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Demystify AI for your CFO

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology for customer support is the next big technological breakthrough your company is disregarding as a “fad.” Think of AI for customer service akin to cloud for IT — it’s now synonymous. Automation is changing how support tickets are routed and resolved and is creating greater company efficiency and customer satisfaction.

As with any emerging technology, not everyone is immediately convinced of the practical, day-to-day benefits of artificial intelligence. However, familiarizing your team with AI is easy, and starts with some key conversations with your CFO.

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Topics: Machine Learning, Data Science, Predictive Analytics, Artificial Intelligence

The 6 Important Questions for your Predictive Analytics Solution

Solving a business-critical question with off-the-shelf predictive analytics applications is the most straightforward path to deriving actionable insight and value from your company’s data. Predicting which customer is likely to churn or which lead is most likely to close can help you prioritize your business practices, bringing a personalized-level of attention to your customers and improve the bottom line. But in making your buying decisions there are a number of important questions to consider.

1. How long will it take to implement?

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Topics: Machine Learning, Data Science, Predictive Analytics