for competitive intelligence?

For Competitive intelligence, you need 5 skills to master
1. Storytelling.
2. Communication.
3. Research.
4. Curiosity.
5. Project Management.

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