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Is Your Customer Support System Ready for the Holiday Season?

For some, the holidays mean eggnog and light displays, but for others it means customer support delays.

Despite the best efforts of customer support managers, the end of the year continues to be one of the most stressful, unproductive quarters for customer support agents. Marked by long queue times, low CSAT scores and frustrated agents and customers alike, customer support as a whole is in desperate need of a better way to account for holiday surges.

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My Business Is Growing But My Customer Support Can’t Keep Up!

So your business is growing? Great! But, your customer support system remains the same? Well that means, like many newly prosperous businesses, your organization is on a collision course toward low CSAT scores.

The fact of the matter is many businesses are simply not equipped to handle increased ticket volume or newly complex inquiries. As organizations grow, CSAT scores suffer greatly which ultimately hurts the prosperity businesses. Why is customer satisfaction in such disarray as businesses grow? It’s simple: businesses are employing outdated CXM technology.

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