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Is Your Customer Support System Ready for the Holiday Season?

For some, the holidays mean eggnog and light displays, but for others it means customer support delays.

Despite the best efforts of customer support managers, the end of the year continues to be one of the most stressful, unproductive quarters for customer support agents. Marked by long queue times, low CSAT scores and frustrated agents and customers alike, customer support as a whole is in desperate need of a better way to account for holiday surges.

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You’re paying too much for customer support tickets — here’s why

Chances are you’re overpaying for your customer support system, and it’s not even your fault. It turns out that the most popular customer support channels also happen to be the most expensive. The status quo is expensive, so many customer support directors are not even aware that they are paying too much per ticket. You have to ask yourself: are you capturing resolution efficiency by exploring emerging technology, or defaulting to legacy channels and losing money?

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The 6 Components of an Effective Ticket Management System

Perhaps your current ticket management system can no longer stand up to the number of tickets your agents receive on a daily basis. Maybe you are currently exploring the option of implementing a better ticket triaging system using machine learning in place of hiring more agents.

No matter what your motivation, shopping for support software is a big decision. You want to make your customers happy with quality service, real-time support, and easy-to-use productivity tools for your agents; a system that provides an opportunity to grow your business and take on new challenges.

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How can I reduce turnover of my customer service representatives?

You will, in all likelihood, lose most of the representatives that make up your customer support team in the next three years. In fact, that might even be an overestimation — industry trends show that representatives usually quit within a year.

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5 Signs It’s Time to Automate Your Ticket Triage Process

Automated ticket triage solutions are successfully used by many organizations to better leverage their own data resources and to keep pace with rising customer expectations.  With intuitive interfaces and comprehensive approaches to support functionalities, automation results in faster, more intelligent and more engaging customer service and support.  If you are experiencing any of these challenges, it might be time to consider automation:

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