15+ Best AI Marketing Tools Of 2024 (All Types Listed)

AI marketing tools are going to be the next big thing in the marketing world.

It can help you create more personalized customer experiences, automate repetitive tasks, and even predict what’s going to happen next for your business. But how do you get started using the technology?

This article will help you decide which AI tools are best for your marketing efforts. 

But, before we get started, let’s understand…

What Is an AI Marketing Tool?

AI marketing tools are software programs that use artificial intelligence to improve your website’s performance, analyze social media data, and automate high-value tasks. These tools can help you increase the efficiency of your marketing efforts, save time and money, and optimally target your audience in ways that were never possible before.

There are many different types of AI marketing tools available today. Some focus on improving your website’s conversion rate, while others focus on improving your customer support system or lead generation process.

Reasons why you need AI Marketing Tools

AI marketing tools are game changers when it comes to your business. Here are some reasons why you need them:

  • AI marketing software enhances your current marketing strategy by automating the process. As a result, you don’t have to worry about missing out on any opportunities or wasting time on tasks that aren’t efficient.
  • It allows you to scale up your marketing efforts and focus on more important aspects of your business, like customer acquisition and retention while reducing costs and increasing efficiency at the same time.
  • AI marketing tools can help you achieve goals faster than ever, thanks to their ability to learn from customer behavior patterns and improve over time based on what works best for different customers and industries.
  • It can improve customer engagement by making it easier for customers to interact with your brand and provide feedback on what they like or don’t like about it.

Types of AI Marketing Tools

Here are the types of AI marketing tools.

1. Content Marketing Tools

These are tools that help you create content for different platforms and audiences. They allow you to write emails, articles, blog posts, and more.

2. Search Engine Optimization Marketing tools

Search engine optimization AI Marketing tools are a suite of tools that help marketers optimize their websites for search engines. These tools can be used to improve the site’s performance on various search engines and the user experience for visitors.

3. Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media marketing tools let you manage and optimize your social channels. They allow you to schedule posts and manage your followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other platforms. 

4. E-commerce Marketing Tools

E-commerce marketing tools let you track the performance of your e-commerce store and optimize your store’s structure. This can include conversion measurement and reporting features that help businesses understand how customers interact with their products/services before making a purchase decision.

5. Analytics Marketing tools

Analytics AI Marketing tools will collect data about how users interact with your site, which can help you better understand how you’re performing in relation to competitors and industry standards. This information can then refine your approach to SEO or other aspects of marketing automation, such as email campaigns or social media ads.

6. Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing automation tools are an excellent way to increase your email campaign’s effectiveness and efficiency.  These ai tools can be used to send out email campaigns, create landing pages, and collect leads. They also can analyze customer behavior and make decisions based on their data.

Top 10 AI Marketing Tools: In A Nutshell (2024)

There are a lot of tools out there to help you market your business, but sometimes it can be hard to figure out which ones are the best for you. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most popular AI marketing tools.

SR.NoAI Marketing ToolsBest for
1Surfer SEO For Optimizing Content
2 Jasper AIAI Content Writer
3HyperWrite Ai Writing Tool
4Frase SEO Content Creator
5Optimove Email marketing tool
6Pipedrive One-Stop Solution for Business
7Google Analytics Analytics Tools for Websites/Apps
8GranifyEcommerce marketing tools
9Revealbot AI Ads Management Software
10HyperAuditor Ads Management Ai Tools

Search Engine Optimization AI Tools

Here are the search engine optimization AI tools.

1. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is one of the leading web-based on-page SEO tools for ranking your articles on Google’s first page by comparing them to the top-ranking articles for over 500 ranking variables.

Surfer SEO

Furthermore, Surfer SEO stands itself from other SEO tools by providing 5 incredible and helpful tools: SERP Analyzer, Keyword Research, Content Audit, Content Editor, and Content Planner.

Pricing: Its paid plan starts from $59/mo, and the business plan is $239/mo.

2. Yoast

Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin for search engine optimization. It has the highest rating on WordPress.org and is presently the most popular SEO plugin. 

This AI marketing tool improves your WordPress website’s SEO performance by providing information about what your site needs in order to get more traffic from Google.


It features several tools that make SEO easier for anyone, from beginners to pros.

Pricing: Yoast SEO has a free plan if you want to unlock more features. Then its starter plan starts from $99.

Content Marketing AI Tools

Here are the content marketing AI tools.

3. Jasper AI

Jasper AI is another top ai marketing tool for creating high-quality content for your blog, social media, email, landing pages, and video scripts, composing ad copy, creating blog post ideas, creating a creative personal bio, and writing long-form content.

Jasper AI

It’s for you if you want to skyrocket your content productivity by 4X while focusing on other aspects of your business.

Pricing: Jasper AI paid plan starts from $29/mo for 20k words, and the Boss Mode plan starts at $59/mo for 50k words

4. MarketMuse

MarketMuse can be your secret formula for successful content. It would not only give your content an advantage by allowing you to perform in-depth research and produce better content, but it would also help you increase your traffic by implementing the best SEO techniques. 


This tool is perfect for individuals and company owners that prioritize high-quality content and focus on search engine rankings to succeed. 

MarketMuse is one of the best tools for content marketing that can automate your content development process and boost your ranks in organic search results.

Pricing: MarketMuse has a free plan. Its standard plan is billed for $149 monthly.

