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The 6 Components of an Effective Ticket Management System

Perhaps your current ticket management system can no longer stand up to the number of tickets your agents receive on a daily basis. Maybe you are currently exploring the option of implementing a better ticket triaging system using machine learning in place of hiring more agents.

No matter what your motivation, shopping for support software is a big decision. You want to make your customers happy with quality service, real-time support, and easy-to-use productivity tools for your agents; a system that provides an opportunity to grow your business and take on new challenges.

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How can I reduce turnover of my customer service representatives?

You will, in all likelihood, lose most of the representatives that make up your customer support team in the next three years. In fact, that might even be an overestimation — industry trends show that representatives usually quit within a year.

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Customer Support Systems are Unruly —  Are You Keeping Up?

As a customer support manager, it’s your job to regularly improve service quality by evaluating and redesigning processes. To optimize service, you have to continuously adapt to consumer trends and meet shifting standards of customer satisfaction. Now is the time to move from systems of records to systems of action by adding an AI layer to your existing customer support systems.

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Demystify AI for your CFO

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology for customer support is the next big technological breakthrough your company is disregarding as a “fad.” Think of AI for customer service akin to cloud for IT — it’s now synonymous. Automation is changing how support tickets are routed and resolved and is creating greater company efficiency and customer satisfaction.

As with any emerging technology, not everyone is immediately convinced of the practical, day-to-day benefits of artificial intelligence. However, familiarizing your team with AI is easy, and starts with some key conversations with your CFO.

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Will a robot steal my job in customer service?

Most jobs that require human intuition and interactivity are immune to robot takeover. But, while it might seem like a plot lifted out of a science fiction movie, there is an increasing chance, depending on your job field, that you will be competing against a robot at your next job interview.

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