5. HubSpot – AI-Powered Content Strategy 

The AI-powered Content Strategy tool from HubSpot leverages machine learning to assist digital marketers in finding high-quality content ideas that convert effectively and validating those content ideas as quickly as possible.


Moreover, this ai tool recommends which topic clusters to explore based on competitiveness and relevancy. It also conducts competitive research on certain topics to ensure they are worthwhile to spend time on.

Pricing: HubSpot’s individual plan starts at $20/mo.

6. HyperWrite 

HyperWrite is an ai writing assistant tool, best used as a source of inspiration or to freshen your writing. 

It has various features that help you improve your writing, such as style suggestions, grammar checks, and more.


The ai tool creates sentences and paragraphs that are more precise, clear, and easy to read.

Pricing: HyperWrite offers three plans Free, Premium, and Unlimited version. Its Premium plan starts at $9.99/mo and Unlimited $34.99/mo.

Chat Marketing AI Tools

Here are the chat marketing AI tools.

7. Frase 

Frase is another AI content marketing tool with two main offerings: content and answers.

An SEO tool called “Frase Content” uncovers your target audience’s search queries.


Moreover, it generates in-depth content briefs automatically and gives suggestions to optimize your article further, increasing your chances of ranking on the first page of major search engines like Google and Bing.

Another feature is named “Frase Answers,” an AI chatbot that searches your whole website to build an intelligent knowledge base.

Pricing: frase offers three pricing plans: Solo – $14.99/month. Basic – $44.99/month. Team – $114/month.

Social Media AI Tools

Here are the social media AI tools.

8. Emplifi

Emplifi is a social media marketing platform powered by AI that offers marketers actionable AI data on their audience, performance, expenditure, and influencers. You can easily develop and implement the ideal social media marketing strategy with Socialbakers. 


Moreover, you can track your progress on different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram, using its customizable reports & dashboards from a single user interface.

Pricing: It comes with two plans, 10 profiles, and 20 profiles. 10 profiles start at $240/mo and 20 profiles at $480/mo.

Email Marketing AI Tools

Here are the email marketing AI tools.

9. Optimove

Optimove is one of the leading email marketing software that employs artificial intelligence to accelerate your campaigns by automatically sending personalized emails based on your customers’ behavior and interests. 


This AI marketing tool examines your clients’ previous behaviors, browsing content, interactions with your site and other resources, and many other factors.

Pricing: Custome Quote

10. Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense is another AI-powered email marketing tool that optimizes frequency and personalizes email delivery timings for each user in the database, ensuring that email marketers get their desired results and that their emails are seen and acted upon. This is an essential factor for businesses that send hundreds or thousands of emails every week. In addition, it helps in boosting ROI and increase sales.

Seventh Sense

Pricing: Seventh Sence is available for two platforms, HubSpot and Marketo. The pricing plan starts at $80/mo for HubSpot and $450/mo for Marketo.

CRM AI Tools

Here are the CRM AI tools.

11. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a CRM tool that offers sales intelligence through AI-powered marketing tools such as email automation, lead scoring, and campaign management. 


If you’re looking for a tool that can manage several aspects of your sales process all in one place, Pipedrive is ideal for you. You can use it to support your efforts all along the road, from attracting new leads to nurturing them until they make a purchase.

Its visual pipeline management ensures that your team leaves no stone behind while catering to existing or new customers. 

Pricing: Pipedrive plans start at $11.90 up to $74.90.

Analytics AI Tools

Here are the analytics AI tools.

12. Google Analytics 

Google uses the machine learning algorithm, Google Analytics Intelligence, to help users understand analytics data.

Google Analytics 

It has several artificial intelligence-based capabilities that enable you to easily uncover the insights you want without manually sifting through the data.

The best advantage of Google Analytics is that it’s free. It also gives you access to data about how people interact with your website, allowing you to see what works best for your audience and adjust accordingly. 

Pricing: Google Analytics is free of charge.

eCommerce Marketing Tools

Here are the eCommerce marketing tools.

13. Granify 

It’s an e-commerce marketing AI tool that offers users quick product recommendations. Granify creates the perfect conversion path for customers and automatically boosts online sales. Granify can analyze user behavior in real time and send the right message to the right person at the appropriate time.


Pricing: Not provided by vendor.

Ad Management AI Tools

Here are the Ad management AI tools

14. Revealbot 

Revealbot is an AI-powered Ad Optimization tool that streamlines the advertising process by automating ad management.


It provides a wealth of features designed for individuals and companies that want to understand their campaigns faster. 

With the help of Revealbot’s automated rule builder, marketers can automate tasks like pausing and resuming advertisements and monitor budget & bidding procedures. In addition, the rule builder supports rank-based comparisons, customized metrics, deadlines, and testing.

Pricing: Revealbot pricing starts at $99/mo.

Influencer Marketing AI Tools

Here are the influencer marketing AI tools

15. HypeAuditor 

HypeAuditor is an AI-powered influencer marketing AI tool. It offers various features like influencer discovery, analytics, competition analysis, campaign management, and much more.


You can quickly find the ideal influencers for your brand with HypeAuditor. In order to identify potential influencers, this platform employs AI to examine your audience’s preferences, interests, and demographics.

Pricing: Custome Quote.

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Wrapping Up! AI Marketing Tools (2024)

There you have it! I hope this guide has helped you find the perfect tool for your company’s marketing needs. All the tools mentioned above are top-rated and well-reviewed, so I can’t think of any reason not to try them out!

So which one do you think will work best for your business? Let us know in the comments section below!

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